Wooo Hooo “Sex and the City 2” is almost here (A new trailer has been released)


Hello World (probably Hello Ladies for this post…)

Well, I am fresh from the “Why Can’t a Successful Black Woman Find a Man?” debate on Friday, but unfortunately I won’t be able to post on that today. The press was informed that since ABC News’  “Nightline” is not airing the story until Wednesday, April 21, all press has to wait until then to report on what happened…I will say this, it was a great event, and I now have a crush on Hill Harper…move over Idris Elba…

Anywho, in lieu of that post, I decided to post on the new “Sex and the City 2” movie which will debut on May 28. A new movie trailer has been released (thanks Chicki for the heads up!) and it’s longer than the first movie trailer that was released months ago…

Apparently, Carrie and Big’s marriage has gotten a little predictable…Big may be flirting with Penelope Cruz, and Carrie fights temptation as she runs into Aidan in Abu Dhabi where she and girls go for a vacay…Notable quote “Big and I are getting a little too Mr. and Mrs. Married. We have to work on the sparkle.” Also, it appears that Stanford Blatch may be getting married and Liza Minnelli performs at the wedding…But let me not tell it all…you watch the video for yourselves….

Oh, I just love “Sex and the City!” I know that I sound sickeningly girly right now, but so what…

Any thoughts?



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9 thoughts on “Wooo Hooo “Sex and the City 2” is almost here (A new trailer has been released)

  1. I LOVE Aiden … cute, funny, sexy … into his woman. What more can you ask for :-). Can’t wait!!!! Sickening girly – PLEASE – sounds FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. okay, this is so going to kill your buzz, but here’s my question: why is it okay for women to lust for men outside of marriage (or root for girls who do) when we hate that behavior in men???? does it not matter what God has to say about this??

    for me, the best and truest line in the trailer was: “you are playing with fire.”

    my two cents. go ahead and curse my name now. 🙂

  3. KaKaKaKaty…( a la “The Way We Were” 🙂 ) I know, I know…it is fun and fantasy…but I won’t curse your name 🙂

  4. Too Mr. & Mrs. Married. Being single is work being married is work. Put in the work get the fruits of your labor. It will be interesting to see what what work Carrie puts in. Hopefully it won’t be too much work into Aidan if you know what I mean……