Aspiring Actor Sean Buffington Offers ‘Christian Boyfriend’ Services for Single & Saved Sisters for Thanksgiving!

Hello World,

It’s Thanksgiving Eve! And tomorrow, you will be surrounded by your family and food. Despite all of the revelry and reunion, if you are a single lady in particular, somebody from your grandmother to your play cousin is going to ask you what’s going in the man department. You can hear it now:

THEM: So Mariah, congratulations on that promotion! You big ballin’ now. And sorry, I couldn’t make it to your housewarming party because I had to work, but you know my gift card is in the mail. But what’s going in the  man department? When you gon bring someone home for Thanksgiving?

YOU: (Insert eye roll) (Insert inner dialogue: Isn’t being competent at work and being able to buy own home enough to not get me interrogated about my man status ever year without fail?) I have a friend, but it’s not serious.

THEM: Well, time waits for no one. You better get on it! I’ve been praying for you. One day, God is going to bless you with a husband…

If the thought of going through that interrogation yet again is enough to make you stay at home for Thanksgiving, check out Sean Buffington’s Instagram ad! It’s not too late to book a boo — provided that he is not already booked up! Chile, he is even willing to quote scripture and speak in tongues!!! And his rates are low! LOL Check it out below!

Book me today! 😂🤷🏾‍♂️ #NotAnotherLonelyHoliday

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Obviously, this is a joke, but since I’ve only been married for four years, I remember conversations such as the one above…It wasn’t always pretty.

That’s all I got…

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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