Greenleaf Finale Recap, Season 2 Episode 16: The Pearl…

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You better lick your fingers and affix them to your edges cuz  OWN’s “Greenleaf”  was snatchin’ edges like a hot pressing comb to trembling flesh! Yaaas, it was a sizzling Season 2 Finale to say the least! So let’s get into this Greenleaf Finale Recap, Season 2 Episode 16: The Pearl…

Mother of Pearl…

My favorite “bad girl” of gospel Le’Andria Johnson starts the episode off crooning “Better days are coming.”…”Sometimes it feels cold and you feel all alone, but better days are coming.” Lady Mae is obviously reminiscing as she pulls out a newspaper clipping from when her deceased brother Uncle Mac won the Man of the Year Award earlier this year. (So I saw Uncle Mac aka GregAlan Williams at the Atlanta premiere of “A Question of Faith” on Monday night. He actually stars in the movie which comes out on Friday!”)

She also takes a look at a mysterious deed and a double strand of pearls. Meanwhile, Bishop is having Maricel move all of his suits from their bedroom to Jacob’s old suite! When Grace asks Maricel why is she moving his suits, she replies “Bishop told me to!”Also, behind Le’Andria is Charity singing background while Jabari watches.

Since it is finally time for the St. Josephine Society Debutante Cotillion that evening, Lady Mae gives the pearls to her granddaughters Zora and Sophia. “They were a double strand, but I had them separated so the two of you can share.” She then explains that a pearl is created when a parasite creeps into oyster. “Something painful and out of place turns into something beautiful.” She further explains how the kingdom of God is like a “pearl of great price.” (I loved the parable about the “Pearl of Great Price” as a child. I guess the precious jewelry motif communicated how precious it is to have a personal relationship with God.) I wonder if she thinks some precious healing can come from the death of her brother. After all, he was a parasite who crept into the Greenleaf gravy train where he found his victims.

The bonding moment is short-lived though as Isaiah’s car horn beeps from outside and Zora rushes out the door. Lady Mae correctly surmises that Isaiah isn’t the best of boyfriends, but that doesn’t matter to Zora, she tells Sophia. “The heart wants what it wants. Or else it does not care.” “Selena Gomez?” asks Sophia the millennial. “Emily Dickinson,” Lady Mae answers.

Lady Mae then calls her sister Mavis (Yes, Oprah finally shows up again!) and tells her she found their mother’s pearls and that she has the deed for Mavis’ club. “I think you still own it.” Remember Mac supposedly took her club from her to punish her for trying to out him as a child molester! Wearing a regal blue taffeta gown that cinches at the waist and flairs out and her hair swept up in a bun high atop her head, Lady Mae is ready for the cotillion!

But that doesn’t stop her from shutting down Kevin, yes, Kevin who has finally returned to the Greenleaf estate! “I came to apologize,” he says. “I was wrong to leave like that. I was having difficulty accepting who I am, and what I’ve done. But I’m ready to be a father again.” He asks her to tell Charity what he said, but she is not trying to hear his excuses. Still Kevin persists. “He’s my son, and I have rights.” Chile, Lady Mae asks Maricel to have Kevin’s car brought to the front of the estate so that he can leave. Kevin calls Aaron. “I’m going to need your help,” he tells him. I guess it’s official now. Kevin and Aaron are a thing…

Lucy Pearl…

It’s cotillion time! Time to get their dance on! But not before all of the preliminaries. The Greenleafs, all adorned in their finery, take family pictures and even Darius is included! And then Sofia and Zora, who are dressed in cotillion white and are escorted by Bishop and Jacob, respectively, are presented to society. Both girls boast grade point averages over 4.0! Then Bishop and Sofia and Zora and her father Jacob dance! Lady Mae, while standing next to Tasha Skanks, says, “Like a page in ‘Southern Decor.'” Remember that Tasha saw Lady Mae’s home in “Southern Decor” magazine and purchased artwork by the same artist whose artwork was also featured in Lady Mae’s home? Then Lady Mae says, “I’m so glad it worked out. It always does.” And then we see Tasha and Rochelle Cross exchange a look. Something is up between them for sure. Also, am I the only one who is wondering what happened to Bishop’s Parkinson’s Disease? He was moving with ease!

