Former Bishop Eddie Long Protégé Pastor Andre Landers to Start New Church After Higher Living Christian Church Foreclosure…

Where Will You Be on New Year's Eve?



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We’re on the last page of the book of 2016, and who knows how our stories will unfold in the New Year. For Pastor Andre Landers, his days of preaching at Higher Living Christian Church are over as of 2016 as the megachurch building in Hampton, Georgia will be sold by the Evangelical Christian Credit Union at a public auction on Jan. 3, 2017 to recoup a debt of more than $21 million, according The Christian Post. But Landers is looking forward to the New Year according to his Facebook page. In a post, he said, “2017 begins an era of resilience and renewal! Our next service will be our first service as iThrive Christian Church. Join us on January 8, 2017 at Charles Drew High School in Riverdale. Our service times are 8 and 10 am.”

If that was all there is the story, that wouldn’t be a big deal… Unfortunately, a church shutting down or facing a foreclosure even is not a rarity. And I’m sure a church opening isn’t either. But from what I’ve read there is a backstory that makes this particular church opening worthy of a blog post as 2016 closes. Before I get into the backstory, I must say I’ve never met Pastor Landers (although I did see him in a DSW a few years back) nor did I have the opportunity to visit Higher Living Christian Church so I’m only blogging based on what I’ve read. Well, according to the news source Because We Care – Atlanta South, which is also cited in the CP article, the church once had 10,000 members on two campuses. However, the church began to lose its membership a few years ago when Pastor Landers was rumored to be having an affair. An unnamed member of the church told 11 Alive the same story. “From that point, people started to leave. I think some differences of opinion as how things are being run internally, so the congregation started to shrink.” The story took an even more scandalous turn when the pastor allegedly suddenly divorced his then wife Kim Landers who was also reportedly struggling with breast cancer at the time. Apparently, his then wife had no idea that her husband no longer wanted to be married and said so in a Facebook post….

Further complicating the story is the fact that Pastor Landers remarried this year. “In a twist Pastor Landers then remarries and makes his new wife the first lady of HLCC, seemingly the last straw as member numbers dwindle over the years, our source continues.” And he is not shy about his new wife… Check out this Instagram post from a few months ago…

But wait, there’s more story to tell, chile…Before Higher Living Christian was named Higher Living, it was originally named New Birth South Metropolitan Church, which officially opened on February 25, 2001, with a congregation at 300 at the AMC 24 movie theater in Morrow, Georgia. As suggested by the original name of the church, Landers was once a protégé of Bishop Eddie L. Long…I wonder why the name of the church was changed…Whatever the reason was at the time, it makes sense now given what Bishop Long is still going through…I won’t rehash that story except to say read my blog post Bishop Eddie Long Releases New Book ‘The Untold Story’ While Pastor Jamal Bryant Sidesteps Paternity Claim Today… (my most popular post of 2016 by the way…)

Well, a few months ago, Bishop Long has revealed that he is struggling with his health. Although he declared himself healed, CP also reported earlier this month that Bishop Long “has taken another sick break from church to get rest as church officials fended off rumors Thursday that he is now under hospice care.” It doesn’t help that he appears shockingly gaunt in a recent service…A pic from his Twitter account is below…


Nevertheless, New Birth is having a Watch Night Service at two times this Saturday, according to the church’s Facebook page.  A service will be held at 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 a.m.

So my question to you is this: Given what we know about the stories of New Birth South/Higher Living/iThrive & the original New Birth, are either of these churches where you want to start your 2017 story? (And I must point out that the God I serve is a God of grace and mercy despite our backstories.)…It has been said that how you spend your New Year’s Eve is how you will spend the rest of your year. And while iThrive is not hosting a Watch Night Service per se, it is having its inaugural service on Jan. 8…

Any thoughts?




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7 thoughts on “Former Bishop Eddie Long Protégé Pastor Andre Landers to Start New Church After Higher Living Christian Church Foreclosure…

  1. Everybody should remember judge not least ye be judged ,they that worship him worship in spirit and in truth just to say no one is perfect but GOD the only one that will never misled you or forsake you carma carma just hold your head up and keep walking with god forgiveness is the gift you give yourself think about it before god call you home

    • Sis Baker you are correct that ‘no one’ is perfect and none of us have space to judge one another. However, God has given us the ‘gift’ of discernment. We’d better be able to discern/judge between good and evil or we will be carried about with every wind and doctrine presented to us. The Spirit of God makes clear what may be foggy to those that only see naturally and not spiritually. Make not mistake, God is not mocked…we will reap what we sow!

  2. This entire event is unfortunate and sad for the pastor and the congregation. In addition and sadder still is that it insults the name our Father in Heaven. It is an assault on tbe name of Jesus. Who speaks for the scattered sheep? Those congregants who are soul damaged and church hurt?

    Thousands of faithful followers especially the babes in Christ have been pushed overboard by these selfish spiritual imposters. Church leaders are not just reponsible for their own sins they are responsible for the spiritual health of those people entrusted to them. Yes, we all sin and fall short. Yes forgiveness is required and No… we should not judge. However it is important that leaders who are no longer capable of leading step down from the pulpit and let God heal them. They must stop hurting people with their gifts of influence and charisma.
    It’s time for the church to stop pretending everything is OK.
    The church is not ok as long as there is no accountability for pastors who have allowed their lusts to lead their decisions. I pray that God will continue to provide beacons of light for the scattered and wandering victims of church hurt.

    • Yes! to attending New Birth.
      “It’s amazing how so many people have a comment on Bishop Eddie Long and admittedly have never been a member, never met the man, but enjoy spreading negativity!” I have been a member under Bishop Long for 20 years and he has never preached one way for him and another for everyone else. In fact, he always said, don’t quote Eddie Long, read YOUR bible. And that is something perhaps this author should do. The world knows the impact Bishop Eddie Long made and his legacy lives on in those he touched. It’s amazing that after serving as senior pastor for almost 30 years the only thing naysayers can talk about is mess. The real thing that you should have taken away from the negativity, is that Bishop lead by example. When your enemies attack, you don’t run, you hold on tighter to the Lord! He showed us how to persevere and stay focused on the purpose God gave each of us. He was my spiritual father and I love him and thank God that he was a part of my life for those 20 years! Let it go. Can you name something that you have done to impact this world in God’s name? Let’s hear that. Let’s give God the Glory! I am proud to say that Bishop was my pastor!

      I remember when Pastor Andre Landers was at New Birth. I pray for him, his ex-wife and his family that God will cover them with his healing balm. No one knows what goes on between husband and wife and I don’t want to know. It is always sad when a family is broken, no one wins. One last thing, he is not Bishop’s protege’, he is God’s work in progress…Be blessed!

  3. When you build your relationship off of someone else’s hurt and pain you reap what you sow. It Is Clear That Kim Wanted Her Marrage to work but pastor Landers and his new wife did not care and even in forgiveness you still will not escape the repercussion of the aftermath of sin!

  4. i worked N.B.S. there in 2005, in the audio ministry. what i learned and the productions i was allowed to be apart of was PRICELESS. they had a production manager that was GREAT. It would of cost college tuition and about 4 years what I’ve learn from industry professionals at the church…the back to school
    rally’s in Stockbridge… good times.