7 Books That Should Be On Your 2012 Christmas List!

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Today is 12-12-12, and my father’s 70th birthday! Happy Birthday to my father the Rev. Dr. Denzil D. Holness! If you would like to know more about my dear Daddy…please see the post “Color Him Father, Color Him Love.”

If you are anything like me, you are a procrastinator and therefore a last-minute Christmas shopper desperate for ideas for great gifts for loved ones and friends…To that end, I thought I would compile a list of 7 books that I have read that would be great gifts…Read on…

1. “A New Dating Attitude: Getting Ready for the Mate God Has for You” by the Rev. Dr. Susan Johnson Cook. My quick review: This book will revolutionize your dating life from a Christian perspective. The official description: Use the Beatitudes to change your own attitudes as you wait for the mate God is preparing for you. The number of people who wish they were married is myriad. Dating clubs, newspaper columns, and books on how to find a mate are everywhere. But no one has addressed this deep desire like Johnson Cook. She approaches this aching need and difficult situation from both a spiritual and practical perspective, applying the Beatitudes to the number one preoccupation of most single, divorced, and widowed Christian women–how to find a husband. You can find A New Dating Attitude on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble.

2. “Alice Walker: A Life” by Evelyn C. White. My quick review: Did you know “The Color Purple” was inspired by Walker’s own family members? The official description: Alice Walker’s life is remarkable not only because she was the first black woman to win the Pulitzer Prize in fiction (the book that won her that award, The Color Purple, has been translated into nearly thirty languages and made into an Academy Award–nominated film), but also because these accomplishments are merely highlights of a luminous and varied career made from inauspicious beginnings in rural Georgia. Drawing on extensive interviews and exhaustive research, Evelyn C. White brings this life to light. 16 pages of illustrations. You can find Alice Walker: A Life on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble.

3. “The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration” by Isabel Wilkerson. My quick review: This book should be required reading for all of the history it provides about black people in America. The official description: In this epic, beautifully written masterwork, Pulitzer Prize–winning author Isabel Wilkerson chronicles one of the great untold stories of American history: the decades-long migration of black citizens who fled the South for northern and western cities, in search of a better life. From 1915 to 1970, this exodus of almost six million people changed the face of America. Wilkerson compares this epic migration to the migrations of other peoples in history. She interviewed more than a thousand people, and gained access to new data and official records, to write this definitive and vividly dramatic account of how these American journeys unfolded, altering our cities, our country, and ourselves. You can find The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

4. “American Tapestry: The Story of the Black, White, and Multiracial Ancestors of Michelle Obama” by Rachel L. Swarns. My quick review: If you loved “Roots” by Alex Haley, you will adore this book about our first lady’s roots. The official description: Michelle Obama’s family saga is a remarkable, quintessentially American story—a journey from slavery to the White House in five generations. Yet, until now, little has been reported on the First Lady’s roots. Prodigiously researched, American Tapestry traces the complex and fascinating tale of Michelle Obama’s ancestors, a history that the First Lady did not even know herself. Rachel L. Swarns, a correspondent for the New York Times, brings into focus the First Lady’s black, white, and multiracial forebears, and reveals for the first time the identity of Mrs. Obama’s white great-great-great-grandfather—a man who remained hidden in her lineage for more than a century. You can find American Tapestry: The Story of the Black, White, and Multiracial Ancestors of Michelle Obama on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

5. “Produced by Faith: Enjoy Real Success without Losing Your True Self” by DeVon Franklin. My quick review: This book gives you a great behind-the-scenes look at how Hollywood movies are made from a Christian Hollywood executive. The official description: STRAIGHT FROM HOLLYWOOD comes a dynamic business model for building a thriving career without compromising your faith. DeVon Franklin, vice president of production for Columbia Pictures, shares how being bold about his Christian faith while being driven and ambitious has actually worked in his favor to help him excel in a high-profile, fast-paced, competitive industry. You can find Produced by Faith: Enjoy Real Success without Losing Your True Self on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

6. “Permission Slips: Every Woman’s Guide to Giving Herself a Break” by Sherri Shepherd. My quick review: You will laugh out loud at Sherri’s dating adventures! The official description: Covering topics such as “It’s Jesus or Jail,” “Marriage, the Hard Way,” “Children: The Gift You Can’t Give Back,” and “All the Things I Don’t Know…And All the Things I Definitely Do,” stand-up comedienne, actress, and ABC’s The View co-host Sherri Shepherd comically chronicles her struggles to keep up with the many roles-professional, wife, mother, daughter, and friend-that women must play in today’s world. Sherri urges women to pursue their most important dreams and to never give up, but also let’s readers know that it’s okay to give themselves “permission slips” when things don’t always work out the way they want them to. You can find Permission Slips: Every Woman’s Guide to Giving Herself a Break at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

And last but not least…at least to me… 🙂

7. “After the Altar Call: the Sisters’ Guide to Developing a Personal Relationship with God”by me 🙂 My quick review: I love this book because I wrote it, and I hope you love it too. The official description: After the Altar Call: The Sisters’ Guide to Developing a Personal Relationship With God is a fresh, real and relevant how-to manual for African-American Christian women who desire to move past the “church speak” and into an intimate relationship with their Creator. The book includes interviews with 24 remarkable women with compelling stories such as the “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd; Valorie Burton, life coach, author and co-host on the Emmy award-winning show “Aspiring Women” and the former co-host of the national daily television program, “The Potter’s Touch” with Bishop T.D. Jakes; and Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, the 117th elected and consecrated bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the first woman elected to Episcopal office in over 200 years of A.M.E. history. You can find After the Altar Call: the Sisters’ Guide to Developing a Personal Relationship with God on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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  1. You’re welcome! Yes, the book was a great read…so inspirational! Will you be buying any books for Christmas either for you or other people?

  2. Thank you Terri for stopping by my blog 🙂 Let me know what you think of Sherri’s book. Also, are there any books that you recommend?