Black Women Are More Religious than Erebody and other religious news…

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It is so easy to get wrapped up in what is going on in our church or our city or even our state so I decided to post links to stories dealing with religion and faith all around the nation and world so that we can make sure that we really know what is going on the world around us…

First of all, according to new study conducted by The Washington Post and The Kaiser Family Foundation, black women are the most religious group in the United States…that is no surprise to me…I’m just surprised that nobody called me…lol…Some of the results of the survey are below…(The only problem I have with the survey is that it appears that only black and white people were surveyed…)

  • 74 percent of black women said that living a religious life is very important to them versus 70 percent of black men. Also, 57 percent of white women agree with that statement versus 43 percent of white men.
  • 87 percent of black women said that religion or faith in God plays a very important role in helping them get through tough times versus 79 percent of black men. 66 percent of white women and 51 percent of white men agree with that statement.

There are some other interesting findings that have nothing to do with religion and faith. For more information, take a look at the complete survey results from The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Now on to other interesting news in the religion and faith biosphere….

2. I cannot believe this kind of stuff is going on in the name of Christianity…A whites-only Christian conference…From The Huffington Post – Whites-Only Christian Conference Held in Alabama By Pastor William J. Collier’s Church of God’s Chosen

3. This woman is actually selling her soul…Lord, help us…From The Christian Post Women Sells Her Soul on eBay, Hopes to ‘Deliver Opportunity’ for Salvation

4. Retired Bishop Leontine Kelly, the first African-American female bishop in a major Christian denomination (United Methodist Church) has passed away at 92 years old. I interviewed Bishop Linda Lee of the United Methodist Church for my book. Bishop Lee is first African-American woman to be elected as a bishop in the North Central Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church and one of three African-American women elected in jurisdictions across the United States in July 2000. According to The Huffington Post, Bishop Kelly was quoted as saying, “”Praise God, I’m no longer the only one.” From The Huffington PostLeontine Kelly Dead: African-American United Methodist Woman Dies at 92

5. Just in case your dog needs a blessing…Can I get a woof, woof? I know I’m lame…lol..From The Washington PostPrayers for Pets in downtown D.C.

6. Remember the first Claire Kyle on that hilarious Damon Wayans show “My Wife and Kids?” Well, the actress Jazz Raycole, is back as a pastor’s daughter in TV Land’s “The Soul Man,” the new show with Cedric the Entertainer. And she says she worshiped her way into her new role. From The Christian Post Jazz Raycole, ‘The Soul Man’ Actress, ‘Worshiped’ Her Way Into Latest Role

7. Apparently, women givers in churches are being ignored despite controlling more than 51 percent of personal wealth in the nation according to a new survey…(Hmmm….have they been to Atlanta? I don’t think we are being ignored here in the A…Pass that offering plate one mo gain plz…lol…) From Newswise – Many Churches Overlook Women as Donors, Despite Their Growing Control of Personal Wealth in the U.S.

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