Speaking of Bishop, Rochelle slithers up to him and says, “Come dance with me. I was hoping for some quality time.” What woman says that to a married man whose wife is nearby?! When Bishop offers to spend time with her at Calvary i.e. in a professional setting, she makes her intentions crystal clear.  “I’m interested in a more personal connection. I have been since day one. Even a man of God is still a man.” Bishop wants her attention, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to draw attention to them in a public setting so he kind of thwarts her advances.

Rochelle goes back to Tasha and reveals the secret I’ve been wondering about since she showed up. “I told that brother of mine there is more than one way to skin a Greenleaf. I don’t care how we do it as long as it hurts bad.” And there you have it. Remember I said in a previous recap that the caretaker who died in that church fire started by Bishop was supposed to have a daughter not a son. Could it be that Rochelle is that daughter and Basie was the younger brother? Obviously, they are siblings…I know this is TV, but they don’t look alike at all, right?

Pearl Jam…

Once the presentations are done, Zora and Sophia are free to have fun or jam with their boyfriends on the dance floor. Jacob cannot help but smile as he watches his baby dance. He tells Kerissa that she should be able to hang out late for the evening, but he changes his tune once she tells him that she found a condom in their daughter’s room. Actually, Jacob’s mouth drops open. Although it may look like Zora and Isaiah better known to me as Gospel Chris Brown or Christian Breezy (what someone called him on Twitter LOL) are having a great time, they are actually bickering on the dance floor. Per usual, he storms off and Zora chases behind him. But this time, Sophia follows the two. She witnesses Isaiah hitting Zora and runs back to tell Jacob what happened! Jacob then runs up on Zora and Isaiah. After Jacob hits Isaiah, he says, “You better be happy I didn’t kill you boy.” Obviously, this is a spectacle in the middle of the cotillion. Then Zora runs off again and locks herself in the bathroom. Isaiah calls on her cell phone, apologizes yet again, promises never to hit her again and says, “Come away with me. I love you.”

The only family member who didn’t see the drama unfold at the cotillion is Charity who is on tour with Jabari and  Le’Andria, who replaced Tamela Mann for some reason. Anywho, after having an intimate dinner, Jabari and Charity are ready for more intimacy! The biblical kind. Yes, chile. With Alicia Keys and Maxwell singing “Fire We Make,” Jabari and Charity are in bed about to kindle a fire of their own. But she is stalls. First, she tells him, she has only been with Kevin. And then she tells him she had an emergency Caesarian section which left a scar. She hesitantly shows him the scar. He kisses the scar and says, “Charity, you’re beautiful.” What a hottie he is!

Pearlie Mae…

Now that the cotillion is over, Lady Mae has other business she wants to address that evening. Since she’s not coming home to Bishop, she probably has more free time. She goes to see her sister Mavis, who is packing. “You’re moving?” “I’ve got an offer from an investor to open a club in Stockholm. You know white folk love their blues,” Mavis replies.

Lady Mae wastes no time in telling her that she still owns the club, but Mavis tells her she doesn’t want the club anymore. Lady Mae says, “I want my sister back.” Mavis replies, “You can’t have me.” After telling her that she is her sister, Mavis says, “Sister. You don’t know what that word means.” She then tells Lady Mae to give the deed to Gigi. Honey, then Lady Male pulls out all of the stops. “I forgive you for James.” She explains to her sister that she knows about the one time that James and Mavis got together. “Is that what he told you? I can’t even count the times I threw your husband out of here.” Wow. “He never loved you. He just thought you was pretty.” Again, wow. Mavis says that James only wanted Lady Mae to build his church business. (Sadly, many churches are primarily businesses but that is not the case for all churches, thankfully. Just sayin’.) But you know my Lady Mae has the one-liners for eternity and back. ” I think what he chose is a wife so what does that make you.” Take that, take that!

