Church Scandals…from Bishop Eddie Long to Kandi Burruss…

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As I was perusing the March issue of EBONY magazine which is dedicated to all things scandalous with Kerry Washington, star of the hit television show “Scandal,” appropriately on the cover, I began thinking of all of the scandalous things that have happened in churches throughout the country…And then I wondered how are we to deal with all of this drama…

In EBONY, Senior Writer Margena A. Christian breaks down the background leading to the mysterious death of Megachurch Pastor Zachery Tims. By the time I finished reading her informative and insightful story, I realized that fame and fortune, while alluring to most anyone, can truly become a prison of isolation if you are unprepared and or just not equipped to handle all that comes along with them. I also realized that all people, particularly those in positions of power, need to be accountable to someone. And I realized that everyone that claims they are of God are not truly of God which is stated in the Matthew 7:21.

So below are a few of the headlines I recently came across that are truly scandals…

1. Jesse Jackson Jr. Accused of Misusing Campaign Funds from The Washington Post…As the daughter of a reverend myself, this story really saddens me…

2. Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Centino Kemp To Release Tell-All Book from NewsOne…Ever since the original scandal with Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church broke in 2010, there has been a seemingly endless stream of new scandals surrounding Bishop Eddie Long and the church…

3. Former New Birth members Sue Bishop Eddie Long from The Atlanta-Journal Constitution…Yes, more Bishop Eddie Long news…

4. RHOA Kandi Burruss Releases Gospel Song “Stay Prayed Up” with Marvin Sapp from the Kandi Burruss Facebook Fan Page…Apparently, Marvin Sapp will be on tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta…Is it right for a purveyor of sex toys to sing gospel songs?

5. Sentencing Set in Church Vandalism Case from…A black man pleaded guilty to setting two black churches on fire to frame his ex-girlfriend who is white…

6. Catholic Church To Elect 1st Black Pope? from…I’m not Catholic, but I imagine this could be scandalous news for many…

7. White Supremacist Repents, Joins African-American church from…This is actually a very good story, but I’m guessing this caused a scandal in the church…

So how should the church handle scandals? What do you think of these scandals I mentioned? What church scandals are currently brewing now?

Any thoughts?

Check out Kandi’s single below! Do you like it?



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12 thoughts on “Church Scandals…from Bishop Eddie Long to Kandi Burruss…

  1. You know, this is really nothing to talk about. It’s very sad.

    The Lord has already told us that all who say, “LORD, LORD,” will not enter into His gates (Matthew 7:21). He has also warned us about the false prophets (Matthew 7:15). This is more evident as time rolls on.

    Some people lust after the world and all that it has to offer, yet, they want to tap into the church as well. I say, “church” because they are “not” Spirit minded and couldn’t possibly have the Holy Spirit in their heart—this is something that can’t be duplicated and can’t be tapped into; God has to give this anointing. But they can fool other “like-minded” carnal Christians in a church setting; singing songs and dancing praise numbers with a heart of arrogance and high-minded affection for the world.

    The so-called, spiritual celebrities of today (pastors, singers. . .)attend a church full of abundance in money, people and things. They don’t like to ‘call out’ sin; rather accepting what GOD has already condemned. They are more concerned with ‘not’ stepping on toes than to correct the wrong. They don’t find a need to correct the wrong, as the Holy Bible has instructed because they are continuing in their sins and their (the pastors, people of esteem in the church)distinctive desire is to please the world.

    In years gone by, there wasn’t a harmonious relationship between the church and the celebrity world,unless the celebrity was uplifting the name of JESUS. Nowadays, they [gospel singers, preachers. . .] are quite comfortable in the midst of satan. They [the church] are careful not to give a word that may bring this ‘rich,’ prestigious, worldly person to Christ. The church has become a breathing ground for destructive forces, such as,greed, pride, high-mindedness. The church blings along with the world; seeking the same things, only they do it behind the pulpit, the choir stand, the usher board, the praise dancing, the worship leaders. . . but know something, they ain’t fooling nobody but the unsaved world and their gifts count for nothing!

    This is very sad for the carnal-minded-Christian. Without a change in agenda they will soon be with their master not their maker.

    GOD means what He says!

  2. I am so busy burying my head in the sand, I can’t even respond to this loll.

    I think that the church has always had scandal… when sitting on the golden pedestal anything beneath it is deemed scandalous. Plus… add Social Media to the mix, and everything is magnified.

    • Yes, religious circles always seem to attract scandals because most religious people try to live holy lives which is hard to do…so there is always the opportunity to fall short…

  3. Why cant a stripper sing gospel music?

    Selling sex toys is simply a business, but Im sure that we all have questionable or what God would consider Unholy behavior…I mean our righteousness is as filthy rags and simply judging her makes you a horrible person.

    It seems like when people are trying to be closer to God others always want to Side-Eye them…shame on you.

    If you are questioning her motives, you used her photo on the top of your post because it would get you noticed.

    • I never stated my opinion about Kandi singing gospel music. You are right we are all sinners, but one has to question her motives if you have ever watched RHOA before…Have you? And my motives aren’t hidden…I knew that people would be attracted to the blog post based on the title and the picture…I mean all bloggers employ these methods…however, at the same time, I think these topics are worthy of discussion…The only judge is God, and of course I’m not.. 🙂

  4. I don’t think this post is about pointing the finger or judging anyone but the word tells us to “test the spirit” and we judge someone by the fruits of the Spirits. I do not know her motives, or reasoning for her music attempt. I do know that many R&B will turn to Gospel when it is their other alternative, or last choice in the music industry.

    We have to pray for her, since it is her soul that is the most concern.

    Jesus did use the lowest of men such as fishermen and tax collectors, and they were used from a lowly position to perform miracles like their Rabbi.

    As for the song, “first time listening to it, I do not like this one to buy it.” Yet, the words are meaningful and we are to stay prayed up to stay in God’s favor. Overall, we are to love our neighbor. The Bible tells us to love the sinner but not the sin.

  5. I think the song sounds good and the message is good, however it’s hard for me to take it as a gospel track because Kandi is not a gospel artist. Yes we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory however, God’s word teaches us to practice what we preach so it would be easier for me to stretch my hands and sing it to my God in praise if it was Yolanda Adams instead of Kandi Burruss. She can sing all she wants to God but if she does it in public she has to go all the way or do it in the comfort of her own home or else she will be labeled as a hypocrite.

  6. The God Kandi and Marvin Sapp serves is the god of this age. It’s either one or the other. Their god is the one who makes you think you’re being blessed by God, however, Mammon is the one who controls them. I can back it up in scripture. Ain’t either one of them sold out to Jesus. Greed. I’m of a firm life that you can’t play with Hollywood, in any form, and say you serve God. Not according to the Bible. I am so sick and tired of people lying on Jesus that I literally become angry. And you can plaster my email address and name all over the worldwide web because I am not ashamed to call them out! If you are in Hollywood, it’s known that you got to get your hands filthy or they will kick you straight to the curb and kill your career on sight.