Kicking it with Bobby, Miki & Friends….

Hello World,

Didn’t it feel like summer yesterday? It was a perfect day for a free outdoor concert with Bobby Brown, Miki Howard and the opening band – The 911 Band…And the City of Riverdale delivered it. The city hosted a free concert complete with big boy fireworks to celebrate the opening of its new City Hall and amphitheater…Yeah, that’s right, I got to see Mr. My Prerogative in all his bad boy splendor up, close & personal for the free free…And as an added bonus, the true saaanger, Ms. Miki “Love Under New Management”  Howard was a part of the bill…And I must say, the opening band, The 911 Band, also got down with their renditions all the way from Carlos Santana’s “Maria, Maria” to Prince’s “Purple Rain!”

So there I am…two hours early…Yes, I was in full groupie mode as R put it….(Insert Kanye shrug…who cares chile…)

Not the best overall pic of the new City Hall…but hopefully, you get the idea…

A better view of the new amphitheater which is directly in front of the City Hall…Apparently, more stars will be on deck next week, and I think for free…but don’t quote me…if you look closely, you can see Bobby on stage doing a sound check!!!

“BOBBY!!!” in my best shrill Whitney voice….I still love some Bobby…I don’t care what anyone says….

The 911 Band….

Woman to Woman, I know this isn’t the best photo of Miki but this is the best one I have….sorry Miki, but you still got it…She told us she recently turned 50 years old!

Me in Miki’s armpit lol…Girl got all in the audience and took off her shoes channeling Patti Labelle…She sang to recordings of her music and had me laughing when she said that she would have a brought a band with her but it was too expensive…At one point, her music stopped and she threatened to go to church and start praying if it didn’t start again…And then she said she would have have a take an offering because you can’t have church without an offering….hmmm…I don’t agree, but it was funny…After I Googled her, I discovered she is the daughter of two gospel singers…very interesting…And apparently, she will be featured on an upcoming episode of TV1’s “Unsung.” (Love that show!)

Bobby in his show gear…He still got it too although R begs to differ…

At the end of his show, Bobby introduced his nephews who have started a new group, CMG – it stands for Certified Money Getters – who came up with that name…I bet Bobby wit his crazy self had a hand in the madness…

Also, here’s a little snippet of the sound check…I’m not a videographer so forgive me…

All of that music for free…I was getting my Clark Howard on for real…yes!

Any thoughts?

P.S. Bobby was on his best behavior although you could tell the crazy was dying to get out…he mentioned that he is newly engaged with a child and he is happy…Was I wrong for thinking he should still be with Whitney…



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4 thoughts on “Kicking it with Bobby, Miki & Friends….

  1. I think that was a phase…at least I hope so…he can really sing though…Yeah, he called Atlanta his home although he says he doesn’t live here anymore…I thought that was a classic Bobby line…lol…