Random Ramblings aka I didn’t have a topic but bear with me…

Hello World!!!

As I stated in my title, I don’t have a specific topic, but that’s okay…I think you will be entertained by the random collective of thoughts that have entered my mind lately…at the very least, you will feel sorry for me and perhaps leave a comment to make my day 🙂

1. Just to get it out of the way…What grade would you give President Obama on his first 100 days? Uh duh, if you compare him to our former president, that would be a high “A!” However, financial guru Clark Howard, who truly seems like a nice man, has criticized the Obama administration for its continuing involvement in bailing out GM. Yesterday, he asked his listeners what they want to happen with GM since we are now part owners of the company through our tax dollars…

2. Do y’all think the Craigslist killer’s fiancee had any idea that her man sought the erotic services of women on Craigslist not to mention what he did to them once they hooked up…To be fair, the medical student who had planned to get married in August hasn’t been convicted of the crime, but all of this has got me thinking…When you’re in a relationship with someone, can you really be completely fooled by that person…I mean you may not know that you’re man has a gambling problem for instance, but you wonder why he disappears so much…I briefly dated this old, married man in college…Of course, I was unaware that he was married and once I discovered that, it was over…But even before I discovered that, I could tell he was lying about his age…If you and your girl both sport Jheri curls in your high school prom picture, you were not born in the 7os….

3. A subscriber to this blog (yes, I actually have a few subscribers) said that she notices that black men (and she is black) don’t bother to hold the door open for her and other women while white men or men from other cultures do…she asked me to write about this phenomenon so I decided to pay attention and see if she had a point…I noticed that some men do and some men don’t, but I didn’t notice that one group was any more likely to hold the door open for me…what are your thoughts?

4. Would you think less of a Christian person if you saw him or her get tipsy at a party every now and then? Is it wrong for Christians to drink period? A little champagne never hurt anybody…

5. Should the “swine flu” be called the “Mexican flu” in deference to Jewish people and Muslims?

6. Is it possible to really fall in love more than once in your lifetime?

7. I will have an extended post about this next month, but in the meantime, what do you think of pre-marital sex for Christians? Is it really that bad? Is it just an antiquated Biblical notion clearly not meant for people who have waited well into their ’30s to get married…(Stop looking at me…)

8. Were y’all aware that Rev. Al and Warren Ballentine will be back on the radio in Atlanta as of today? However, their programs will now be broadcast on AM rather than FM…on 1380 WAOK to be exact…that’s good news! It’s soo not true that black people only want to listen to R&B all day long as a radio exec recently told me.

9. Is anyone else a fan of Lil Wayne? I know he seems crazy, but in some sort of impish way, he is cool to death…

10. Does size really matter? If your man presented you with a little bitty engagement ring, what would you do? This was a hot topic discussion among my girls a couple of weeks ago…I don’t have to have a huge rock, but semi-huge would suffice…I would rather have a nice house than a huge rock…But TRUST and BELIEVE, that does not mean I would be happy with a simple gold band…Would it be okay to go behind his back and exchange the stone if it was too small…Steve Harvey was talking about this topic as well…Have y’all read his book? What do you think?

Any thoughts?

P.S. Doesn’t Lil Wayne look like somebody’s baby boy desperately trying to be hard in this pic? Goodness, maybe I’m maternal after all…And I also included a video for his song with Babyface, “Get Too Comfortable.” Face can make anything sound good…



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11 thoughts on “Random Ramblings aka I didn’t have a topic but bear with me…

  1. Hey Jackie!

    I believe the most insightful observations come from stream of conscience writing. LOL@Jheri Curl and not born in the 70s…I think President Obama’s presidency is still a work in progress. So far, I give him a B+.

    I think the Craiglist fiancee probably truly was none the wiser. Sometimes when you love someone, you are often blinded by that love and ignore the red flags and warning signs. I know of many women who are oblivious to their husband’s double life.

    I do think Lil Wayne is cool, but I think he’s going way too mainstream-especially since I saw him on The View the other day…LOL…I think that really was a whole new level! 😀

    I hate to say this, Jackie, but I do notice that men of other races open the door for me more than black men. I think black men open the door for a woman based on how cute and fine she is…GASP!…Just my observation…

    As for Christians partaking in a little vino and pre-marital hanky panky, I really don’t have a problem with it. I think that each person has his or her own personal relationship with God and will be judged accordingly. I know my church is very strict about these things, but I believe the bible was written at a time when purity was highly valued in the society-mainly to ensure that any children born belonged to the husband. The apostle Paul said it was better to abstain, but he said that was his point of view not Jesus’. I think periods of abstinence bring us closer to our spiritual selves, but I am not going to condemn someone for having an urge that’s natural and human.

