Celebrate Black Marriage Day Today!!!

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We have all heard the grim statistics, debated on the the root causes, and predicted gloom and doom for years to come. But today, put all of that aside to celebrate as the Wedding Bliss Foundation has deemed today Black Marriage Day! If you are black and married, today is your day! And even if you are not married or black, I know that we can all agree about the significance of black marriages!

In her book “Yes, I Would Marry Him Again,” Soror Lori S. Jones Gibbs, vice president with a financial services company, has written a book in which 31 wives honor their husbands through essays on various topics. Pastor Shirley Caesar Williams, gospel singer extraordinaire,  wrote about her husband Bishop Harold Ivory Williams in her essay A Praying Man. Some of the other essay titles are: The Gentle Giant, Caramel Skin and Light Brown Eyes, The Encourager, The Southern Gentleman, His Love for Me is Modeled After His Love for God and I Lost My Friend and Love. Soror Jones Gibbs also wrote about her own husband in The Rock.

Below are a few quotes from her website about why Soror Jones Gibbs wrote this book.

“I decided to assemble this compilation because of the numerous African-American marriages that are working. Though books have been written about fathers and what they mean to daughters, sons and mothers, I never came across a book that served as a tribute to husbands, especially African-American husbands.”

“The truth of the matter is, I know there are women out there that feel just as I do when I say “Yes, I would marry him again.” These women would be willing to share their stories with others. Unfortunately, we do not verbalize it enough. Some would prefer to continue to portray black men in general, and black husbands in particular as abusive, lazy, absent fathers, cheating husbands, and non-caring, good-for-nothing men. However, I know that this is not true. I have been blessed to be married to my husband Kenneth Demire Gibbs Sr.—a strong example of black manhood—for 30 years.”

“The husbands profiled in this book are not celebrities. They are everyday men. Although not perfect, strive to follow God and do right by their wives and family. They come from all walks of life—from businessmen, lawyers and doctors to clergy, educators, farmers, mechanics, and custodians. As you read this book be mindful that all the salutes are original and written by wives. These wives all feel a sense of pride and blessings, love, encouragement and support from their husbands. So let the salutes begin!”

For more information on the book and buying the book, please go to Yes, I Would Marry Him Again.

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