Tune in Today, Valentine’s Day, to Teddy & Tina Campbell’s New Web Series ’10 Minutes With Teddy & Tina!’

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Teddy and Tina Campbell (from Mary Mary) are debuting their new web series “10 Minutes with Teddy & Tina” TODAY.

From their Facebook page about the show…

A few years back, we opened up our lives, via our reality TV show, and showed the many perils of marital infidelity. Through our journey, we also showed that in honoring our vows to love each other through better and worse, God honored us with a stronger marriage, friendship, and family. We don’t just have the satisfaction of sticking it out and staying together; our marriage is God’s depiction of a beautiful love story that gets better by the day. And if it’s possible for us, it’s certainly possible for you.

Our journey has inspired us to help other marriages, families, and individuals by sharing our perspective on Life, Love, Family, and Faith via a new web series entitled “10 Minutes With Teddy and Tina”, that is premiering on our YouTube channel Tuesday, Feb 14th, Valentines Day!

Since it kicks off on Valentine’s Day, we’re going to kick it off with a discussion of LOVE. Listen folks, tests become testimonies so that we can testify and possibly encourage and inspire someone else on their journey, so that’s exactly what we intend to do. It’s fun, intriguing, insightful, grown & sexy, spiritual; it’s a really good #webseries but you should see for yourself by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Below is a snippet of the show!


Their testimony is inspiring! I will be tuning in!

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‘Growing Up McGhee’ Returns for 2nd Season on UP!


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Earlier this month, the McGhee sextuplets along with their parents Ro, a minister, and his wife Mia returned to UP for the second season of their hit show Growing Up McGhee, which comes on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. EST! The next show will air on Thursday, Feb. 9!

In the second season of Growing Up McGhee, with the McGhee sextuplets now six years old, their curiosity about life is making every day exciting and challenging for Ro and Mia. As they get older, each child is beginning to express their own individuality, and with that comes new interests and experiences that keep the family busy, laughing and sometimes a bit exasperated. Mia is also discovering that she is going to need to let go of the reins as the kids start socializing with friends at school and not just their siblings. From learning how to ride a bike without training wheels, going to work with Ro or learning how to play a musical instrument – all times six! – each day brings a new adventure. For Ro and Mia, the kids maturing also gives them a little more time for themselves to help them reconnect with who they were before they had kids. The season ends with an extra special event…Ro and Mia never had a wedding when they got married, so it’s the perfect time to renew their vows with their kids in tow and get that dream wedding they never had.

Below is my interview with Mia McGhee:

Mia, you mentioned that the money you spend on back-to-school shopping for the children is comparable to the money you would spend on a college education! I know you were joking, but have the two of you become extreme couponers since you have a budget of nearly $2,000 for back-to-school shopping? What are your top strategies for saving money on back-to-school shopping?

My strategy for saving money is to shop at places with the best deals. I love coupons but with everything that I have going on, I don’t have time to be an extreme couponer!

According to you, the children need to continue dressing alike because it’s easy to pick your children out in a crowd. But the children seem like they want to start dressing differently. At what age do you think you will allow them to dress differently and how will you cope?

Our kids can stop dressing alike when they start buying their own clothes. I’m joking! Whenever they develop their own style and start picking out their own clothes I’ll be fine with it!

prayerOf all the sextuplets, Elijah is the tallest and his clothes are handed down to his shorter brothers. How do you think he feels about that in relation to his sisters and brothers?

Elijah loves being the tallest. It reminds him of his grandfather, Ro’s dad, whom he is crazy about because he’s tall with muscles (as Elijah would say).

Madison and Olivia were looking at bras when the family went to back-to-school shopping, have you already started thinking about how you will deal with puberty with six children going through it at the same time?!

Madison and Olivia are fascinated about becoming women. To be honest, I have not thought about how we are going explaining puberty to the kids. All I know is that right now, I’m taking it one stage at a time.

I know what it feels like to have been in kindergarten twice because when my family moved from Miami to Atlanta, my parents were told I was too young to enter the first grade after completing kindergarten in Miami.(And I turned out fine by the way 🙂 ) I don’t remember having negative feelings about it, but Isaac cried when all the children were told they would have to repeat kindergarten. Why did he cry, how is he doing now, and how are the rest of the children coping? fishing

Issac did cry about repeating kindergarten because he looked forward to going into 1st grade but honestly, that was short lived. Kids are resilient and all of them have adjusted so well and we now know more than ever that it was the right choice.

Mia, you said their first day of school is your first day of vacation and Ro said, “It’s me, my wife and silence.” What are your favorite things to do as a couple while the kids are at school that maybe you can’t do in the summer months when you have to care for the entire family?

