Ebenezer Baptist Church Pastor Rev. Raphael Warnock To Debate Senator Kelly Loeffler Tonight at 7!


Hello World,

I really try to stay away from politics since it’s so divisive right now, but do you know that my post about Ebenezer Baptist Church Pastor Rev. Raphael Warnock’s divorce has been one of my top posts this year?! And please check out the comments! One of the things that people have debated about in the comments is whether Pastor Warnock has been divorced more than once. He has been divorced once. But I really don’t know why folks are tripping! Many people have been divorced and more than once. Our own president until January 20, 2021 is on his third marriage so…

Anywho, you can watch the congressional debate between Pastor Warnock and Senator Kelly Loeffler on CNN tonight. See above…

Any thoughts?



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