Divine Hem Ups aka Atlanta Snowstorm 2011

Hello World!

Not even the postlady has been to my mailbox since last week...


If you’re in the A, you know what’s up…and it’s not the temperature…And if you’re not in the A, let me fill you in…It’s Day 3 of being hemmed up in my home. That’s right, I have not left my house since Sunday around 6 p.m. because the city of Atlanta and surrounding cities are snowed in and just about all of our businesses, government buildings, etc. have not even opened for the week…It’s almost unbelievable…We ATLiens just ain’t used to dealing with cold temperatures for too long much less snow so we have shut it down baby…

Okay so follow me on this: Sometimes, I’m too deep for my own good, but all of this has got me wondering what God has been up to for the last three days…Just what is He trying to tell us…It could be nothing…I mean weather is weather, and we’ve all heard the talk about how our climate is changing, etc. But I also know that God sometimes hems us up for divine purposes…

“You hem me in behind and before and you lay your hand upon me.” Psalm 139:5

So if you’re here in Atlanta, have you considered why God has hemmed up you up for the last three days? For me, I’ve been able to work on some critical writing projects…And since you cannot immediately respond to my question, I have decided to post some of the most interesting status updates I’ve seen on Facebook about the Atlanta snowstorm and why some of my Facebook friends here in the A may be hemmed up and what the Lord is trying to tell them…Of course, no names are attached to these updates…Presenting the funny & poignant…

wonders how many Atlanta snowstorm babies will be born 9 months from now…hmm…(Maybe God is trying to tell you it’s time to add to the family.)
Being still…………….(Maybe He hasn’t been able to get your attention before.)
is making sure I turn over every few hours so I won’t get bed sores!!!…ahhh this is the life!! :))))) (Maybe you just really needed to rest…)
A good way to test the endurance of your relationships is to become snowed in for more than 48 hours! The first 8 is the honeymoon, the next 40 is the trial! (Maybe God is trying tell you that buster really ain’t for you…)
I think I see a message in this bad weather for me. I only can talk about me:) It’s saying write, write, write. Okay, I think I will write. What about the rest of you that’s working on getting that book published? Did you really think I was going to leave my friends out? (God has given you a gift. Why aren’t you using it?)
I’m really tripping off of all these parents who keep saying they are tired of being snowed in with their kids and are ready for them to go back to school. Hmmmmmm what an interesting phenomenon. Maybe they are getting a taste of what us educators get on a daily basis, 5 days a week 180 days a year. If you’re tired of them…… how do you think we feel at the end of the day, week, year?? (Maybe God is telling you that you need to train and discipline your children so that others won’t have a hard time with them when they are away from you.)
My husband is my HERO! He just walked over 4 1/2 miles to rescue me. THANKS honey. I love you. To my co-workers, my car is on the side of the road, if you can get it I’ll come in to work. 🙂 (Maybe you needed to be reminded why your hubby is The One.)
For the last 2 days, I’ve been snowed in and living the life of a REAL Housewife of ATL: Cooking 3 meals a day, and snacks, for my family, laundry, cleaning up, quality time with the family, etc. Where’s my darn TV show? (Maybe home & hearth needed to be attended to…)
Just left downtown from the Atlanta Union Mission passing out blankets to the homeless. Im thankful for a warm home, hot cook meal, and clean drawers. God bless the homeless during this artic temperature. (Maybe God is telling you to count your blessings and not always think about your own circumstances at the same time…)
Greetings from Atlanta, where we anticipate Jesus’ return momentarily. (As the world continues to get crazier a la a three-day snowstorm in the A, y’all better get right with God and do it now…)

Happy Snow Day #3! I’m.out…

Any thoughts?

“Maybe God is Trying Tell You Something” from “The Color Purple”




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9 thoughts on “Divine Hem Ups aka Atlanta Snowstorm 2011

  1. I hope you are not at work…because I am not…I’m trying to milk what I think is the last day of my unplanned winter break for all that it’s worth…:)

  2. I think God was telling Dave and me to trust Him. We are heading to “A” from PA, where I was visiting my 89 year old parents. Our original plan was to head south on Wednesday, but we left a day early and stayed just southeast of a huge storm that is now pelting the north. We spent the night in Durham, NC and have clear roads now for the rest of our trip. Hoping that by later today, “A” will be a safer place for our arrival. My grandchildren are waiting for us!

    See you on Saturday, Jackie!