My favorite things to do as a couple while the kids are in school if Ro doesn’t have to work is to just be together. I know it sounds simple but and spending time with each other is still my favorite thing.

two-mcgheesWhat do you hope families will learn by watching Growing Up McGhee? And what have learned from being a part of Growing Up McGhee?

My hope is that our show is an encouragement to other families. If we can do it with sextuplets, you can make it too, but you have to remain hopeful. We’ve learned to pace ourselves and to enjoy the moments while we can. We know we only get one shot at being parents and if that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is.

Also, UP is doing a “Watch and Win” sweepstakes with every new episode! The details are: UP will be giving away over $50,000 in 2017! During each new episode of an UP original show, the network will give away $1,000 to one lucky fan by engaging UP’s audience in a “Watch & Win.” Each week will be a new sweepstakes with a new chance to win! During a commercial break, the network will give fans a word or phrase they must enter online at WatchUPandWin.com for a chance to win. From there, fans can participate with the brand in other ways to earn additional entries like signing up for the UP newsletter, watching UP content and correctly answering trivia about UP shows on Twitter. Each week, UP will announce winners on-air and talent will encourage viewers to enter. UP will also be giving away 2nd place prizes of $100 Amazon giftcards. Series included in the giveaway are Bringing Up Bates, Growing Up McGhee, Small Town, Big Mayor and Date My Dad.

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Retrospect: My Top 10 Posts of 2016….

bishop eddie long book cover

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Wow! In just TWO more days, a New Year will dawn and 2016 will be in our past…One of the ways that I like to reflect on a year is to take a look at what made you come to this blog! Thank you for stopping by After the Altar Call and hopefully staying as a subscriber (THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTONS ARE TO THE RIGHT!)! So take a look below at your favorite blog posts of 2016!

1. Bishop Eddie Long Releases New Book ‘The Untold Story’ While Pastor Jamal Bryant Sidesteps Paternity Claim Today…

Excerpt: Today is going to be an interesting Sunday morning in two churches, and I would give my May tithe to be in either New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia or Empowerment Temple Church in Baltimore, Maryland! Just kidding about my tithe! But seriously. According to Bishop Eddie L. Long’s Facebook page, he will be selling limited copies of his book “The Untold Story – The Story of Adversity, Pain, and Resilience” exclusively after the church’s two services! Can someone get out there to get me a copy? I couldn’t even find this book on Amazon! Is Bishop Long going to address what really happened with those young men who accused him of sexual misconduct as their claims were settled out of court and why he settled? That’s all people want to know at this point!

2. Why Wait? Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church Pastor Marries on Valentine’s Day After NYE Proposal (VIDEO)!

Excerpt: Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock, senior pastor of Atlanta’s Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, the “spiritual home of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” already created headlines when he proposed to Miss Ouleye Ndoye at the end of Watch Night Service at the church last month! Well, Rev. Dr. Warnock capitalized on another romantic occasion, marrying the former Miss Ndoye during a Valentine Day’s wedding ceremony at the church last Sunday!

So I watched the video of the ceremony which came in at about 1 hour and 37 minutes. The wedding colors seem to be shades of lavender, purple and white as all of the flowers and decorations were in those colors. The wedding started off with a solo of Sweet Sweet Spirit which set the tone of the wedding. Also, there was a beautiful flute solo and a heartfelt solo rendition of Steve Wonder’s Ribbon in the Sky. The music lasts for nearly 40 minutes as the mothers walk in together about the 38:09 mark of the video. I counted 10 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen along with a ring bearer and two flower girls.

GreenleafCompanionAlbumArtwork_Vol01_iTunes_FINAL3. Greenleaf Season Finale Recap, Season 1 Episode 13: What Are You Doing Here?

Excerpt: At long last, Women’s Day has finally arrived! Lady Mae preaches on Proverbs 31:30. Lady Mae tells the women who are decked out in their Sunday best hats and flowery and flouncy dresses that while charm and beauty are weapons, fearing the Lord is the greatest strength a woman possesses. I want to know what First Ladies Lynn Whitfield, who plays Lady Mae, consulted because her First Lady mannerisms are flawless. She imparts Scripture like she is truly the helpmate of a man who has made his living in the Gospel. She explains that the Hebrew word for fear doesn’t mean “cowering” but rather it means awe! While rubbing her belly, she explains that Mary the mother of Jesus was filled with awe about how God’s plan to save the world came through a woman. Then she acknowledged that Calvary was at a crossroads and said that the only way forward for the church is in the footsteps of a virtuous woman!

