Greenleaf Season Premiere Recap, Season 3 Episode 1: Strange Currents…

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After a looong wait, OWN’s “Greenleaf” is back &  I’m back with a Greenleaf Season Premiere Recap, Season 3 Episode 10! I must say I hope I’m up to the task at hand because I was out of the country in Cuba for a few days and caught a horrible cold while there so y’all pray for me. Alrighty now…So what I do think of this episode?! I think this episode was laying the groundwork for some major bombs to explode during Season 3 of OWN’s Greenleaf…

So since this episode was titled “Strange Currents,” I went ahead and refreshed myself on the official definition of the word “current.” The word means a few things, but this definition stood out: a flow of electricity which results from the ordered directional movement of electrically charged particles. And we all know that electrical currents lead to bomb explosions so I will breaking up this recap according to these themes…

You Dropped A Bomb on Me…

Lonely but yet resolute Lady Mae is the first person we see on this episode. She sits in the formal dining room, seemingly staring aimlessly into space, but those of us who remember the Greenleaf Finale, Season 2 Episode 16 know what’s up! Lady Mae has discovered that Bishop slept with her sister Mavis not once but several times and dropped a bomb on him by kicking him out of their home as a result. But Bishop quickly rebounds in a way and books a room at the Biltmore Hotel. And that is where the next scene begins with Bishop waking up to the sound of the voice of none other than Rochelle Cross! Bishop says, “I needed that.” Que? (Sorry. Cuba. Remember?) Say what, I meant?! She replies, “You had a stressful day and it’s not even noon.” So what kind of stress reliever did Miss Cross provide?! She follows up with “I wish I could have done more to comfort you,” and Bishop shuts her down with, “I’m still married.” Whew! I was worried for a second!

But y’all know like a spider that has caught its prey in its web, Rochelle aine tryin’ to hear no from Bishop at this point. She’s got him in a hotel room by themselves! She tells him that his wife threw him out of his home…in other words, he would be justified in “relieving stress.” But Bishop, thankfully, still has his wits about himself for now at least. “I’m married to God’s vision of the man I’m meant to be.” He was a little more poetic than he needed to be with his rebuke, but she backs away for the moment.

Also, the moment is disturbed when he gets word that his granddaughter Zora has run off and cannot be found!

Charity Greenleaf hears the news about Zora and heads back to the Greenleaf estate from Nashville where she was on tour with her new bae Jabari. “I’m gone for a day and all of this happens,” she says. “Where’s Daddy?” she says next.

In the next scene, Lady Mae once again finds a reason to lock horns with her eldest daughter. Rather than blame Bishop for his indiscretions, she lays the blame at her daughter’s feet. “When you came home for Faith’s funeral, you promised me that you hadn’t come how to sow discord and now look at us.” “Now, what did I do,” questions Grace. ” Lady Mae tells her she is like a “bull that ran around in a china shop, acting like it’s God’s work.” Lady Mae needs to look no further than in the mirror if she wants to blame somebody for her troubles. The reason she doesn’t like Grace is that her daughter refuses to live a lie…

Lotus Flower Bomb…

The young flower that she is, Zora Greenleaf aka Christian Breezy’s chick has been found! (They ran off together after the cotillion. Remember?) Praise God! But Jacob is laying down the law aka dropping a bomb like never before. When the family arrives at their home, he says he wants her “wallet, ATM card (wow, only grownups had these when I was in high school), phone. From now on, we’re clocking your every step!” When Kerissa, usually the more harsh parent, tries to get him to lighten up, he retorts with, “We found this girl 10 miles shy of the state line in a roach motel. You want to act like a little criminal, we’ll treat you like one.” You know what? I was never into the whole Romeo & Juliet thing where I would be willing to die if my family didn’t allow me to love a certain boy or even stay in a roach motel for one. Naw, I’m going to need heating and air, access to clean sheets, clean water, etc. There is no crazy in love for me. Now, comfortable in love, that I can do. LOL. What about you?

Like the bomb waiting to explode that she is, Rochelle shows up at Calvary and tries to stride past Bishop’s assistant and straight into his office. Bishop’s assistant Karine stops her, but only for a second. As soon as he discovers that Rochelle is on the other side of his door, her access is granted just like that. Rochelle says, “Well, look at me. Just like Moses, parting seas to left and the right.”

I guess after she parts the sea, she will be parting other thangs if she has anything to say about it…

So by this time of the episode, I’m noticing that everyone seems to be wearing shades of gray or black. I’m not sure what that means except to say that this is a dark and gray period for the Greenleaf family.