Across town in the parsonage, Jacob and Kerissa have the blues too. “How do you want to handle this?” Kerissa asks Jacob the morning after the cotillion. Kerissa cannot understand why Zora, who was raised to have self-esteem, is accepting abuse from her boyfriend. “There is something inside of her that is broken or unfinished.” But Jacob tells her that his sister Faith had a boyfriend who treated her in a similar fashion and she accepted it too. Sooo…We know that Mac had a penchant for light-skinned young girls, but then again, Faith wasn’t very light-skinned. Could he have abused Zora in her formative years too?!!!

Jacob goes to Zora’s room to check on her, but quickly discovers the teenager is gone! They later discover that Isaiah is gone too!

Also the morning after, Lady Mae shows up at the Greenleaf estate. Grace comes down the stairs and asks, “Have you been out all night?” Apparently, she drove around all night long after her meeting with Mavis. Bishop also appears and Lady Mae says, “I want you out of this house. You told me it only happened one time!”

Bishop doesn’t even put up a fuss. “So be it,” he says. Lady Mae asks Maricel to bring her breakfast to the sunroom. Bishop leaves and goes to the Biltmore Hotel, the site of the cotillion, where he is welcomed into the open arms of Rochelle!

What a season! What a season finale! Are your edges intact?!! Check out a snippet of the fiery finale below!

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Greenleaf Recap Season 2 Episode 15: Two By Two…

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You.Already.Know!  OWN’s “Greenleaf” is getting gooder and gooder every week! Yes, I know “gooder” is not a word, but this show is beyond good…So I won’t delay no mo….gon head and get comfortable so you can read this “Greenleaf Recap Season 2 Episode 15: Two By Two.”

It Takes Two…

Bishop and his granddaughter Sofia make a precious pair, “poetry in motion,” as she shows off the moves she’s been learning to prepare for the debutante cotillion. He tells Sophia he is willing to dance with her anytime she wants, particularly as the big day is only two weeks away! (Will her cousin Zora’s bruises heal by then?…More on that later…)

The bearer of bad news, Lady Mae says the maid’s husband is in the hospital so she won’t be available to go on the road with Charity and baby Nathan for the concert tour. However, Bishop says that shouldn’t be a roadblock in her plans, as Charity should have the “same access to happiness you’ve taken for yourself over the years.” Wow! Obviously, something is up with these two.

This rift is even more apparent when back at Calvary, Rochelle Cross comes into Bishop’s office and Bishop responds with, “I was praying for a distraction” along with a big smile. He tells her he is working on his sermon. The sermon will be about Noah’s Ark and the flood, but he doesn’t know which part of the story to focus on in his sermon. “You will find something to shake the walls. You always do,” Miss Cross says before handing a check to him. When Bishop asks Miss Cross about the reason she is giving the church another big check, she discloses that she recently had her five-year cancer screening and has go to the doctor’s office to get the results. He offers to accompany her there. These two are becoming quite comfortable with one another. Was she paying Bishop to say a special prayer to God on her behalf? Do you think it’s possible to buy a special prayer? I’ve been going to church all of my life, and it has never occurred to me to give money to the church to get a special prayer. Do some people do that?

Two Dope Boyz In A Cadillac…

Deputy Mayor Skip Leonard is back and hits up his boy Jacob for some support. Apparently, the mayor is stepping down at the end of his term and Skip wants his spot. Basie was supposed to be Skip’s spiritual advisor, but as Basie is MIA, Jacob will have to do. Skip attempts to entice Jacob by pointing out that church and state can often overlap, community development block grants are available and that lots of cash is waiting to be claimed. It comes across as shady as a dope deal…smh…But Jacob, I think, is attempting to least start off on the righteous foot. He asks to see to Skip’s policies to determine if they line up with his beliefs.

At the doctor’s office,  Bishop and Rochelle anxiously await to hear the news about whether Rochelle’s cancer has returned. The ordeal has given Bishop an idea for his sermon. The animals went into Noah’s Ark two by two. Obviously there is strength in numbers and each animal needed a counterpart. This episode’s title illuminates that fact.  “Well, I needed you today,” Rochelle says to Bishop.

