‘Memoirs of a Barren Woman’ Author C. Celeste Marshall Shares Infertility Victory Story on The 700 Club!

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As I’ve heard for years now, there is no testimony without a test! On Mother’s Day 2016, I shared C. Celeste Marshall’s victory over infertility in “Becoming a Mother Over 40 & Beyond…Janet Jackson isn’t the Only One…A Mothers Day Testimony…” Her testimony was beautifully captured in her book  “Memoirs of a Barren Women.”  Although my blog was the first media outlet (yes, I consider my humble blog to be a media outlet 🙂 ) to feature her miraculous story, I knew I would not be the last because her miraculous story is akin to one you would read in the Bible!  My college friend was told she couldn’t have children but God told her otherwise! Ten years later, God’s promise was fulfilled with the birth of her son Terry Simeon Marshall in August 2013. Celeste told her husband she was pregnant in Christmas 2012. It is only fitting that Celeste would share her story with The 700 Club during the Christmas season! Her story is a perfect one to share on Christmas Eve just before we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus! SEE her story below!

To find out more about C. Celeste Marshall or contact her, go her website memoirsofabarrenwoman.com or her Facebook page. Click on this link to buy her book.

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