New York Times Best-Selling Author Kimberla Lawson Roby Is Heading to Atlanta Tomorrow (INTERVIEW)!!!


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Rev. Curtis Black is back in The Ultimate Betrayal (A Reverend Curtis Black Novel)!

It’s been four years since 28-year-old Alicia Black, daughter of Reverend Curtis Black, divorced her second husband, the most womanizing and corrupt man she has ever known. Since then, Alicia has been dating her first husband, Phillip Sullivan, a wonderfully kind and true man of God whom she’d hurt terribly by cheating on him. Alicia has worked hard to prove herself worthy of his trust once more, and when he asks her to marry him again, she couldn’t be happier.

But Levi Cunningham, the drug dealer Alicia had an extramarital affair with, has just been released from prison, and he has completely turned his life around for the better. Still head-over-heels in love with Alicia, he will do whatever is necessary to win her back. Remarrying Phillip is the one thing Alicia has wanted for years, but she can’t get Levi out of her mind…

You have to read the book to know the rest of the story…

Kimberla Lawson Roby will be signing The Ultimate Betrayal at Barnes & Noble, 1217 Caroline Street, Atlanta, GA 30307 on Thursday (tomorrow), June 18, 2015 at 7 p.m.  THE_ULTIMATE_BETRAYAL_-_Hi-Res

Check out my interview with Kimberla below:

1. What inspired you to write the 12th installment of the Reverend Curtis Black series, The Ultimate Betrayal?

I wanted to write this particular installment, partly because readers have been asking to hear more about Alicia’s life from her point of view and partly because I’ve been wanting to tell more of her story for a while. She is definitely her father’s daughter in more ways than one.

2. Alicia, the Reverend Curtis Black’s daughter, has the opportunity to be reconciled with her first husband Phillip Sullivan, a kind and true man of God. And yet she is still attracted to the drug dealer Levi Cunningham, the man with whom she had an extramarital affair. Why?

While Phillip is the ideal man in everyone’s eyesight (and rightfully so), Alicia is very much in love with Levi—even though she tries to deny it. She loves Phillip, too, but not in the same manner. She has a certain passion and connection with Levi that she’s never shared with any man…not even Phillip.

3. One of the other characters, Melanie, in this book, may be struggling with anorexia. Why did you create a character who could be struggling with this eating disorder, and how did you research anorexia?

I wanted to create Melanie’s character because so many times we believe anorexia can only occur with young people, specifically with teenagers. However, anorexia can take place at any age and for many different reasons. I did lots of research based on multiple real-life people who have suffered with this condition for years.

4. What can your readers expect from the Reverend Curtis Black in this installment?

A good while ago, Reverend Curtis Black turned his life around for the better. He is a true man of God, he’s faithful to his wife, and he works hard to do the right thing in general. So, when he begins to suspect that his daughter, Alicia, is up to her old tricks, he calls her on it and warns her to stop whatever it is she’s doing. He reminds her of all the tragedy that came about when he made similar mistakes.

5. Of all of the characters you have created in your 20-year career, which character in which book are you the most like and how?

In my fourth novel, It’s a Thin Line, I based the Sydney character on myself and the Delores character on my mom, who really did have a benign, yet aggressive brain tumor. Watching my mom deteriorate and ultimately losing the woman who meant everything in the world to me was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure. This is the reason some of the dialogue between Sydney and Delores is almost identical to some of what my mom and I said to each other.

6. How do you get inspired to write your novels?

I am completely inspired by my love of writing fiction as well as by my amazing readers who continually give me such kind words of encouragement and support. If it weren’t for my readers, I couldn’t and wouldn’t do what I do as a writer, year after year. I certainly thank God for each and every one of them.

7. Some may classify your novels as Christian fiction, and Christian fiction has experienced significant upheaval recently. To what do you attribute your longevity in the publishing industry (other than God), and what advice do you give to Christian fiction authors who are just starting out and who also want to be successful over the long term?

My longevity in the publishing business is indeed a result of God’s blessings and His calling on my life, and I also believe that writing about real-life social issues has made a huge difference. With every book, I try to write stories that readers can relate to or they know a family member or friend who can relate. I also write about topics that are important (and sometimes controversial), but they aren’t discussed as much as they should be.

Kimberla Lawson Roby is the author of the best-selling works A Christmas Prayer, The Prodigal Son, A House Divided, The Perfect Marriage, The Reverend’s Wife, Secret Obsession (novella), Love, Honor, and Betray, Be Careful What You Pray For, A Deep Dark Secret (novella), The Best of Everything, Sin No More, One in a Million (novella), Love and Lies, Changing Faces, The Best-Kept Secret, Too Much of a Good Thing, A Taste of Reality, It’s a Thin Line, Casting the First Stone, Here and Now and Behind Closed Doors. She lives with her husband in Illinois.  For more information, go to

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