Book Notes: My Review of “The Deliverer” by Kathi Macias (BOOK GIVEAWAY)

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In every book I choose to read, I always hope to learn something new. In “The Deliverer” by Kathi Macias, I learned about the hidden worlds of child sex trafficking and slavery. These are topics I would normally choose to avoid as these are likely the most reprehensible “industries” in existence, but Macias was able draw me into this dark world through the heroine of her book Mara.

In the third book of the “Freedom Series,” Macias tells how Mara, a young Hispanic woman who has been freed after years of sex slavery, must make conscious choices regarding a relationship with God, a potential romantic interest Jonathan and forgiveness to create new life for herself. Interwoven in Mara’s story are the stories of Lawan, a former child sex slave from Thailand, who is adopted by an American couple; Sarah, whose romantic desperation creates a heartbreaking love triangle; and Francesca, who wonders if she should give her soon-to-be born baby up for adoption.

Aside from the various stories of deliverance told in the book, I also appreciated how Macias was able to interweave diverse races and cultures in the book without being obvious. Both Mara and Francesca are Hispanic. Lawan’s new parents are an interracial black and white couple. And Sarah as well as some of the other characters are white. The book takes place in California, Mexico and Thailand.

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