Beyonce’ Bit the Bible…

Hello World,

Right now I’m working on the revision of my first novel which I’m attempting to complete by October so pray for me please…But I did want to post a quick entry on the blog today…

Recently, megastar Beyonce’ was named number 1 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 List because “Queen B played 95 shows, bringing in an average $2.4 million per stop, according to Pollstar. She also dropped her most innovative album. Titled simply Beyoncé, the album hit iTunes with barely any publicity and was billed as a “visual album” because there was already a music video for each of the 14 songs.  The single “Drunk in Love” has gone platinum, selling more than 1 million copies.”

But King S, as in King Solomon in the Bible, proclaimed that “there is nothing new under the sun.” And he has the words to back it up…Check out Proverbs 5:15-20 ERV.

bible versesIn verse 19, Solomon uses the term “drunk on her love.” Hmmm…Maybe Bey browsed through the Bible for inspiration for her song “Drunk in Love” which is about the intoxicating love between her and husband…But I ain’t mad…The definition of inspiration is “a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation” according to the Merriam Webster dictionary. Nothing is more inspired than the Bible…

And I’m hoping AND praying that I continue to be inspired as write this novel…I see you Bey 🙂

Any thoughts?

P.S. Thanks for a FB friend for inspiring this post 🙂



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12 thoughts on “Beyonce’ Bit the Bible…

    • She needs not only to skim through the Bible for inspiration, she needs to live the life and turn away from satan’s influence. I remember when she first started out with her group they would carry a Bible with them. I remember during a TV interview where Destiny’s Child said that the Bible was their inspiration and that they prayed each day and studied the word. Ha! How long did that last?

      Why do people become more wicked and lose their sight on the LORD once they “think” they’ve arrived? According to the word of God, we are known by our fruit. Beyoncé isn’t producing Godly fruit in her music. Just like all the other carnal-minded “stars” she uses God’s Word for selfish gain, not for redemption, which she needs.

      • Wow, I don’t ever remember them carrying a Bible with them…I do like the new gospel song with Destiny’s Child “Say Yes.” Have you heard it?

    • Well, that may be true, but the concept of being drunk in love with your wife/husband is Biblical actually was a surprise to me too…

  1. I don’t think that the bible needs to be featured in an obvious ploy to get more readership. Any semblance is a coincidence and Beyoncé’s name should not be associated because you are speaking of two different genre. We all know that there is a prayer session prior to each of Beyoncé shows. Any other association is a ploy to get readership or the introduction to a website by merely name dropping that is unnecessary. The Bible is the most read book in the world and Beyoncé is not in competition with its contents.

    • Whoa there…This is no ploy to get readership…I was genuinely surprised to find the term “drunk on her love” in the Bible and since the Bible is “the most read book in the world,” it’s not incomprehensible that Beyonce’ has been inspired by it…She does claim to be a Christian after all…

  2. Yes, I remember her dad being with them as Beyoncé and the other two were talking about how the Bible helped them gain success.

    Since the Bible is mentioned, it also says in Matthew 7:16 that we are known by our fruits. We can say we are a ‘Christian’ but a ‘Christian’ is what a ‘Christian’ does. Not to judge but to simply pass along what the Lord has already said in His Word. Many may read the scriptures and DO NOT apply them to their lives. The Bible isn’t a book! It’s our life!

    It’s time for true Christians to make a stand and expose the deeds of darkness instead of compromising with Satan. So many people, including some who claim to be Christians, are uplifting Beyoncé because she’s rich and beautiful. She’s a celebrity and her work has become utter darkness. I can’t be sorry for saying this because it’s the truth and it’s sad how money is again, the root of all evil. A true Christian will not use profane language and sensuality as a means to entertain others. NO! James 3:15 tells us what God thinks of sensual people and there are many, many scriptures to back this. God is not about carnal-minded people. He’s about HOLINESS.

    And let’s not forget that the devil can give us “things” of this world. He even tried tempting JESUS (Matthew 4:1-11), who’s the creator of everything.

    It’s no surprise that people are always using God’s Word for selfish-gain. God has spoke of this in his word.

    Please forgive me for taking up so much space, but it’s time to call sin, sin and truth, truth. What Beyoncé does is between her and God, but the God I serve is HOLY and says that without HOLINESS we will not see Him (Hebrews 12:14).

    • Thank you for your thoughts Myra, but what do you think about the concept of a wife and husband being “drunk in love” with one another…Beyonce’ aside…

      • But why speak of Beyonce in the post if not willing to take loving constructive criticism? As Christians we must be open to the Lord’s construction. He is a mighty God who has laws. Anyone outside or against those laws are not of the lord. And in order to be must repent, turn away and change completely. You cannot serve two masters, you love one and hate the other. AS THE LORD SAYS SO HIMSELF! ♥

  3. This isn’t a concept; an idea, this is the truth from the Word of God. I believe just what the Lord says. We should attain the same attraction for our spouse as it was at the beginning of the relationship. We are to continue with the strong emotions and be (NKJ)’enraptured,’ (KJ)’ravished,’ (NLV) have ‘great joy’ and (ERV) ‘drunk’ in love so much with our spouse that we are NOT overcome with temptation for another person. However, the Bible doesn’t intend for us to lose our senses but to be satisfied with our own. It simply means to be satisfied with what God has blessed you with.

    Amongst the definitions of drunk, I took this definition from Webster’s: A strong feeling or emotion.

    I Believe GOD.

  4. I highly disagree with this, it’s no secret when it comes to J-Zay and the evil within his music as he calls himself Jehovah claiming to be a god. Well I agree with one thing a anti-god of this world and all that he loves is ungodly. Be not deceived when it comes to husband and wife coming together making the one body. If this was the truth then their works they put out is not being used to assist God’s children. It is because of God that we have what we have and we are to use these blessings to help one another and that’s all who is in need and that comes with the spiritual thinking and visual needs of the world not all who are hurting is on need of help. Many sufffer due to their ungodly choices. If I was able to save a child fr starving by singing even a county I would be singing night and day for that glory will go to God because it is only possible because of him. Same goes with buying a TV or a cell phone costing $100-600 when a family who is starving is in need. We need to come up out of the world for all that is here is not a eternal gain by fair but a life saved behind luxuries lost is worth everything. So speak and think as you wish when a husband and a wife is out to express God’s love then it has nothing to do with singing a song half naked praising themselves. Don’t let the devil have you shining light to a evil deceptive song you will later find yourself going against God the devil has been doing this before your time and that’s what you call nothing new under the sun sister may God expose the devil within us all before we speak it can mislead a soul to praising and supporting an evil causing souls to become lost. Careful not to cause one of the new Borns or one seeking the truth to stumble off the road of righteousness!

  5. But the Lord also warns us the devil knows scripture and will use it against us in malicious ways. Everything else she has done proves exactly that. C’mon coachella. The darkened sun in the back. Her half time shows way back when…. what about all the videos of her and her husband blaintly mocking God and His word. For example form.the satanic bible, her husband puts this quote onto his clothing brand “do what they wilt” which Satan tells us to do what we want what makes us happy and feel good not what God wants…. C’mon girl, you need to PRAY AND FAST FOR CONFIRMATION BEFORE SPEAKING OUT.