Anywho, back to Bishop and Rochelle. Thankfully, Bishop has enough sense to draw some boundaries with Rochelle. He tells her that while she is free to worship at Calvary, but they don’t need to spend any more “personal time” together! Hallelujah! In the mean time, Grace comes up to Karine, requesting that she be allowed in to see her father. Wondering if Bishop and Rochelle are doing the horizontal hokey pokey or something similar, Karine instructs Grace to go right in. Grace doesn’t catch them doing anything but her spidey senses are telling her that something is amiss…

Bishop calls his wife a “mad woman” as he describes what has transpired to his daughter…

Electric Avenue…

Britney Weaver, Triumph Church’s treasurer is not here for Jacob for taking over Triumph! “This spending has got to end.” She backs it up telling him that he is going through cash faster than “green grass through a goose.” So I’ve never heard that before, but it’s kinda funny. Living up to her name, Tasha Skanks tries to start some stuff as she overheard the conversation between Jacob and Britney. “I’ve never heard her speak to Basie like that. I would fire her.” In other words, she is trying to get Jacob to tell Britney to hit the road! She’s got too much mouth for a woman whose man left her without leaving a forwarding address.

Meanwhile, Jacob’s baby sister Charity is having to face off with opposition as well. Kevin has returned to the Greenleaf estate in an attempt to reestablish himself as Nate’s father. She should tell him to hit the road, but instead says, “Fatherhood is not a club where you can drop in when you feel like it.” She also reminds him of when he did hit the road in the past. “How do I know you’re not going to write and note and disappear?”

Bishop and Lady Mae finally come face to face again on the grounds of Calvary. She says to him, “You cheated your way out of every good thing that God has ever given to you.” In other words, Lady Mae sees herself as something that God gave to Bishop. But Bishop isn’t feeling too good about the gift that God has given him, particularly since it came with that pedophile of a brother Mac. Apparently, he handled Calvary’s taxes by paying someone off with a bribe. The only problem is that someone has now been caught. They owe $2 million to the IRS and it has to be handed over to the IRS in 90 days or else! Bishop suggests various suggestions including hitting up newly rich member member Clara Jackson for her Powerball money. He also notes that if he were allowed to move back in, they would present a united front to the church as they go through this trial. But Lady Mae tells him they are not yet on the road to recovery as a couple. “There is a thin line between keeping up appearances and flat out hypocrisy.” Just for a moment, when Lady Mae aka Lynn Whitfield says “thin line,” I thought about her 1996 movie “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.” Am I the only one? But back to this character. Lady Mae ends her speech with telling her now estranged husband that he needs to “shuck and jive in the street with the trash you seem to love.”

Electric Lady…

Grace, Jacob & Charity meet at Jacob’s home to discuss what is breaking up the Greenleaf’s home. Grace reveals what she knows about their father and Aunt Mavis. Like Lady Mae, Charity, who doesn’t want to be from a broken home even as an adult, blames Grace for the pending breakup. “If you hadn’t come home, none of this would have ever happened.” Wow, they really think that Grace has that much power!

Grace turns to her man Darius for support and asks him to come to church on Sunday. He declines telling her that he will not show up to be a part of the “soap opera with the cross in the background.” Soap opera or not, as a church-going woman, I’m not trying to be with someone who refuses to show up in church, particularly during critical times.

On Sunday morning, Grace notices that Lady Mae is not dressed for church when the service starts in 30 minutes. Lady Me tells her that she, like Darius, will not show up for the show I mean church. Later on, during the church service, Deaconess Sykes inquires about Lady Mae’s whereabouts and Grace allows her to think that Lady Mae is not feeling well. But Grace is caught in a lie of omission when Bishop says from the pulpit that Lady Mae is attending to family matters in Little Rock. He later goes on to speak about the unimaginable courage of Jesus of Nazareth. What is unimaginable is the fact that Bishop has the gall to lie about wife from the pulpit…

Since Charity was able to sidestep Kevin at home, he takes the matter to the church and corners her there. He tells her that if she tries to take their son on tour, he will be taking her to court for kidnapping. I think he should be able to see his son, but he should also understand this since his behavior was questionable, he needs to earn her trust over time…

Meanwhile Lady Mae putters about town from walking in a park to having a salad at a restaurant, eventually ending up at Triumph where she runs into its former First Lady Tasha. Y’all know how Tasha irritates Lady Mae! But in her melancholic state, she willingly gives her a few minutes of her time when she offers to get some refreshments for her. Lady Mae says, “Is that what they have you doing?” Remember that Tasha is a First Lady without a husband and has been allowed to stay on Triumph anyway, although the Greenleafs run the church. While getting her some cookies, Tasha tells Lady Mae about some First Lady in Winston Salem, NC who was left by her husband after 27 years of marriage. Insult was added to injury when the First Lady injured herself when she tripped and fell. The disgraced First Lady now can only see out of one eye! Well, that story was enough for Lady Mae to rethink her stance and leave at once!

