My Top 10 Praise Songs to Help You Get Your Praise On Today Easter Sunday!!!

Me and Kirk Franklin way back in the day now…Yes, he’s my favorite praise artist…Yes, I know my eyes are closed…

Hello World,

Happy Easter Saints! Jesus Christ rose from the dead! And now, we can be free from the chains of sin if we accept of His gift of salvation solidified through His death and resurrection on the Cross!

Thankfully very early in my Christian journey, another Christian revealed the secrets of praise to me and it has become an important aspect of my relationship with Him…First of all, I learned to praise the Lord whether my circumstances are good or bad, and through my praise, the Lord gives me joy – which is not dependent on happiness! As my father has said, most people make themselves unhappy because they expect to be happy all of the time….It just ain’t gonna happen…but you can always have joy! Praise Jesus!

And although times may be particularly bad for many people right now, we are challenged  in the Word to offer up the sacrifice of praise…And we can do it, because the Lord sacrificed his Son for us….

By Him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.   Hebrews 13:15

Below are My Top 10 Praise Songs that help me to get my praise on and especially on today, Easter Sunday! This list is an “old school” list because I’ve been saved for a while now, but they still work!

1.“Hosanna” by Kirk Franklin – First of all I met Kirk Franklin in Nashville, Tennessee years ago…He is the nicest guy for real! And he is as short as I am…hilarious!  Anyway, this song is a shonuff praise song…I ain’t gon lie…not too many gospel songs make me wanna dance but this one does….

2. “Victory” by Yolanda Adams – This song rocks! In spite of myself, I was bobbing my head when I first heard this song as I watched the movie “The Gospel” years ago…

3. “Shackles” by Mary Mary – This is a nice song to bob your head to in the car… (Plus, they are so pretty too…sorry, I believe in being cute!)

4. “Love Him Like I Do” by Dietrick Haddon, Mary Mary and Ruben Studdard – Again in spite of myself, I find myself rockin’ when I hear this song…I swear you will to 🙂 .

5. “Love Song” by Canton Jones – Just a beautiful song about the love of God…it compares to no other…and really works when your man is trippin’ …y’all know how it is!

6. “My Life, My Love, My All” by Kirk Franklin – Just a beautiful love and praise song…It’s a love song for Jesus…I know that sounds corny, but it’s true…I’m swaying as I’m listening to it right now…

7. “The Blood Song” by Kirk Franklin featuring Donnie McClurkin, Crystal Lewis and Jaci Velasquez – Can you tell I’m a Kirk Franklin fan?

8. “I’m Still Holding On” by Luther Barnes and the Red Budd Gospel Choir featuring Deborah Barnes – Although I sometimes feel silly believing in a God that I can’t see, I still hold on because I’ve had too many blessings and experiences to turn back now…I’m still holding on…

9. Oh Happy Day” by The Edwin Hawkins Singers – It was a happy day when I was saved! This soulful song can’t help but put you in the mood to praise Him! It’s a good song to end your workout with as well for my gym rats out there…

10. How Can I Say” by Lisa McClendon – The lyrics of this song are beautiful…How can I say I love the Lord and not talk to Him each day…Her voice still reminds me of Lauryn Hill’s voice…

So what are your favorite praise songs? Let me know in the comments!

Any thoughts?



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