Charity Greenleaf aka Deborah Joy Winans & Husband Terrence Williams Officially Become Parents to Baby Boy!

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Back in August, I told y’all that Deborah Joy Winans was pregnant, but since then, I hadn’t come across any updates…and so I wondered if something had gone wrong…But praise be to God, Deborah Joy Winans and her husband Terrence William did become parents to Terrence David Williams back in October although she only officially announced it via People magazine this month (a wonderful time for a birth announcement no less)! As she told ESSENCE back in August, it was difficult pregnancy due to fibroids unfortunately. Please read an excerpt of the People magazine article by Georgia Slater below…

Deborah Joy Winans is feeling grateful for her baby boy after a difficult pregnancy journey. The Greenleaf actress, 38, welcomed her first child, son Terrence David Williams, with husband Terrence Williams in October, and tells PEOPLE that she’s “on the mend” following a painful pregnancy involving fibroids, noncancerous tumors that grow in the uterus.  Winans, who stars in OWN’s new holiday film A Sisterly Christmas, gave birth to her son via an emergency cesarean section three weeks before her due date. Baby Terrence weighed 8 lbs, 2 oz. at birth. Read the rest HERE. 

Below is Deborah Joy’s Instagram post about the People magazine article….

God bless this couple on their new journey as parents!!!

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Deborah Joy Winans aka Charity Greenleaf from OWN’s ‘Greenleaf’ is Pregnant in Real Life!

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While Charity Greenleaf’s pregnancy and motherhood was a major source of drama on OWN’s Greenleaf, Deborah Joy Winans, the actress who portrayed her, had yet to experience pregnancy and motherhood. In fact, I asked her about this when I interviewed back in 2016. See the excerpt below:

And now you’re pregnant on the show, do you have any children in real life?

I do not. I’ve got two nieces and three nephews so that’s about all of the kids I have right now. I spoil them rotten and send them back home. Hopefully, in the future if the Lord blesses us to have kids of our own, that would be awesome.

To listen or read the entire interview, click HERE.

Well, Deborah Joy Winans and her husband have been blessed by the Lord in due time! Pun intended! See an excerpt of the ESSENCE article in which Deborah Joy shared about her pregnancy below:

Although a pregnancy can last up to 40 weeks, sometimes longer, actress and singer Deborah Joy Winans, best known for playing Charity on the OWN hit series Greenleaf, is prayerful that she will make it to 28. For the 37-year-old, that will be the end of a nerve-wracking process, but also a beautiful beginning.

“As long as I can get to 28, we should be okay,” Winans tells ESSENCE, 26 weeks at the time of our conversation and expecting a son. “Once we get to 28 weeks, [my doctor] knows that he’ll be good and healthy if he came that early. So, 28 is the goal.”

Winans and her husband of eight years, Terrence Williams, knew from the very beginning that their unborn son would possibly come early. Before she found out she was pregnant, as she consulted her doctor about how to begin the process to conceive last December and stopped taking birth control, she found out, by her own inquiry, that she had fibroids. Not just one fibroid, but eight, and one in particular that is the size of a watermelon, having grown for what’s estimated at eight years. Surgery, a procedure similar to a Cesarean section, was recommended to remove them all.

Read the rest HERE. 

And see her jubilant IG announcement below:

I wish Deborah Joy Winans and her husband the absolute best in their pregnancy and delivery, and I looking forward to the news that their son (I wonder what what his name will be) has arrived! And I hope he inherits the Winans’ gift of music as well!

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Father Phil Myers Sr. Celebrates ‘Graduating’ From ‘Child Support’ With Photo Shoot Posted on Facebook – A Father’s Day Post…

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Y’all, I know I’ve been like a ghost: here one minute and disappearing the next and back here again. Y’all bear with me. I’ve got lots going on right now, and I have found it hard to multitask as I normally do…But I will be back and in full force again soon…Y’all pray for me…Anywho…

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Fathers Out There! Today, we take time to celebrate you, but fathers are worthy of celebration every day…A few days ahead of today, Phil Myers Sr. nearly broke Facebook when he shared his photo shoot that he took to celebrate “graduating” from making child support payments. Whether they agree with his celebratory photo shoot or did not, lots of people had lots to say…See the controversial celebratory photo shoot below…

To date, this post has received 4.2K reactions (likes, loves, etc.), 6.9K comments and 7.7K shares! Below are just a few of the comments…

This is not even funny. If his child is going on to college he still needs to contribute. He is also taking away from his child’s success by focusing on himself. Sad. SMH.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, you, too, can *pretend* you contributed substantially to your child.

If you have to pay 1400.00+ a month, there would be cause to celebrate.

I don’t know you sir but I’m a No More Child Support recepient class of 2020 & I wanna say CONGRATULATIONS of a job well done 💯💯.

Gross. So glad I never let anybody get me pregnant.

What a way to embarrass your child(ren). Other men have wives but not y’all good for nothing baby makers.

This is HILARIOUS and he has his cap on backwards. Must be the ONLY thing he’s graduated from.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

I truly wonder what Phil Myers Jr. thinks about this post…What say you?

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