Issa Rae ‘Insecure’ Actress Hosting P4CM’s First Web Series ‘The Conversation’ Starting Today!

the conversation

Hello World,

P4CM (Passion for Christ Movement), the same movement that brought you Janette McGhee, who is better known as “MissTerious Janette…ikz” and her epic poem “I Will Wait For You,” is back with a web series premiering TODAY. The Conversation – hosted by comedian and actress Yvonne Orji – will explore topics from both the single and married perspective on what to look for in a spouse, communication in relationships, gender roles, being single & waiting and much more. (Incidentally, Orji has been cast in Issa Rae’s comedy pilot “Insecure!”) The first episode is entitled  “The List” and will include conversation about what is on the list of qualities of an ideal man.

Below is a promo for the web series, and subscribe to the YouTube channel to see all of the episodes!

P4CM hopes that in exploring these topics, we will be able to foster a safe, freeing and insightful dialogue and become a resource for both singles and marrieds alike to receive godly advice for having healthy, holy and god-honoring relationships.

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