The 10 Types of Black Preachers You Will Encounter in Church (VIDEO)

Hello World,

Since it’s hump day (Don’t you just love that GEICO commercial with the talking camel?), I’ve decided some laughs are in order!

My favorite Christian comedy group “The Playmakers”   are at it again! They have created a hilarious video “10 Types of Black Preachers” in which they dramatize the 10 types of black preachers you will likely encounter in church….Here they are…

1. The Interesting Voice…2. The Singer…3. The Hooper…4. The Asthmatic…5. The Emotional Wreck…6. The Mathematician…7. The Crowd Interactionist…8. The Fire & Brimstone…9. The Dictionary and…10. The White Guy Voice….Take a look and tell me which one you have encountered in church…I think I’ve seen them all 🙂

The most hilarious one is The Asthmatic…One of the playmakers yells out while collapsing in an asthma attack, “Jesus be an inhaler!” LOL… 🙂

If you want to see more of the “The Playmakers,” check them out on Tracey Edmonds’  Alright TV!

019Also on the same network is the talented Issa Rae, the creator of the innovative web series “Awkward Black Girl.” She has created a new series musical web series “The Choir, “ a comedic series about the personal, spiritual and often controversial dynamics of a revered church choir for Alright TV! I actually met her at the Atlanta premiere of the new talk show series “Exhale” as she is one of the hosts of the show. She is very personable and naturally funny…

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