Finding that crazy glass bird in her office at Calvary, Grace realizes that Lady Mae has summoned her. (What is that glass bird about anyway?) Lady Mae tells Grace that her maid’s husband is undocumented and was so afraid that he would be “sniffed out” and “deported,” he didn’t go to the hospital until he was very sick. Apparently, he has meningitis. Lady Mae asks Grace to help him. Grace agrees to do so and then asks, “Is something wrong between you and Daddy?” “Yes,” Lady Mae says but that’s all.

Back at the doctor’s office, Rochelle gets some great news! Her cancer has not returned. Rochelle tells Bishop that she is having some kidney issues that need to be monitored, but otherwise everything is “all clear.” “I’m so glad that God decided to put you in my life,” Rochelle says to Bishop.

At the Greenleaf estate, via her laptop, Charity pledges to Jabari that she is going on the tour although she may have to start two weeks later than expected.

Across town at the Triump parsonage, Zora examines her bruises in her bedroom until her mother Kerissa attempts to come in. Since the door is locked, she has time to cover herself with a jacket, but Kerissa senses something is up. Kerissa asks her what is going on, especially as her teacher told Kerissa that Zora is not participating in class like she once did. Zora is such a spunky girl I didn’t expect her to be prone to being abused by that insecure boy Gospel Chris Brown. But I guess the same could be said of Rihanna too.

Just the Two of Us…

“Have you seen my earring?” Grace asks Darius as she is getting dressed. Obviously, Pastor Grace has no qualms about being sexually involved with her boyfriend Darius although the two are unmarried. The two are falling more and more in love, and she wants him to spend some time with her parents although “something is going on with them.”

Speaking of Bishop and Lady Mae, the two have an awkward encounter in the bathroom. (I love it when Bishop has on his do-rag and robe! LOL) Lady Mae asks Bishop about him being with Rochelle Cross earlier in the day. He tells her that she needed “spiritual support” when she went to the doctor. He also tells her that although Lady Mae didn’t ask, Rochelle’s cancer is still in remission. “I would hate to think you were being denied any crucial information.” Ouch.

Thankfully, another Greenleaf couple is getting along although they are confused about what is going on with their daughter. Jacob tells Kerissa that maybe she is getting high. “I was at that age.” That’s all the incentive Kerissa needs to search through Zora’s room until she finds a condom, hidden under her daughter’s pillow.

She confronts Zora about her discovery. “I knew that boy was no good.” Kerissa explains that the fact that she waited until she was married to Jacob to have sex him earned his respect. “Did it?” says Zora with all of the attitude of a teenage girl rude enough to pop off at her mother but too timid to stand up to her “boy”friend. Kerissa slaps that chile. My mama would have done that and den sum…Please…She says that boy can no longer come over and asks her to read 1 Corinthians 7. My mama would have a got a Bible and hit me with it! Forget reading it…

While one Greenleaf daughter is hiding information, another Greenleaf daughter is holding back nothing. Now that Kevin is gone, Charity tells her father that yes, she wants to go on the road, in part, to be with Jabari, but she also wants to sing. “I want to sing to the nations.” After all, Tamela Mann will be singing at Madison Square Garden! “I can’t be the first woman to bring her baby on tour.” Bishop encourages her to go and tells her he will find another worship leader while she is away.

Two Hearts…

Jacob meets with the Triumph staff. He tells them he wants to increase the church attendance by bringing in the homeless members of his former church. He wants to bring them by bus! The treasurer Ms. Weaver does not want to bring in this “less than desirable element” and furthermore money is needed insure the buses and the drivers. Apparently, there is not enough money in the budget for this endeavor, particularly as the church already lost 200 members since Basie’s departure. Jacob has a heart for homeless people, and Ms. Weaver, sadly, doesn’t. “I’m not the one in charge. The money is in charge.”

