Nearly 6 months are down…Are you meeting your goals for 2010?

Hello World!

I cannot believe it…2010 is just about half over…The minutes have turned into hours…The hours have turned into days…The days have turned into weeks…The weeks have turned into months…And alas, here we are…June 2, 2010…

When I was younger, the days seemed to go by sooo slowly…It seemed like forever until I was 13 years old, but now, it seems like only yesterday I was 30 years old…Anywho, because I’ve realized that time is precious, I am making my best effort to not waste it anymore…

Through the direction of God, I believe that each of us have goals and dreams that must be fulfilled in our lives…I also believe that very little gets accomplished without a plan…So what are your plans for 2010? What are you dreaming about? Are you accomplishing the goals that you made at the start of 2010?

I’m thankful that with God’s help, I am achieving the goals I set for this year! I PAID OFF MY CREDIT CARD LAST MONTH!!! Yay! Praise God! And I thank my financial coach for teaching me how to pay down my debt…

Of course, I have more goals and dreams in store for 2010…Like Wendy Williams, I would like to know “how u doin?”  Are you achieving your goals and dreams for 2010?

Let me know…

Any thoughts?



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4 thoughts on “Nearly 6 months are down…Are you meeting your goals for 2010?

  1. ~ Be a better me with the reminder that “every day is a second chance to make it right.” When I don’t do so well, I make amends with myself to start anew the next day. So far so good :-).

  2. Every year I set new goals for myself and track them as the year progresses. This year, however, I’ve reassessed mid-stream, changing the direction of my business and know that it’s God-inspired, not being sure where it’s going. Somehow it all is okay, however, and I know that God will reveal more to me as the plan unfolds. The feeling of being in the desert is uncomfortable, but past experience shows that my greatest growth occurs while I’m there.

    • As far as the desert experiences are concerned…I have been there…it’s hard, but I’ve had tremendous experiences following them…I will be calling you soon…have good news to share and a few prayer requests 🙂