I’m the Guest Editor for ‘Atlanta’ magazine’s 2024 issue of ‘Atlanta 500’!!! On Newsstands NOW!!!

Hello World,

Last year, I shared that I had been working on “a ginormous freelance project that took all of my extra attention outside of my job, family life, and other regular responsibilities.” And the reason why is because I was the 2023 guest editor of Atlanta magazine’s Atlanta 500!!!

Well, chile, God blessed me with that accolade AGAIN! I’m the 2024 guest editor of Atlanta magazine’s Atlanta 500!!! This year, I received a promotion of sorts as I was named the editor of the publication although it is still a freelance position…Everything I shared last year is still true so I will share it again…

What is the Atlanta 500 you ask?

“The Atlanta 500 recognizes the 500 most influential business and civic leaders in Atlanta. The list also includes dozens of leaders whom the magazine has deemed as ‘Legends.’ The Atlanta 500 recognizes the most influential Atlantans—including not only corporate CEOs, but also leading entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, artists, and those leading nonprofits and shaping public policy.”

I was proud and excited to take on this ginormous freelance project for a few reasons:

  1. Atlanta magazine is the premier magazine of my city. As a magazine journalism bachelor’s degree recipient from the Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication of the University of Georgia, it is a no brainer.
  2. As the A is my hometown, it was a privilege to edit a book comprised of the best and brightest of the A for 2024! (And if you aspire to be a leader here, I think you should definitely get a copy!)
  3. While I love being a new mother, it is also important for me to continue nourishing and flourishing in my communications career so it was a test of whether I would be able to balance all of my responsibilities as they are now. If I didn’t know before, I truly know now that prayer works! And my village (those who help me and my handsome hubby take care of our twins) is a Godsend…Chile…I already knew that working mothers are akin to superheroes and now I’m finding out why…

So if you are in Atlanta, please get your own copy of Atlanta 500 wherever you would normally buy your copies of Atlanta magazine. I got my copy from the newsstand at Sprouts grocery store. Or if you want to save time and not search around at various stores, just get your copy HERE for $5.95 plus shipping. Also, the link for the 2024 issue of the Atlanta 500 will be live in the near future, but in the meantime, please check out Atlanta magazine and previous issues of Atlanta 500 HERE.

So with that, I say, “Peace Up! A-Town Down Shawty.”

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3 thoughts on “I’m the Guest Editor for ‘Atlanta’ magazine’s 2024 issue of ‘Atlanta 500’!!! On Newsstands NOW!!!

  1. 👋🏾 Hey Jackie!

    I don’t know how I missed this. Congratulations! Big ups to you!! You deserve this and He’s just a hint of things to come!

    From a person that’s been there since day 12