4. Greenleaf Recap Season 1 Episode 6: Good Morning, Calvary

Excerpt: At church on Sunday, Lady Mae, who is happy to see Jacob and his wife smiling and happy together, tells him that Grace will not be able to get the upper hand although she is preaching. She says, “Let not your heart be troubled. Believe in God and believe in me.” So that is a Bible verse: John 14:1 and refers to Jesus, but it seems that Lady Mae was referring to herself…So obviously, she has got a scheme planned. Her husband may be the head, but she is the neck which is how she was able to get Deaconess Connie Sykes back on as the head of the deacon board in this episode after the new head of the deacon board would not approve of the purchase of a new plane that the Bishop plans to buy…

5. Greenleaf Recap Season 1 Episode 7: One Train May Hide Another…

Excerpt: After a long day at Calvary and the “Memphis Man of the Year” event, Mac returns home to see the young girl in the lobby. Apparently, she does not feel comfortable going to her place. This really grown man invites the young, forlorn, girl up to his place. Mac fixes himself some whiskey and gives the girl a non-alcoholic beverage initially. Mac tells her that he was once a disillusioned young person himself and even tried to commit suicide at 12 years old after his mother died on some train tracks. She was crossing the tracks in front of a train that was stopped, but she didn’t see the other train coming. Obviously, the title of this episode has to do with that incident.

6. Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church Pastor Proposes to Girlfriend During Watch Night Service! (VIDEO) ebenezer engagement photo

Excerpt: Then he walks over to her at which some woman in the congregation says, “Uh oh, Pastor?” And then many members of the congregation armed with cell phones vacate the pews, furiously corralling themselves around the pastor and his special guest like he is a football player about to score a touchdown! (I saw “Concussion” last night so football motifs are on the brain. A must-see movie by the way!) He responds with, “Why y’all carrying on like this?” in the midst of the commotion. And the same woman it seems yells, “Go head pastor! Work it pastor!” “Can I talk?” says the Ebenezer Baptist Church pastor finally before beginning his proposal.

7. Greenleaf Recap Season 1 Episode 8: The Whole Book…

Excerpt: Grace does the walk of shame the next day back up to the Greenleaf mansion as Noah lives on the property and hope that no one notices. Unfortunately, her archenemy Lady Mae is up and confronts her with the words, “You look like you’ve been rolled hard and put away wet.” And that’s a GREAT line OWN! I will have to remember that line…She also says, “You won’t be satisfied until you’ve burned this place to the ground.”

leandria8. Pastor Le’Andria Johnson Isn’t the Only Reason I’m Watching ‘Preachers of Atlanta’ Tonight, But She is the No. 1 Reason…My Interview With Her & More

Excerpt: When I wrote the blog post “Was It Wrong for ‘Sunday Best’ Winner Le’Andria Johnson to be Drunk Allegedly on Periscope?” back in September, I had no idea she was a pastor of a church or that she would featured on the Preachers of Atlanta which premieres TONIGHT! I thought the name of her church I.P.C. (Imperfect People Changing) Ministries was simply the name of her ministry organization. Now that I know she is a pastor, I still think her being allegedly drunk on Periscope was bad judgment as I noted in my original post and now that I know she is a pastor, I feel even more strongly about this because James 3:1 is true. That being said, I appreciate her “keeping it real” attitude, but as we all know, keeping it real can go wrong real fast…

9. Original Dreamgirl Sheryl Lee Ralph Featured at Delta Sigma Theta International Film Festival in Atlanta This Saturday!

Me and Sheryl Lee Ralph, my soror and fellow Jamerican, at For Sisters Only in 2011.

Me and Sheryl Lee Ralph, my soror and fellow Jamerican, at For Sisters Only in 2011.

Excerpt: Ralph, who currently has a reoccurring role CBS’ hit drama “Criminal Minds,” has found new success with her production company, Island Girl Productions, writing, directing and producing her award-winning film short “Secrets“, which will be showcased at Delta Sigma Theta International Film Festival. “The Delta Sigma Theta International Film Festival was created to support Delta’s global initiatives and to promote cross-cultural awareness within the Atlanta community.  Another very special component of the event is to give filmmakers interested in cross-cultural stories a forum to exhibit their best work. The evening promises to be enlightening, engaging, and enjoyable,” stated Andrea L. Morgan, chair of the chapter’s International Awareness and Involvement Committee.

10. Atlanta Multimillionaire Business Woman Mary Parker to Award Scholarships to Inner-City Youth on Saturday!

Excerpt: Parker, author of The Chick in Chargeis extremely transparent about her humble beginnings. “My parents were sharecroppers,” she recalls. “We lived in a shack in rural Mississippi. It’s those small beginnings that help me appreciate everything I have now.” The pioneer runs a multi-million-dollar security firm with multiple offices in the United States and Africa.  Parker, and her team of nearly 300 employees, have secured major events such as the Super Bowl, NBA All-Star Game, PGA Tours, Trumpet Awards and the commencement speech given by President Barack Obama at Morehouse College.

See you in 2017!

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