Hello World,

All one has to do is to turn on the television news at any given moment to see how we human beings hurt one another…Whether one has lied to another, stolen from another, killed their fellow man…It’s astounding the ways we find and the depths we go to hurt each other…And although I’ve been living in this world for 39 years, I am still saddened by it all…

Since I am a Christian and am committed to demonstrating God’s love to my fellows around me, I honestly do try to treat people as I would like to be treated…I sometimes fall short…Sometimes I often fall short, but in my mind, heart and soul, I try to love my neighbor as myself…And so this is why I am so disappointed this morning…I am owed some money that I gave to someone in good faith and instead of being refunded the money after I requested the money back, I’ve been lied to and dodged…I’ve owed money before…I still owe money…Ask the U.S. Department of Education! But I have tried to be honest in my dealings with creditors over the years…And as I’ve gotten more financially responsible in recent years, I’ve become even better with this…

So this morning, I am disappointed…but it’s all good…the Lord is my provider, and I trust that He will bring a resolution to this issue one way or another…But I want my $600 back! (Insert temper tantrum here LOL)…I know there are worse things to be upset about and worse things that can happen…but this is my blog and I will whine if I want to 🙂

My fiance’ thinks I need to be more tough, and he is right, I guess…How have you experienced disappointment in your life, and how have you handled it?

Any thoughts?







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