Forty-Six-Year-Old Minister Gregory Clark Jr. Dies From Coronavirus…

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I have intentionally not posted about coronavirus for a little now because I didn’t want every single post to be about the pandemic. We’re living it every day so there is no need for a constant reminder on every platform. However, although this country’s battle with coronavirus began roughly in March in the winter, two seasons later, we’re still grappling with how to fight it even as businesses and other facets of our community open and close and open etc. That being said, despite whatever progresses are being made, coronavirus is still claiming lives…

And Christians and non-Christians have succumbed to this illness. Minister Gregory Clark Jr. of Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio, died from the coronavirus after suffering from it for two months. He was 46 years old. Below is an excerpt from a Christian Post article:

After finally testing negative for the virus last week, the damage he suffered to his lungs and other organs left him unable to breathe on his own so he was stuck on a ventilator until he died, his mother said.

“Everything shut down,” Annie Clark told the publication. “His lungs were damaged beyond repair, his kidney and heart were severely damaged. It was just unbelievable.”

At a solemn memorial service at his church that was broadcast on Facebook, only a few singers and ministers were present in the building donning masks and gloves. Several hundred others logged on to the service online, some leaving warm words to comfort their hurting church family.

To read the entire article, click HERE.

I don’t know about you, but everywhere I go outside of my home, unless I’m jogging in the park, I wear a mask. Also, I carry hand sanitizer and wipes with me so that I can keep my hands clean when I’m not at home and cannot wash my hands. What are you doing to keep yourself safe during this continuing COVID-19 crisis? Have you returned to church or did your church ever close? Will your church be closing again if it opened. My church was scheduled to reopen at the beginning of this month, but after cases began spiking again here in Georgia, the church reopening has been delayed…

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