But the shenanigans are still unfolding at Triumph! While everyone’s eyes are closed during prayer, Zora swipes a few bills from the offering. Also, in worrying about Zora and rightfully so, Joseph admits to Kerissa that he wasn’t only focused on his sermon that he delivered. Britney has noticed as well and tells him the offering was lacking as result. Right then and there and on a Sunday too, Jacob tells Britney, “You’re fired.”

We also see that Rochelle and Tasha are for sure multiplying their power as a scheming duo attempting to get Bishop and Jacob. We will see precisely what these electric ladies are up to in future episodes I’m sure…

At the close of this episode, Bishop returns to the Greenleaf estate only to get his things. But Lady Mae, the most electric of all of the ladies, has had a change of heart…at least somewhat. She says, “James, you can come home, but only until we figure out this mess with the IRS.” God bless their mess!

As the episode ends, the gospel song “There’s a Leak in This Old Building” comes on. The next line goes, “And my soul has to move.” We’ll see who is moving out in the episodes to come. Some may think it’s gonna be Bishop but it may be Lady Mae. We will see. We will see.

And don’t forget, tomorrow night is part 2 of the Season Premiere!

Thank you sooo much for reading my Greenleaf Season Premiere Recap, Season 3 Episode 1: Strange Currents and my other recaps so far. If you would like to keep up with OWN’s “Greenleaf,” and my recaps, please click on this link to subscribe to my blog 🙂!

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Luvvie Ajayi of Awesomely Luvvie & More Tech Experts Appear on Exhale Tonight!!!

Hello World, Luvvie Ajayi

Since I started blogging in 2008, I’ve become somewhat of a techie as I’ve tried to learn new tech tools to make this blog the best it can be! If you’re a blogger like me or are just interested in learning more about technology, tonight’s episode of “exhale” is for you!

Tonight’s episode, which airs at 9 p.m. EST on ASPiRE, features conversations with Luvvie Ajayi, social media guru, and the voice behind the entertainment and humor blog, Awesomely Luvvie (@Luvvie); Dr. Randal Pinkett, author, speaker, founder and CEO of BCT Partners and former winner of The Apprentice (@randalpinkett); Kimberly Bryant, engineer and founder of Black Girls Code (@6Gems); and Andre Meadows (AKA “Black Nerd”), actor, comedian, writer and creator of the You Tube Channel Black Nerd Comedy (@BlackNerd)!

I was able to see an advance screening of the show, and I learned some new information that I was not aware of before. During the interview with Luvvie, she reveals that her real name is not Luvvie! It is a Yoruba name, but you have to watch the episode to find out what it is plus I can’t spell it 🙂 Here a few more tidbits from her interview. There are approximately 173 million blogs out there! Yikes! Blogs get the highest traffic on Mondays. According to Nielsen, African American women are the most active group on Twitter. Also, 74 percent of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions. Very powerful information!

During Dr. Randal Pinkett’s interview, he shared that he got into technology when his parents bought him a computer instead of games as a child and challenged him to come up with his own games on the computer. He learned how to write code as a child and create computer games because of that challenge! Obviously, that is a gift from God because I would have just picked up Monopoly or Uno and called it a day…He also shared that he started his first company while he was in college. He is the author of “Black Faces in White Places: 10 Game-Changing Strategies to Achieve Success and Find Greatness.”

According to Kimberly Bryant, less than one percent of tech startups are founded by African Americans.  Also, three percent of the computing workforce are black women. Obviously, Black Girls Code, which is geared toward teaching technology skills to black girls from 7-17,  is needed! Since she started the organization in 2011, seven chapters have been created in the United States and one has been created in Johannesburg, South Africa!

Okay, so you have to watch the entire episode to learn about everything else that was shared!

Follow exhale’s hosts at:   exhale

·Angela Burt-Murray on Twitter @AngelaCocoaFab, and on her websites and cocoafab-tv.

