KeKe Palmer Is Abstinent & Why Premarital Sex Leads to Death…

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What day is it? HUMP DAY…LOL…Now that I’ve gotten my corniness out of the way, let’s get on today’s post…I’m always pleasantly surprised when I hear about a celebrity that has chosen to be abstinent…It’s one thing to be abstinent when you live in No Where Ville and raised in the church with very few desirable options anyway…But it’s another thing when you are a bonafide celebrity and have some of the so-called hottest people in your personal circle…

Well, one of my favorite young Hollywood stars Keke Palmer, 20, whose new talk show “The Keke Palmer Project,” will debut on BET this summer, has declared that she is abstinent:

 [Sex] is the number one topic in the conversation with these men and I’m like ‘uh no, I do not want to talk about that all the time!’ I do not know why there is so much pressure being built when you are dating someone. It’s like they have a ticking time clock on you. It is not about the time, it is about making sure this is the right person. I always use my Twitter as an outlet. It’s like my therapy. I feel like my talk show will allow me to do the same self-expression. People are going through these same burdens.
My priority is not the sex. I refuse to succumb to my flesh. I will not offer myself up to someone who does not know my spirit.
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In other abstinent news, the Metro Police of Las Vegas claim that premarital sex will lead to death…Below is an excerpt of the article “Metro Police message to young girls: Have premarital sex, risk death” by Bethany Barnes.

Girls who “get promiscuous” can wind up dead.

That was the message behind the Metro Police co-sponsored “Choose Purity” event Saturday at the William Pearson Center in North Las Vegas.

“Choose Purity” aimed to show young girls what can happen when they don’t wait until marriage to have sex, according to Officer Regina Coward, president of the Nevada Black Police Association, who said she’d been asked by her church, Victory Outreach Church, to create a community event to go along with its abstinence message.

So what does Coward say happens? Typically four things: sexual assault, gangs, drugs and prostitution. To read the rest of the article, go to

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