Authors Unite: Introducing A Chapter A Month!

Hello World!

Y’all pray for me! My big project is due at the end of the month! Please pray that God will continue to give me strength, and let’s face it –  I need some of His supernatural energy added to my natural energy to push on through! Now on to today’s topic…

It’s over folks…The media as we know it is ova…The music industry as we know it is ova…The book industry as we know it is ova…Any industry involving communication is being forced to innovate lest it be left at the gate…

Bloggers now have as much influence as trained journalists…Singers can upload videos on YouTube, and record deals will come to them…Due to the increasing popularity of self-publishing, authors can sell their work directly to readers over the Internet…

As Lamar Tyler of Black and Married With Kids says, the Gatekeepers Are Gone! Tyler even has a new Internet broadcast network MyCulture.TV.  If you have a creative bone in your body and an idea in your head, it’s time to get on your grind…I kid you not…This happened to me yesterday…I just happened to be surfing the Net yesterday, and I happened upon this website of this author who has written a book with the EXACT same title and premise of a book idea that I have been thinking about since 2008…I just looked blankly at my computer screen for like 10 minutes…It was like God saying to me, “Girl, what you waiting on? You better take these ideas I give to you seriously.” I’ve been working on this project that I mentioned earlier for nearly six months, and yesterday, my energy was a little low…But after seeing that  author’s website, I’m like I betta get on my grustle! (grind plus hustle)

All that being said, one of my author friends, Tiffany L. Warren, and several other authors have come up with a new idea to take their work directly to readers in a new, innovative and fresh way for the low low…Check out the details below…

You asked for us. You got us! Your favorite authors…all…the…time. No more waiting for a year to hear from your favorite author. Now you have us inside this amazing new experience where reading meets the brave new digital world. As a reader, you will enjoy fresh, exciting chapters every month as we reveal our stories to you one chapter at a time. You will travel with us on our writing journeys and watch our novels come to life on paper…and beyond.

How A Chapter A Month Works…..

A Chapter A Month will feature new material each month from 16 top-selling authors!

The length of the authors work will vary – one author is doing short-stories based on hip-hop songs, so each month, she will have a different story. Two authors are doing the first “soap operas” on paper…serials that will not end – and there will be everything in-between.

Each month, you can purchase any chapter from any author for .99 cents. Now, we’re calling it “a chapter,” but trust, these are not short chapters that are in full-length books. These chapters are far more extensive. We promise you, you will get more than your money’s worth.

There will be “Preferred Readers” packages where you will receive “benefits for membership.” For example, if you purchase 5 authors for $4.95 per month, you will have a certain level of access to the authors. If you purchase 10 authors for $9.99 per month, you will have another level of access, plus be entered into a quarterly contest where winners will receive anything from gift cards, to e-readers…and maybe even a visit from an author. Details will follow on the website.

Authors you love…all the time: ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Parry “Ebony Satin” Brown, Tinesha Davis, Virginia DeBerry, Lolita Files, Trice Hickman, Donna Hill, Travis Hunter, Candy Jackson, RM Johnson, Dwayne S. Joseph, Bernice McFadden, Stephanie Perry Moore, Victoria Christopher Murray, Pat Tucker, Tiffany L. Warren….and joining soon…Carleen Brice, Nina Foxx, Carol Mackey, Rhonda McKnight, Marissa Monteilh, and a few more….

Check them out at A Chapter A Month which will officially start tomorrow!

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10 thoughts on “Authors Unite: Introducing A Chapter A Month!

  1. That website is too cool, Jackie! I began writing Seasons of Spirituality, a meditation and e-journal last summer and my husband came up with the brilliant idea of publishing one chapter a month, allowing me to have a product even before the book was finished! I still have three months to go, but am staying ahead of my readers and sales are good! I probably will have a few copies printed for sale or gifts but at 365 pages (in color), it won’t be a cheap project! While few will want to spend what it will cost to print, many are enjoying the journal (a pdf file) each month, using their own printers!

    So, are you going to release your book a chapter at a time? As an avid reader (as well as a writer), reading only one chapter a month would kill me! LOL. I need immediate gratification.

  2. Hi Gerri!

    At this point, I don’t plan on publishing a chapter a month, but it sounds like you’ve got a good thing going! I love it that authors are getting to be connected with their readers right now…This would not have possible not that long ago! How much are you selling your chapters for?

  3. Thanks for asking, Jackie! I wanted Seasons of Spirituality to be affordable for people. One month is $3.00. A “Season” (3 months) is $5.00 and a whole year of wonderful thoughts with which one can meditate and journal is only $12.00! People who sign up for a coaching session (comp) also get a chapter and new clients receive a whole year! I’m also offering it free with the purchase of any books from my website. You can also sign up for a free coaching session from there.

    I’m working with several authors right now on getting their books out of their minds & onto the pages!

  4. That’s very affordable! Are you using Paypal? Also, I just checked your website…where on the website do you actually buy “Seasons of Spirituality?” I see where your other books are…

  5. I haven’t got it posted to my website for sale yet. Right now, I do you paypal for email requests for ‘Seasons’. I’m a pretty good writer but technically challenged. Thank God I have a web person who helps me!

  6. Interesting and modern concept. As a business mind, I think it will be a real success. I hate to admit it but I love having the entire book right there with me to devour at my choosing. It’s clear that I must get with the times. Thanks for the inspiration. I have begun the very first chapter of my novel. I look to those like you who continue to push and give life to their stories. Best wishes and Blessings.

  7. Hey ERICA!!! Wow, so you have begun on your first novel…I did not know that you wanted to write until recently…keep at it…like anything else, it takes one day at a time:) It will be interesting to see how these news ways of getting books to readers will work…