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My big project is due in just about two weeks so if I happen to pass through your mind in the new two weeks, pray for my inspiration and dedication…and on April 30, I will be in jubilation baby! Yeah!

Alrighty, so on to today’s post…I love talking about romantic love, dating, marriage, etc. Peruse my blog, and you will probably see more posts about these topics than any other so I am always fascinated when I read about a new spin on these topics, or a new book, or a new ministry…Today’s post falls in the last category…Atlanta resident April Mason is an evangelist and author who is encouraging women to take control of their singleness and be single no more! Hallelujah and Thank You Jesus! She is hosting her debut “Single No More” event on April 26 at the TWELVE Hotel, 400 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 30308 at 6:30 p.m. I interviewed her about the event and her ministry to single women.

1. What is the “Single No More” concept? How, when and why did you come up with this concept? 

“Single No More” was a God-given idea that was shown to me in a dream last year. It was also around the time that I decided to make room in my own life for love. Sometimes, we can get too busy and neglect that part of our lives. I asked God if the time was now, and the next thing I knew I was getting calls from radio stations across the country to talk about how to date after being broken and sexual abuse. I’m an advocate for adults that have been sexually abused so it wasn’t unusual to get the calls to come on the radio to talk about it. It was just so many all at once I knew then that was the time.

However, I realize that being molested plays a huge role in why a lot of women can’t seem to have productive relationships. With one in four girls being molested by the age of 18, I’m sure this has affected a lot of women including me tremendously. The whole purpose of “Single No More” is to empower women to take control of their singleness, release the past hurts, traumas and position themselves to be found. Even God said “it isn’t good for man to be alone.” We always hear about how Ruth was found busy by Boaz, but we don’t hear about how she strategically positioned herself on purpose to meet Boaz. A lot of women are busy, but are either in the wrong man’s field or not in the field at all. Just busy lol! It’s safe to say that I’m bridging the gap between the “he who finds a wife” and the “she who positions herself to be found.” Women get stuck on the “he who finds a wife” scripture thinking that the man has to approach them, and all they have to do is sit around and wait to be picked like a piece of cotton. That isn’t true!

2. Tell me more about the “Single No More” event on April 26.  What can people expect? Will this be a panel discussion? Is this a workshop? Will there be guests? Please explain.

No panel. You can get that at any singles workshop. All of the books that I’ve written are pretty much “how-to” books. I’m a “let-me-show-you- how” type of teacher, and the same approach is applied with “Single No More.” People want to know the “how-to” not why they aren’t meeting potential mates. I will be telling my story for the first 15 minutes then it’s straight boot camp. I’m going to be teaching: how to date, how to control your emotions, the top 10 unusual places to meet men, what it means to position yourself, dating doesn’t equal sex and much more.

3. Some people may be wondering how you can help them find a mate if you are single as well. What is your answer to these people?

Bishop T.D. Jakes has never been a woman, but God has given him the wisdom to show women how to get loose lol! Also, I haven’t always been single. I’ve been married so I know both sides.

4. Is this your first “Single No More” event? When and where is the next event?

Yes, the launch of “Single No More” will be in downtown Atlanta at the TWELVE Hotel Centennial Park. “Single No More” will be touring this summer starting in Nashville on July 15 at the World Baptist Center.

5. Since you are single, have you been able to meet some nice eligible men through your ministry? What are you looking for a mate?

Actually,  I’ve always met great guys before “Single No More,” I just wasn’t ready to settle down. Now that I’ve made a conscious decision that I want to get married again not only with my mouth, but with my mind, heart and how I operate my life,  I can say that I am meeting great guys! The funny thing is I’m a magnet for the single, never been married, no kids, successful, stable career men that want to get married. These are guys that women say don’t exist!

One would ask, so April what is your dilemma? Well honestly, I don’t want any more children. My kids are 17,15 and 13, and I’m looking for someone that feels the same. Other than the basics that we all want, I must have a supportive man. When you are a front-line person having the support of your mate is so important. I’ve been in a situation where the man I was seeing was extremely jealous of my success even though he was a very big wig in the city. I need someone that can accept me for me but can embrace my simplicities behind closed doors. I find that some men and women as well fall in love with the image of who a person is instead of who the person really is on the inside.

6. How do you host a “Single No More” event and earn cash?

A person or organization can host a “Single No More” event in their city and get 20 percent of the total ticket sales. We even fly ourselves in and take care of our own lodging. All a person really needs is a venue and 50 or more participants. They can find out more about that on our site

7. Is there anything else you would like to share?

I believe that “Single No More” will bless a lot of women from all walks of life across this country. From the response that we’re getting, it already has. Also the “Single No More: Position Yourself to Be Found” video will be released soon. Thank you for allowing me to share on your platform. God bless you.

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