Do Women Write Better Than Men?

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I admit it. I’m a female chauvinist when it comes to fiction. As women are the primary consumers of novels, I tend to believe that women can best write for women. However, I must say that I’m really quite impressed with Curtis Bunn’s novel “Homecoming Weekend: A Novel (Zane Presents)” which I am reading right now. He does an excellent job of characterizing the women in the book. I’m also a fan of Eric Jerome Dickey’s work. And we all know that Nicholas Sparks is a master at writing women’s fiction so there are some male authors that do write masterfully for female readers, but since this is National Women’s History Month, I thought I would pose the question, “Do Women Write Better Than Men?” The Grammarly infographic — which includes statistics based on a poll of more than 3,000 men and women about plot development, pronouns & determiners, characters and sentences — below answers this question…

MenvsWomen_Writers_infographic (2)This post was sponsored by Grammarly…Be sure to check out Grammarly out here!

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