I Love the A part two….YEEK

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When I saw this video on YouTube on Sunday, I knew I had to feature it here…If you lived in the A in the mid-80s to mid-90s, you’ve got to know about yeeking…If you did not, let me splain it to you..lol…it is like popping with a Southern flair…

Back in the day, crews from different high schools, dressed in matching outfits rivaling the style of the Temptations era with a hip hop twist, demonstrated their athleticism and ingenuity in choreographed dances in pep rallies, talent shows, clubs, etc. all over the city. After each phase of the routine, they would yell out, “YEEK!” And if they were really hot, just as they had worked up the crowd to near hysteria, they would pause for effect and then yell out, “YEEK!” And if they were really bad, they would double up and yell out, “YEEK” twice!

These crews, as least from what I remember, never included girls, but in their routines, some of the dancers mimicked more feminine moves (to the delight of the audience) which complimented the masculine moves in the routines. Often these feminine-masculine exchanges were the comedic parts of the routines. Most of the guys were muscular but slim. But every once in a while, a chubby guy would be in the group and would really get the crowd hype because no one would expect him to move his body like the rest of the crew…

In the fall of this year, a new documentary titled, “YEEK Atl,” will be released, and producers of the film are looking for old school and new school dancers to feature in the film. If you are interested, contact Creshindo of Platinum Bar Ent. at creshindo@yahoo.com or (770) 873-9549.

What do you remember about yeeking?

Any thoughts?





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3 thoughts on “I Love the A part two….YEEK

  1. My brother, James Makupson (fat nose), is one of the original member of the 911 dancers. They was on an episode of Showtime at the Apolo. Just this week they all got back together and they’re talking about dancing again.