Across town at the Greenleaf estate, Bishop tells Lady Mae that Charity will be going on tour. “Like everything else in your family, it’s not up for conversation.” One time for Bishop! He’s coming up with one-liners like he is Lady Mae for reals…

Darius comes over to the estate to have dinner with the Greenleafs. He tells Lady Mae that his parents, before they died, were members of First Presbyterian. Apparently, days after his father died, his mother died. “To have a bond like that with another person, I cannot imagine,” Bishop says in front of the family.

Back at Triumph, Tasha gets a call from Basie! He’s somewhere in the great outdoors, looking unkempt, but tells Tasha,”When it comes to the Greenleafs, make them pay.”

Back at Calvary, it seems that Rochelle was able to set up a meeting with an immigration attorney, I guess, in Bishop’s office. Grace is there as well. Rochelle and Bishop tell the attorney about the plight of the maid’s husband who is the personal chef at the Greenleaf estate. (Are there names Marisol and Kiko? Somebody help me out please. I hate to refer to them by just their occupations.). The immigration attorney says of Rochelle and Bishop, “These two are a one-two punch.” Grace is looking at them like, What is going on?

That is not Bishop’s only meeting for the day. He stops by Carlton’s house to ask him to be Calvary’s director of music while Charity is on tour. He says, “I’m not interested in coming back as the exception.” Carlton wants all gay people to be accepted at the church( like they are at Triumph) not just Carlton and his husband. “Two by two,” Bishop says. “The Lord finally gave me my message. The church can still change the world.”

Speaking of greater inclusivity, Jacob tells the church that he wants Triumph to expand its outreach to the homeless and the church can afford to do so as it received a $75,000 grant courtesy of Deputy Mayor Skip Leonard. “Some folks said it couldn’t be done, but they haven’t met my God.” Ms. Weaver has a sour expression on her face at first but eventually stands to join the congregation as they clap following Jacob’s announcement.

Now, members of the Lonely Hearts Club it seems, Bishop and Lady Mae finally get down to business on the balcony. “Are you ready to talk now?” Bishop says. “Are you?” Lady Mae responds. “I know you had an affair with Lionel,” says Bishop. Not even denying it, Lady Mae says,”What matters is that when he asked me to leave you, I didn’t!” She then explains that had Bishop not had an affair with her sister, she would not have retaliated by having an affair with Lionel! Sooooooo…I really didn’t think Bishop and Mavis were each other’s type! But I guess I was wrong! Mind blown! Bishop says, ‘I don’t know if I love you right now or ever will again.” Awwww, he shouldn’t have said that. Bishop and Lady Mae go together like peas and carrots. Both of them have just the right amount of good and evil to make them a powerful pair…Lady Mae says, “I didn’t choose you because you were perfect.” By the end of the confrontation, Bishop’s face begins to contort like he wants to cry but he maintains his composure…

Tasha, who is also now a member of the Lonely Hearts Club, tells Jacob she has moved out of her First Lady Office to make room for the new First Lady. She says, “I believe in you Jacob.” I know that Basie is telling her to scheme against the Greenleafs, but I do think she likes Jacob which could be a problem in the future. Jacob says, “If we both keep believing in Jesus, we will all make it to Heaven together.” Amen…

Check out a snippet of “Two By Two” below…

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Greenleaf Recap Season 2 Episode 14: The Father’s Will…

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Y’all, I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to stay awake enough to take notes as I watched this week’s episode of OWN’s “Greenleaf,” after a looong first day back to work after Hurricane Irma! But chile, I worried in vain because the Lord provided the strength and the writers provided the shenanigans necessary to keep me scribblin’! I feel like I say this ere week, but this episode right here was a DOOZY, and I’m not sure how I feel about it all, but let’s discuss throughout this Greenleaf Recap Season 2 Episode 14: The Father’s Will.

