Bishop Hezekiah Walker VS. John P. Kee TONIGHT!!!

Hello World,

Although I’m a Christian, I still do listen to and enjoy secular music and don’t come for me if you don’t. Just because the gospel is not mentioned in a song doesn’t make the song evil or distasteful. That being said, I got my entire life while watching the Instagram battle between Teddy Riley and Babyface last Monday as a part of the wide variety of quarantine entertainment available now. I came of age listening to their music so it was fun to see them showcase their music on a modern platform via a “Verzuz” battle. But later on today, the gospel will be proclaimed as Bishop Hezekiah Walker and John P. Kee will be “battling” on Instagram although it’s not a part of “Verzuz.” See the flier above for the details…See John P. Kee’s statement about the “battle” below…

I’ll be watching! How about you?

Any thoughts?



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