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6 thoughts on “This is a test post.

  1. Hey Jacqueline. I truly enjoyed your blog and totally agree with you. One of the things that took me so long to come to Christ was that I had encountered one too many wierd or mean-spirited Christians who talked down to me when I had honest questions and doubts about the faith experience. I desperately needed to approach Christ intellectually first before I could enjoy a faith experience with Him. The Case for Christ by Lee Stroble helped me do that.

    It is now my great pleasure to entertain the doubts and questions of others as well as my own, hopefully with KINDNESS toward self and others. Any Christian, willing to be honest, has had them and to pretend we don’t repels others from coming to Christ and embracing Him as savior I believe. Ghandi, whom I understand enjoyed his readings of the Bible, was once quoted as saying words to the effect of, “I don’t have any problems with Jesus Christ; it’s the Christians I have problems with.” Unfortunately, there are a lot of well-meaning “church folks” who give Jesus Christ a bad name.

    Another great book to read, along some of the sentiments you expressed is No More Nice Christian Guy by Paul Coughlin. Love what you’re doing! Keep it up.

    Pam Thompson

  2. Jacqueline,
    This posting is great , you can expect me to drop by on a regular basis. I just love how you are saying so many of the things that most of us thing but are too ashammed to speak on. Go girl!

  3. Jackie,
    This reminds me of a singles function I went to earlier this year. I remember a young lady was asked by the host of the function, what famous person would she date if she had the chance. The lady said, and I think she didn’t know what to say but she declared “Jesus Christ”
    The single’s host looked confused and then she asked her, OK but who would you date in the natural.

  4. Hello Jackie, I read your story bout Ron Sailor, Jr., what a loss. I think with any father, if he loves you, he will punish you for your wrong doings. The same applies with Jesus, since we are His children, He will punish us for our wrong doings.
    Once you start living for Christ and get more in tune to His will and ways, some things you will no longer want to do or engage in for that matter.