Pretty in Pink…

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Since October is designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there is no way that I could let this month pass by without paying homage to those who are now in heaven in the presence of the Father  – including my line sister Kimberly Hudson Causby, who left this world on May 16, 2005 and those who are on earth petitioning and trusting in the Father for their healing…

In honor of Kim and those who are being healed from breast cancer, my line sisters and other friends decided to paint the town pink although as every Delta knows pink ain’t nothing but crimson and cream mixed together…We walked in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk yesterday at Atlantic Station…I invite you to share in our sisterhood, bonding and hope…

Beautiful line sisters and a teeny weeny Delta in training!


A pooch in pink!  Anyone remember Poochie?


There is strength in numbers! We ready!


Pretty in Pink!


Crazy line sisters!


Other black Greeks represent!!!


They got that pink spirit!



Another Delta in training! Check the hand on the hip!


Corvettes for breast cancer awareness! I want one for Christmas!



Pink from head to toe…



You may or may not be wondering why I am not in any of these pictures…Well first, everything ain’t ’bout me…but also, chile I thought it was going to be a race like the Peachtree Road Race so I came with my hair wrapped up ready to sweat…so it was not a good look…had I known it was a victory lap(walk) type of event, I would have been a number #1 stunna as well…lol…

Anywho, my prayer for those who are currently fighting the good fight against breast cancer…


Sustain me according to your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed. Psalm 119:116

Any thoughts?








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13 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink…

  1. Awesome piece my favorite Deuce! Actually being the big sob that I am, I’m crying because of the sheer beauty and transparency of your writing. I love you honey and it was an experience to remember – so glad I had the chance to make those wonderful memories with you! Oo-Oop!

  2. As we pray for healing for those with breast cancer , I hope everyone also remembers to pray for those ding research on cuases- like carcinogens- which are often chemical products backed by big corporate bucks. I pray for the researchers, not just of cander cures but of cancer causes, of breast and other kinds of cancer. I also pray for the Holy Spirit to work within corporate employees/executives NOT to cover up preliminary findings indicating carcinogenicity in chemicals (like tobacco!) but to behave righteously and forthrightly; also I pray for them to have the strength to stand up to more self serving, profit-oriented coworkers and bosses. And for researchers to find funds for unconventional research – like my brother’s. He’s a research physician, working on immunotherapies for cancer (Dr. Chris Nicodemus).

  3. Wow! Jackie this is a great presentation. The pictures DEFINITELY cptured the spirit of the event! I am so glad I was able to be apart of a cause so worthy as this.

  4. Yes, I saw a movie about all of that you have mentioned and more definitely needs to be done on that end…we can’t raise money on one side and kill ourselves at the same time…

  5. Yesterday, just before I read your blog I had posted a photo on my facebook status of many pink-flowered, annual impatiens plants that we have taken into our house this year, instead of just leaving them outside to die, as in the past. Some symbolism there?