·Erin Jackson on Twitter @EJthecomic, and on her website

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‪#‎IAmBaltimore‬ : Black, White, Blue… And Gray

freddie grayHello World,

I must admit I’ve grown weary of trying to comprehend the incomprehensible : the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott and more…So when I first heard about the death of Freddie Gray, I simply didn’t want to allow it to penetrate my consciousness….It had/has become too much…

And then Monday, April 27, in Baltimore happened…riots that resulted in a senior center, that Southern Baptist Church had raised money for eight years to build, being destroyed by fire…a CVS was looted…Then, came the emergence of the “hero mom,” President Obama’s speech referring to the rioters as “thugs,” declarations by Rev. Al Sharpton and Pastor Jamal Bryant and finally Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s Friday, May 1 announcement that six Baltimore police officers involved in Freddie Gray’s arrest would be prosecuted for his death…

But beyond all of the news stories and angry commentaries, I wanted a perspective of someone simply living in the city…someone that I knew…that opportunity came when my friend Leslie J. Sherrod, who lives in Baltimore, wanted to tell her own story using the hastag ‪#‎IAmBaltimore‬…I asked her to share her story here on my blog and she thankfully obliged…Below is her story…

My father grew up on a little street named Ruxton Avenue. It’s in West Baltimore, off of North Avenue and behind Mondawmin Mall, the area at the very epicenter where Baltimore exploded in reaction to the death of Freddie Gray. My father has been quiet this week. When I asked him his thoughts about the past few days, sorrow filled his voice as he reflected on what the whole nation witnessed on Monday. “It’s hard to watch your old neighborhood be destroyed,” he said. That’s all he said. He’s turned off the TV and has watched little coverage since then.

Someone I know shared with me a story about her brother. “He was killed by the cops several years ago,” she says, “and nothing was ever done about it.” She and her family members witnessed the entire incident, him dying before their eyes as his throat was crushed. She pulls up the Internet, shows me a short paragraph of the event that made it into the Baltimore Sun back then. The article blames him for his own death. He choked on something, it reads; no mention of authorities involved. This woman, his sister, shrugs as she speaks to me. Her eyes glaze over with tears and then she turns back to her workstation to continue with her day.

A former supervisor tells me that she is surprised by the violent anger. Though a social worker in Baltimore City for many decades, she admits to being unaware of the rage, disillusionment, and angst simmering just under the surface of so many affected by poverty, addictions, limited job opportunities, failing schools and ongoing personal and public trauma. Not of the urban community, but working in it, she just didn’t know and could not imagine the depth – and repercussions – of such desperation, despite her years of experience.

Stories, memories, questions, observations.

Though we do not yet know how the current events in Baltimore will conclude, we will all make personal assessments based on our individual interactions, conversations, and through the lenses which we see our lives and others. The tragedy of Freddie Gray blew off the lid of a Pandora ’s Box of social ills we have as a society tried to ignore. What we have learned this week is that those ills do not just fade away if not addressed. We’ve been forced to air out our thoughts and weigh our opinions on every topic from racism, parental discipline, authority figures, politics, media representation, and more. The media has especially played a large role in shaping the national discourse, repeatedly highlighting the several blocks or so where the most damage was done, yet ignoring the 99% of Baltimore’s citizens who’ve engaged in peaceful protests, assisted with clean-up efforts, prayed together, and begun the work of healing.

I will not pretend to explore the deep social, emotional, institutional, and spiritual factors that contributed to the events of my city this week. I will, however, challenge everyone to consider their own lens.

Before Christ took up his cross, he pulled together those closest to him to have dinner one last time. Everyone at the table had a role, a perspective: the doubter, the denier, the betrayer, the confused. Everyone at Christ’s table had a lens through which they viewed the history they were living, and everyone had a purpose that somehow contributed to the greater goal of redemption.

America, this is a redeeming moment in our history. Whether black or white; whether wearing blue uniforms or orange jumpsuits; whether a resident, an activist, a victim, a rioter, a journalist, or a bystander, we all bring perspective to the table and it is at the table of our communities and cities where we must collectively commune and dine. Like a family dinner gone awry, we often sit across from each other in our respective seats in society and blame and scream and break dishes and storm out.

This week I’ve heard the roars of helicopters, the blares of sirens, and the chants of protesters. However, I’ve also heard about gang members tying their colors together and meeting with church leaders; about reporters being challenged by concerned citizens off camera regarding the often negative spin of news segments; about people pooling their money together to rebuild destroyed homes and businesses; about students and drivers organizing to provide assistance to seniors who depended on a neighborhood pharmacy that was burned down.

We are at a moment right now to hear each other, to sit down and talk. Let’s go beyond Black and White and Blue. Let’s not be afraid to address the difficult Gray areas of justice and redemption.

Everyone’s story deserves to be heard.

Let’s listen and learn.

ljspicture (2)Leslie J. Sherrod is a social worker in Baltimore where she lives with her husband and three children. She is also the author of six novels, most of which are set in her hometown, all of which address social concerns with intrigue and inspiration. Visit her website, for more information about her work and her mission.

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