Father Figure…

Last’s week episode ended with Bishop Jeffries of Charlotte, North Carolina initiating a cryptic call to Bishop Greenleaf, and this week’s episode begins with the bishops meeting face to face. Apparently when the chief counsel of Bishop Jeffries’ church had a stroke, he decided to fly to Montgomery, Alabama where his son Aaron the attorney now works for the Southern Poverty Law Center. He wanted to tell him about the job in person and surprises him at his apartment. But instead of surprising his son, Aaron surprises his father: Aaron and KEVIN were cozying up to one another so to speak! Bishop Jeffries is surprised for two reasons: the fact that his son is gay AND sleeping with Charity Greenleaf’s ex-husband! So I have so many questions about this scenario? Is Kevin living in Montgomery now? Did Aaron leave Calvary to pursue Kevin in Montgomery? Are they a couple? Greenleafers, help me out here…

Triumph’s new spiritual father Jacob Greenleaf and Kerissa are Marvin Gay getting it on too, as it’s Jacob first day on the job and Kerissa wants to start his day off right. In addition, she plans to show up late for her job to accompany him on his first day. I think she’s more excited than he is to be pastor of the megachurch.

Jabari, whom Charity probably hopes will be a father figure for Nathan, calls her with exciting news: Tamela Mann (who I interviewed) wants Charity to be a background singer on her tour!

Obviously, Aaron sees Bishop Greenleaf as a father figure and meets with him and his actual father in Memphis to discuss what his father discovered. He tells Bishop before the meeting, “I can’t change who I am” to which Bishop replies, “only God knows your heart,” citing 1st Kings 8:39. Aaron says, “Tell my father that. He will listen to you.” Bishop tells the father and the son once they are together, “Let’s try to find the will of the Father.”

Now that Charity is the sole provider (and parent) for her son, she doesn’t want to pass up the chance and asks Lady Mae if she can borrow their maid to be Nathan’s nanny for the 10 weeks she will be on tour with Tamela. Lady Mae hesitantly agrees and then drops one of her trademark one-liners. “It just seems like a lot of moving pieces to sing back up.”

Father, Forgive Them…

If Jacob and Kerissa thought they would just slide into roles of Pastor and First Lady without any pushback, they should have stayed outside. For one, Tasha’s office remains right next door to where her husband used to be. For two, Britney, Triumph’s treasurer is not a doormat, and the treasurer is an integral part of most organizations, particularly churches.

Bishop Jeffries continue to discuss Aaron’s sexuality with Bishop Greenleaf as a mediator. Bishop Jeffries throws out that his son is violating God’s word according to Romans 1. Aaron counters with, “Judge not lest you be judged.” Bishop Jeffries says, “The way that you are is unacceptable.” Bishop Greenleaf chimes in, “No wonder he kept it a secret. Who would choose this?”  Lady Mae meets with her husband afterward and cautions him against siding with Aaron, “The boy is not child. He’s not Faith.” What did she mean by that? Did Faith disappoint her parents somehow and they treated her the way Bishop Jeffries is treating Aaron? Did they regret their actions? Hmmm…

Back at Triumph, Jacob tells Britney that he wants to integrate people from Real Church, where he served the homeless, into Triumph. Britney cautions him against doing so because not everyone knows the financial specifics of what went down and how that would look odd to some church members.

After the meeting with his father and Bishop is done, Aaron sees Charity and approaches her. She looks like she wants to cuss him out but says with diplomacy, “How can I help you?” These are the words that he always said to Charity when she approached him about facilitating her divorce never suspecting that Aaron was cavorting with Kevin! He tries to apologize for his role in Kevin’s untimely departure. Charity is not trying to hear that. “He left his son without a father!” When Aaron tries to explain that Kevin left because he felt ashamed, Charity shut him down again. “I don’t care how he feels.” She tells him, “If I were a lesbian, I would still be a mother.”

