Bishop Noel Jones Marries Loretta After Being Together for 28 Years!!!

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I guess it’s just the season for me to blog about pastors from the new defunct “Preachers of LA” reality show…Remember Bishop Noel Jones and his longtime-love-but-not-wife-Loretta? Well, chile after 28 years of being together, the two finally tied the knot this month…Read about the proposal earlier this year from L.A. Focus Newspaper below…

Bishop Noel Jones, the senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California and formerly one of the cast members of Preachers of L.A., has decided he is finally ready to marry his longtime lady love, Loretta.  The decision comes after being in a relationship with his longtime partner for twenty-eight years and was made public during a recent church event.

Standing center stage, Bishop Jones started to talk to the congregation about what it might look like when he gets older before surprising his congregation when he said, “I decided that I’m gonna get married.”

After hearing cheers from the congregation, the 72-year-old pastor said, “Loretta come up here please.” Once she arrived, he looked at the congregation and said, “I thought about should I give up my freedom coat for a strait jacket? Should I get married to someone younger than me?  Should I give up not having to answer to anybody?” Read the rest of the story HERE.

And check out a few moments from the wedding below…

Congrats to the couple, but it sure couldn’t be me…She got with this man when he was 44 years old and now she gets to be married to a 72-year-old? I mean I’m all for growing old together, but not if we’re not married…But to each his own…

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6 thoughts on “Bishop Noel Jones Marries Loretta After Being Together for 28 Years!!!

  1. I can’t believe it took Noel 28 years to realize he was in love with Loretta and she was worthy to be his wife!!!

  2. She waited and now she flies and is strengthened! The last shall be first! I’m happy for her! I’m happy for them❤️❤️ I

  3. They are happy. That is all that counts. Give it a rest. Marriage only changes your name. They enjoyed each other for twenty-eight years and were happy. That is more than some can say they enjoyed.