I’m the Guest Editor for ‘Atlanta’ magazine’s 2023 issue of ‘Atlanta 500’!!! On Newsstands NOW!!!

Hello World,

Remember when I told y’all that I had been working on “a ginormous freelance project that took all of my extra attention outside of my job, family life, and other regular responsibilities”?

I’m now ready to reveal more…Drumroll please…I am the 2023 guest editor of Atlanta magazine’s Atlanta 500!!!

What is the Atlanta 500 you ask?

“The Atlanta 500 recognizes the 500 most influential business and civic leaders in Atlanta. The list also includes dozens of leaders whom the magazine has deemed as ‘Legends.’ The Atlanta 500 recognizes the most influential Atlantans—including not only corporate CEOs, but also leading entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, artists, and those leading nonprofits and shaping public policy.”

I was proud and excited to take on this ginormous freelance project for a few reasons:

  1. Atlanta magazine is the premier magazine of my city. As a magazine journalism bachelor’s degree recipient from the Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication of the University of Georgia, it is a no brainer. (Check my Grady College mug in one of the pics 🙂 !)
  2. As the A is my hometown, it was a privilege to edit a book comprised of the best and brightest of the A for 2023! (And if you aspire to be a leader here, I think you should definitely get a copy!)
  3. While I love being a new mother, it is also important for me to continue nourishing and flourishing in my communications career so it was a test of whether I would be able to balance all of my responsibilities as they are now. If I didn’t know before, I truly know now that prayer works! And my village (those who help me and my handsome hubby take care of our twins) is a Godsend…Chile…I already knew that working mothers are akin to superheroes and now I’m finding out why…

So if you are in Atlanta, please get your own copy of Atlanta 500 wherever you would normally buy your copies of Atlanta magazine. I got my copy from the newsstand at Sprouts grocery store. The link for the 2023 issue of the Atlanta 500 will be live in the near future, but in the meantime, please check out Atlanta magazine and previous issues of Atlanta 500 HERE.

So with that, I say, “Peace Up! A-Town Down Shawty.”

Any thoughts?

‘Sherri,’ Sherri Shepherd’s New Talk Show, Has Been Renewed for TWO More Seasons!

Hello World,

My favorite Christian celebrity, Sherri Shepherd, who graciously allowed me to interview her for my first book, has a reason to celebrate in the new year! Her eponymous talk show “Sherri” has been renewed for TWO more seasons! In her excitement, Sherri told her audience members, “…Jawn [the show’s executive producer], we’ve been through a lot in this journey, in what we wanted to do and accomplish. And the fact that it is happening and the fact that, I just have to say, for those of you, I get emotional, for those of you who feel like nobody is seeing me, nobody is hearing me, but I have so much to give and you feel like it may be too late because you have so much to give, God has not forgotten you. He has not forgotten about you.”

I receive that inspirational message Sherri!

Additionally, Sherri detailed what Oprah said to her when she called to congratulate her! See for yourself below!


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And here is an excerpt for PEOPLE magazine’s story about the show renewal…

Shepherd added, “I am so appreciative that Fox and Debmar-Mercury have partnered with me to continue bringing more laughter, joy and inspiration to my audience.”

“We initially sold Sherri for one year based on our strong belief that this extraordinarily talented host would be successful and her show would become a long-term talk franchise,” Debmar-Mercury Co-Presidents Ira Bernstein and Mort Marcus said. “Our thanks go to our good friends and longtime partners at FOX, who shared in our enthusiasm and have renewed their faith in Sherri with this long-term commitment.”

Read the rest HERE. 

Congratulations to Sherri!!! I believe this is Sherri’s season to reap what she has sown. Legendary journalist Barbara Walters (RIP) truly laid the foundation for Sherri and for others to shine…

Any thoughts?

Sherri Shepherd Releases Trailer for Her Upcoming Talk Show ‘Sherri’

Hello World,

My sincere condolences to the people in Uvalde, Texas who are grieving the loss of their children and loved ones. I don’t understand why our government doesn’t seem to want to make it harder rather than easier to access guns in the wake of increasing school shootings, but that is another post entirely…This post is about Sherri Shepherd…

Sherri Shepherd is getting ready for her talk show “Sherri” that will debut this fall! Check out the new trailer for “Sherri” below. Sherri begins the trailer by saying, “It is my lifelong dream to have my own show, and it’s finally happening. I am so excited to welcome you to the official kick off. This is my time.” Congrats to Sherri again!!! We will be watching…

Any thoughts?