Honor Your Father & Your Mother…

It seems like Aaron, his father and Bishop meet again. Bishop Jeffries asks, “Why can’t you just try to change?” Aaron tells his father that he already tried to change and failed. “It’s just me.” After he says, “I love you” to his father, he walks toward the door but stops when his father says he is glad that his mother passed before discovering he was gay. Aaron says,”She knew. I told her when I was 13.” Bishop Jeffries calls his son a liar before Aaron says, “She knew about you too. All of them. Just because you did it with women doesn’t mean it wasn’t a sin.” He got him there…

So this next scene where Zora and Sofia are preparing for the debutante cotillion was filmed at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Atlanta. I know because I attended a wedding in the very room where this scene was filmed. Anywho, Zora is reciting some “trap gospel” when her boyfriend Gospel Chris Brown otherwise known as Isaiah busts in the ballroom, calling attention himself as he is wearing shades inside and his baseball cap.

After Aaron spilled the tea on his father, Bishop serves it for Lady Mae. “He seemed to imply that Patrice knew about Lionel and other women.” “Women, plural?” Lady Mae responds. “He’s just making up stories to deflect from himself.” Lady Mae, who was friends with Bishop Jeffries’ deceased wife Patrice,  seems particularly riled up by the news about Bishop’s Jeffries’ serial infidelities and we will discover why later in the episode!

Wanting to appear congenial (the key word is “appear”), Kerissa invites Tasha, who still answers to “First Lady,” to the parsonage for dinner. During dinner, Tasha expresses concern about Basie’s whereabouts. “I hope he’s safe out there. I really miss him.” Jacob puts his hand on her hand while Kerissa, who is opposite Tasha, rolls her eyes.

Darius also makes dinner for Grace and she asks him, “Where does you see yourself in five years?” He says in a house with more land. (The Greenleaf estate, perhaps?) He also tells her that he wants to write a book. Grace further probes and asks him does he want children. He tells her that he is a bit too old to have children.

Once Bishop discusses what he learned with Lady Mae, the two of them meet with Bishop Jeffries, who is staying with them while he is in town. Bishop Jeffries apologizes for his son’s involvement in what happened with Charity. Lady Mae says, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”  Bishop says, “Mae, let it go.” Lady Mae then cautions Charity about chasing a man and losing your self respect in the process. It seems like her advice comes from personal experience.

Father, father…

Gospel Chris Brown claims he was trying to be “incognegro” with his stunna shades on but totally contradicts that statement when he’s flirting with two or three of the other girls instead of supporting Zora. Sofia calls him out for it too. “The guy is the frame and the lady is the picture. Everything is always about you.” Isaiah gets mad and says, “This is some ish right there. I’m out.” Zora follows him outside to a courtyard where he knocks her into a column before apologizing yet again. “I don’t want to lose you Zora,” he says before telling her he loves her and that he will never abuse her again. What she sees in that boy I don’t know. But I’ve seen it for myself. Some women are attracted to abusers.  Like Chris Brown, Isaiah may have grown up in a household where he saw his father abuse his mother.

Later, Bishop Jeffries and Lady Mae have a conversation alone. She confronts him. “Were there other women?” When he doesn’t give her the answer she wants (plus calling her brother a rapist), she goes off. Apparently, she contemplated leaving her family for him not knowing that she was one of several women he was seeing! Lady Mae cheated on Bishop!!! Lady Mae says,”You’re just a space where a person should have been” and slaps the man!

Across town, Grace is having a better night than her mother. When Darius assures her that all he wants is her and doesn’t want to have children, she does not flee fornication. So how do you feel about an unmarried pastor having sex?

Jacob manages to get Kerissa to put aside her “First Lady” scheming aside (she wants Tasha to move her office to another location in Triumph) for one night at least so that the two can get their lovin’ on too. That woman is more like Lady Mae than her own daughters.

Speaking of Lady Mae, she is nowhere to be found when Bishop Greenleaf bids farewell to his friend in front of the Greenleaf home. “She’s not feeling well,” he tells Bishop Jeffries. Bishop Jeffries says, “Tell Mae I’m sorry we didn’t a chance to say goodbye.” Something about the way Bishop Jeffries says that statement has Bishop wondering, “what’s going on?” Father, Father…I’m sure things will escalate next week!!!

Check out a snippet from “The Father’s Will” below…

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