Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s Facebook Post About Her New Dress Gets Some Negative Comments…

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On the same day that Lizzo cried on an IG Live video about “fat-phobic” “racist” and “hurtful” comments directed toward her after she released her new song “Rumors” featuring Cardi B., in the gospel music world, Tasha Cobbs Leonard also received some negative comments after she posted pictures of herself in a new dress. Below are some of the negative comments:

Beautiful dress but it’s too much for an already big person.

You are beautiful young lady But that dress does you no justice. Those kind of styles make you look two sizes larger. That’s why I don’t wear those type. Just being honest with love. Blessings 🌹

Tasha, I love you and I love your music – every song. I am not trying to put you down or anything, I am just being honest in a loving way. The color of the dress suits you very well but the style is not for you. I have seen you in some gorgeous gorgeous outfits!

This dress is really ugly but she is beautiful.

Y’all stop trying to butter up her cookie… you know this dress is wrongly made for her.

Agreed. It’s not made well for her. Looks like she’s in a curtain.

When I first saw the dress I kept thinking float, ugly and wrong that dress is not cute it’s too much fabric and she need to go back to wearing clothes that snatch her body into shape not tents.

Despite the negative comments, most of the comments were overwhelmingly positive. Below is the Facebook post…

As someone who has struggled with body image issues over the years, I hesitate to comment specifically on these types of issues, but my basic thought is: If you like it, I love it. However, because your girl is thick from the waist down, I tend to wear form-fitting clothing to make me look more “snatched.” Sometimes, they are too form-fitting for my husband’s tastes, but I have to live and be confident in this body, not him so…

Regarding Lizzo though, Jill Scott is a beautiful curvy woman and has never received the feedback that Lizzo has…I wonder why…anywho, I digress…

But what say you?

Any thoughts?

Virginia Union University Student Bishop Hezekiah Walker to Launch a Gospel Music Center on the HCBU Campus…

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I love it when entertainers find meaningful ways to give back to communities which is why I’m featuring Bishop Hezekiah Walker today! See the an excerpt of the ABC News article “Hezekiah Walker looks to bring gospel music center to HBCU” below:

LOS ANGELES — Hezekiah Walker became a student at Virginia Union University two years ago, but the Grammy-winning gospel singer took his collegiate experience to the next level by opening a gospel music center on the campus.

He will lead the Hezekiah Walker Center of Gospel Music at Virginia Union University, in Richmond, Virginia. It’s being dubbed as the first academic center focused on gospel music at an historically Black college or university where students can learn the cultural and business aspects of the genre and industry.

Walker said the center — which opens in Spring 2022 — would provide a tremendous outlet to “house our music.”

Read the rest HERE.

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Blending Gospel, R&B & Rap, E21 United is Back With New Video From First Album ‘Lord You’ve Been So Good’

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Atlanta-based E21 United is marking the release of a new video for the group’s song “Just Clap Your Hands” from their first album “Lord You’ve Been So Good.”

Lead vocalist Yolanda Everett says, “There’s enough going on in the world today to bring people down, so we want to encourage them that everything is going to be okay and there is hope. One of my favorites on the album is ‘Just Clap Your Hands.’ It was our very first song on a CD that we produced in 2010, so there are some people who are already familiar with it. We gave it a little face-lift and added more of a live sound to it. It’s one of those songs that has a real nice groove. I think it also has an inspiring message that even in the midst of troubled times, everything’s going to be all right.”

As part of that focus to uplift listeners, E21 United included a group of dancers stepping to the beats in the high-energy video. Check out the video below!

The list of songs on E21 United’s album include the song for which the album is titled, “Lord You’ve Been So Good,” along with:

“Just Clap Your Hands”

“Keep On Moving”

“Savior’s Call”

“How I Feel”


“That Great Day”

Blending gospel, R&B and rap, gospel group E21 United aims to “reach listeners where they are and lift them to a higher plateau,” according to Yolanda Everett, through songs that “teach listeners about God’s eternal love for us and the love we should express to others.” Some of the group’s songs, such as “Lord You’ve Been So Good,” and “Good News,” are receiving airplay in the metropolitan Atlanta area and other markets in the Southeast.

E21 United, with roots in Atlanta, includes Yolanda and her brother Charles Everett, also a vocalist, who produces, mixes and raps. Christian rap artist Lonnie Edwards recently stepped down from the group to focus on academic and athletic schedules for his three children.

The group’s name comes from the scripture: Ephesians 2:1.

Outside of the new album, Charles and Lonnie collaborated on a song entitled “Forever Free.” The song, which has than 50,000 views, addresses personal losses, including for those who’ve lost loved ones to COVID-19.

See that video below.

For more information, go to E21united.org