So Why Can’t a Successful Black Woman Find a Man?

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I think ABC News’ “Nightline” is gonna ride this train until the wheels fall off…Back in December, a reporter interviewed several black women about the shortage of marriageable black men…Apparently,  Atlanta is the epicenter of this shortage and so several black women from the A were polled…If you haven’t seen the now infamous video of the interview, you can view it here. This interview ignited a firestorm of opinions all over the Blogosphere, Facebook, radio and on and on…My mom was even compelled to discuss the interview with me after seeing the video. (Her analysis. “I feel sorry for you and other young women who are dating now…” I just rolled my eyes and kept my mouth shut.) Newly-appointed relationship guru Steve Harvey was also a part of the interview and lent his commentary to the discourse….

Well, on Friday, this dilemma will again be the focus of discussion at ABC News’ Nightline “Why Can’t a Successful Black Woman Find a Man?” as a part of its “Nightline: Face Off” series. And guess what? The city is coming to the country…ABC News’ “Nightline” is hosting the debate right here in Atlanta….below are the details…


“Nightline” Face-Off : Why can’t a successful black woman find a man? Moderated by correspondent Vicki Mabrey and radio talk show host Steve Harvey


Sherri Shepherd: Co-Host of ABC’s “The View”

Jacque Reid, VH1’s “Let’s Talk About Pep”

Hill Harper, CSI-NY actor and author of “The Conversation”

Jimi Izrael, NPR correspondent and author of “The Denzel Principle”


April 9 from 7-9 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m.; the first 600 attendees will be seated.


Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center, 3181 Rainbow Dr., Decatur, Ga.

I will be in the house covering the event for After the Altar Call…If you’re not among the 600 that make it in, that’s okay…I will be bringing you all of the details and will post them here on Sunday…

So why do you think a successful black woman can’t find a man….Or is that even true? Is this part of a self-fulfilling prophecy at this point? Give me some questions that I can ask Steve Harvey, Sherri Shepherd, Hill Harper etc.

Any thoughts?



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4 thoughts on “So Why Can’t a Successful Black Woman Find a Man?

  1. Hmmmm … I’m not sure if I am buying it. I – of course – can’t speak for every single Black person in Atlanta, but my male friends tell me there is plenty of quantity and not enough quality. Until recently, the majority of them were single. A recently seperated (male) cousin also found very quickly that the quality women are far and few in between. Many – not all – of my single female associates have passed up tons of great men because they weren’t tall enough, didn’t have the “right” car, didn’t have enough “swag” … didn’t wear the latest and greatest gear. My close female friends that are attached have wonderful husbands (or boyfriends), but many of whom would have been passed over because they aren’t 6’2″ driving a benz. I don’t know … I am not buying into the hype. I think there are tons of great men AND women in Atlanta – they just don’t seem to be meeting at the right places.

  2. I do believe that it is difficult but for many reasons that people don’t quickly discuss in a forum..but a whole LOT of it I think is that many woman tend to discount brothers who, as you said, aren’t upper echelon brothers i.e. brothers who have big time jobs, big time cars, homes, etc. or brothers who may not be the finest guy…at any rate, I’m sure this forum will great for entertainment plus I want to meet Sherri Shepherd, Steve Harvey and Hill Harper!

  3. Absolutely Jackie!!! The list is long – on both perspectives – as to why there is such a delay in us getting with our mates, but I say keep hope alive! Enjoy the forum – great panelists!!!

  4. Hope always springs eternal…you just have to be prepared for when he or she shows up otherwise you will miss him or her…And thanks, I think it will be fun – annoying possibly – but certainly fun! Check back for the pics on Sunday if I can figure out how to work my camera 🙂