Tina’s Destiny : Mary Mary Season 4, Episode 8 Recap…

marymaryHello World,

In last week’s episode of Mary Mary’s reality show, Tina was still tripping about Erica wanting to do her own thang but unlike in previous episodes none of Tina’s huffing and puffing could blow Erica’s solo plans… and the Marys couldn’t really avoid each other because they were confined to a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean…

Warryn’s Birthday Bash

This week’s episode begins with the final preparations being made for a birthday party for Warryn, Erica’s husband…As the party was being set up outside, the wind knocked the cake that had been placed on a table to the ground, leaving Erica’s sister Goo to find another cake just an hour before the party…But a while later, everything is set up, Goo was able to find an even better cake that than the first one and people are enjoying themselves, eating, laughing and all of that. Warryn and Erica’s daughter Krista sings a sweet song to her father for his birthday. In the midst of this, Erica and Warryn suddenly realize that Tina & Teddy are M.I.A. (Missing In Action).

Tina & Teddy

Guess where Tina & Teddy are? They are in the studio with Grammy Award-winning producer Aaron Lindsey. Although Tina is grumbling about being forced to embark on a solo career, she starts to move forward and decides to meet with Lindsey to help her with a new song. Erica calls her sister during the session and asks her why she and Teddy are not at the party. It is only then that Tina realizes that she scheduled her studio session on the same day as her brother-in-law’s birthday party. Instead of dropping everything and heading to the party, Tina tells her sister she is going to stay in the studio and learned to be that way from Erica as Erica missed other family events in the past due to her career. “You pushed me out of Mary Mary,” she declares.

Meet Me in St. Louis

Honey Atkins

Honey Atkins

It is now time for the Marys’ last show in St. Louis. The only problem is that Honey, Erica and Tina’s mother, who happens to be joining them for this performance has no idea what’s been going on with her feuding daughters…Erica, who has gotten sick of Tina’s constant testifying, has some advice for his sister about their final show. “Steer clear of the stabbing and murdering…Stick to the victorious part of your testimony.” And y’all know Tina…She’s not bowing down to anyone. “My life is my life. If you have a problem with that, then you are just going to have a problem.” Prior to the show, Mary Mary is interviewed on “Afternoons on 11” on KPLR in St. Louis about their final show and Erica’s solo album. During the interview, Tina sounds like she is also excited about pursuing a solo career, but Erica wonders if “Interview Tina” is the real Tina…Time will tell…

Cry Together

Back in the hotel room, Erica starts talking about the show and lets it slip that their St. Louis show is Mary Mary’s last show…Honey blurts out, “I didn’t know. Oh my God. You’re about to make me cry.” Erica explains that Tina has a lot going on with her book, a solo album, an R&B album with Teddy, etc. and that she has a lot going on too. “I’ve been overwhelmed and overworked, and I want to focus on me for once.” Shortly after, Tina comes into the room and gets mad at her sister. “Why you got Mommy crying, dummy?” Goo starts tearing up too and admits that she doesn’t like the news either. In spite of the tears and name calling, Erica is not moved. “I know it’s a hard pill to swallow for my family, but I’m not backing down.” Well, she said that!

Solo Sound Check

Although Honey is sad about the news that her daughters are splitting up their group, she comes to the sound check to get a preview of the final performance. Instead of being a sound check for Mary Mary, however, Tina dominates the sound check and Honey gets to hear Tina’s solo music. Tina begins to sing her new song “Destiny.” Although it is just a sound check, Honey stands with one arm in the air, swaying, like she is a member of an audience, instead of nearly standing alone among empty chairs. “If that don’t reach somebody and touch somebody, I don’t know. They wasn’t listening.” After listening to Tina , Honey begins to change her mind about her daughters’ solo music. “What she dealt with, what she overcame, the world needs to know that.” But Goo worries that if Tina and Erica become strictly solo artists, the music industry will cause them to compete with each other…Goo has a point…Prayerfully, that won’t be the case…

The Show

The time for the last Mary Mary show has finally arrived…Although Tina is late, she does up and it’s show time…Before her performance, Tina testifies as you know she would about struggling with unfaithfulness in her marriage and explains how the song “Destiny” came to be….And then she sings…”I’ve got a destination in my view. The road may be bumpy there, but I’m pressing through.” The humbled resolve in her lyrics is so compelling that even Erica realizes that she was wrong to try to censor her sister’s testimony. “I take back everything I said.” Although Honey saw Tina sing the song in the sound check, she is touched again. “Her attitude. Her disposition. She is a new person.”

Cancer Schmancer

During last week’s episode, Erica gets a mammogram and is told that she needs to go back to the doctor’s office for further testing. As her family has a history of cancer, she is justifiably concerned. After she gets home back in L.A. after the St. Louis concert, she finally hears back from the doctor. Her doctor tells her there was a mix up at the lab, and the results of her test were actually negative. Praise God for sure, but what is going on at that lab that allowed test results to be mixed up??!! You can’t play with people’s lives like that…Still Warryn is so relieved and happy, he decides he will check out Erica’s lady lumps for himself now that the doctor is done with them….LOL…


No, Mary Mary didn’t decide to reunite but Tina may be reuniting with Mitch. Yes, that Mitch. The Mitch that Mary Mary fired and the Mitch that sued them…She meets him at a restaurant and tells him about her plans about recording a solo album…Apparently, she has already written 12 songs although she wasn’t originally planning to be a solo artist. “All of these songs started coming to me.” Mitch is excited for her and says, “You are one of the biggest stars I’ll ever meet in my life even though you don’t care about being a star.” That is a poignant and incredibly sweet statement. Maybe Tina’s destiny is to be a solo star…And maybe Mitch can be forgiven….Jesus does tell us to forgive seventy times seven times sooo maybe Mitch can be forgiven…Maybe…

Will Mary Mary stay apart? Will Mitch reunite with Tina?

Hopefully, these questons will be answered in next week’s episode because that’s all I’ve got for this week 🙂

Any thoughts?






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2 thoughts on “Tina’s Destiny : Mary Mary Season 4, Episode 8 Recap…

  1. First of all I love your recaps. I’m glad Tina is going solo and I agree with Mitch is going to blow the heck up. What’s great about this i she’s not just starting off singing music that they call gospel, but you can hear Jesus–not just references to God. If you exalt Him He will exalt you. Now, I don’t know about Mitch, but sometimes revenge is a great motivator and he wants to hurt Erica so badly that he might turn into super manager for Tina just to rub it in Tina’s face.

    • Thank you so much Nigeria!!! I love your name by the way 🙂 Yes, I think that what Tina went through will bless people…We will have to see what happens with Mitch though…LOL…