Sherri Shepherd Releases Trailer for Her Upcoming Talk Show ‘Sherri’

Hello World,

My sincere condolences to the people in Uvalde, Texas who are grieving the loss of their children and loved ones. I don’t understand why our government doesn’t seem to want to make it harder rather than easier to access guns in the wake of increasing school shootings, but that is another post entirely…This post is about Sherri Shepherd…

Sherri Shepherd is getting ready for her talk show “Sherri” that will debut this fall! Check out the new trailer for “Sherri” below. Sherri begins the trailer by saying, “It is my lifelong dream to have my own show, and it’s finally happening. I am so excited to welcome you to the official kick off. This is my time.” Congrats to Sherri again!!! We will be watching…

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