    Okay, I’m rambling but you get the point…lol…Thanks for being so insightful and making us think!

  2. @Trella,

    Hey girl! I haven’t heard from you in a while…girl, what are these women’s husbands doing…do tell…do tell..Yeah, Weezy is pretty mainstream now, but I still like him…How cute and fine you are may be a factor in any man opening a door for a woman, most likely, but it definitely shouldn’t be that way…and I agree that periods of abstinence do bring us closer to our spiritual selves….

  3. 1. I would give Obama an A. I don’t agree with all he’s doing, but at least he is trying, and NOBODY has a better solution.

    2. Don’t care. Some people are crazy.

    3. I’m not a lady, but I hold the door for everybody. Including a male that may be entering a couple of feet behind me. Can’t believe that has come down to race and looks too. Incredible.

    4. We’re all human. A drink from time to time will not send one to hell.

    5. More boogy-man talk. Open your eyes people.

    6. Yes. I don’t think men will truly love as many times as a woman would. We love deeper, thus not willing to go thru it multiple times.

    7. Only people that get shotgun weddings can live without pre-marital sex. I would love to hear of a couple that got to know each other for 2 years or so, and neither of them had sexual relations with each other or anyone else. A woman, maybe. But a man, excuse me but I can’t type and laugh this hard.

    Oh, virgins may be able to do this also.

    8. AM Radio is better than nothing, but it’s still messed up. I don’t listen to AM, and don’t plan to start. If they get back to AM I’ll listen from time to time like I used to.

    9. Not to knock your opinion Jackie, but wow! Hey, you’re a woman and you all seems to like that thug (or thug wanna be) every now and then. Having been down that road in my early years, it is not a bad position to be in when it comes to females.

    10. Heard this on Michael Baisden a couple/few weeks ago, and the ring won the vote of the females calling in. Which is crazy. Ladies, a real man looking for a real woman is not looking for his lady to be so superficial that a ring outweighs the relationship. So what he gave you a plain gold band when he proposed. If you feel for him the way he feels for you, eventually you both will build an empire and you can have whatever ring you want. C’mon my sistas.

  4. @DR, that’s cool that you hold the door open for everyone…I do that too actually…I mean I appreciate when a guy holds the door open for me but depending on the situation, I hold the door open for other women and men…I’m glad that you think people can really fall in love more than once. I am, however, aware that men don’t fall in love as much as we women do…And yes, I don’t want to marry a thug or someone who is thuggish for that matter…but a “bad boy” will always be alluring even if you don’t want to have children with one, ha,ha…And I agree with you on no #11 too, but surely the gold band can at least have a diamond chiplet in it…

  5. I don’t have time to address all of these, but:

    1) That horrible little man in the picture needs prayer!
    2) If you watch The Game on the CW, Friday night’s is going to be about Derwin and Melanie getting engaged and him giving her a tiny ring…
    3) The Bible doesn’t say NOT to drink, but it DOES say to avoid drunkenness. Besides why would a Christian need to get “tipsy” anyway?
    4) There are many single Christians (male and female) who have the discipline over the bodies to abstain from sex. They have learned to trust God for the strength to put those desires under. Those who can’t are just making excuses for their carnality and need to take another dip in the blood.

  6. @Chicki,

    Lil Wayne probably needs prayer no doubt, but he’s not horrible!On interviews, he seems nice actually, misguided but nice nonetheless…And it’s easy for married people (especially people married for a looong time) to say, just take another “dip in the blood” in regard to the sexual desires for single Christians…can I get an amen from my single, saved ladies and men…

    • I wasn’t taking the issue lightly. Married people are tempted too, particularly those who have been married a long time. The grass always looks greener on the other side. 🙂 It makes me laugh that singles think they are the only ones being tempted. Just like you singles, when these temptations arise we have to decide if we’re going to please God or our flesh. The bottom line for EVERY Christian is “Who are you serving, your Father or you body?”

  7. @Chicki,

    Okay, I can get down with that…it must be hard to see the same person day innnn and day outtt, and not think, I wonder what it be like to have something different…Vin Diesel, maybe, ha,ha, you know what I’m talking about…seriously, you raised some good points – yes, we have to deny ourselves to serve Christ that’s for sure…but it ain’t and probably will never be easy…

  8. The size of the ring is NOT important. I know some women who opted for a house or payment of debt instead of a big ring. You can always upgrade. Let the man get what he can afford. Then later on when he can upgrade, you can always go bigger and much bigger. That is my 2 cents. Great post!