Irreverent Christian Memoir Comes to the Silver Screen!!!

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Back in 2009, I wrote a book review about “Blue Like Jazz,” an irreverent Christian memoir and New York Times bestselling book written by Donald Miller. I must say it is one the best Christian memoirs I’ve read in a long time…What I like about Miller is that he is Christian enough to be a saint and worldly enough to be interesting…lol…And we have all met Christians who are too holy to be any earthly good…And we have also met some worldy Christians who may as well not be Christians for their lack of discpline when it comes to Christian disciplines….Well, now Miller has taken his memoir to the big screen! The movie debuted on Friday, and the trailer is below…

 This is what Lou Carlozo, contributing writer,, had to say about the film:

“…’Blue Like Jazz’ is almost sure to offend some Christians who’ve come to equate ‘faith” with ‘family friendly.’ It’s not exactly a spoiler alert to say that one scene shows a church steeple draped in an enormous condom. And it turns out that’s just one of many shocking moments in the film, which some evangelical film heavies have criticized because of its edgy content.

“Critics and fans alike should leave their expectations and stereotypes at the door. Taylor and Miller, with co-screenwriter Ben Pearson, have crafted the most honest, satisfying depiction of young man’s faith trials ever produced by filmmakers with evangelical ties. The fictional Miller (Marshall Allman) leaves his Texas Bible Belt upbringing for Portland’s Reed College, the center of ultra-liberal thought and outlandish student behavior. Straight-laced and proper, Miller dumps his teenage faith after his mother has an affair with the youth pastor at his home church – an event that has tragic consequences.”

“…’Blue Like Jazz’ shines, from its use of John Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’ to its humble, anything-but-predictable closing.

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