Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman, Judge Joe Brown Mad About ‘Harriet’ Movie & More…

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Y’all, from the time Harriet Tubman lived on this earth (1820 to 1913) till now, Harriet Tubman has been shaking things up! Did y’all hear that “Harriet” movie screenwriter Gregory Allen Howard said in a recent interview that when he tried to get the movie made 26 years ago, a Hollywood executive suggested that Julia Roberts portray Harriet Tubman! Below are his exact words from the interview:

I wanted to turn Harriet Tubman’s life, which I’d studied in college, into an action-adventure movie. The climate in Hollywood, however, was very different back then. I was told how one studio head said in a meeting, “This script is fantastic. Let’s get Julia Roberts to play Harriet Tubman.” When someone pointed out that Roberts couldn’t be Harriet, the executive responded, “It was so long ago. No one is going to know the difference.”

Isn’t that just preposterous? I love Julia Roberts. Who doesn’t? But c’mon?! That’s just crazy for many reasons…

And you know who else is crazy? Well, at least he’s crazy when it comes to this topic. Have you heard Judge Joe Brown’s comments regarding Harriet Tubman’s life being made into a movie and getting her on the $20 bill? Below is a what he said in an interview with Dr. Umar Johnson:

“…These feminists are trying to do this movie [‘Harriet’] so they can get a black woman put on a $20 bill. This movie is to soften the public up to the idea of taking a black woman who freed slaves by leading them to freedom by getting her or another one like her on the $20 bill. They can’t get a white woman, so they want a black woman. They don’t care. They just want a woman and it downs masculinity… I got a big problem if it’s on a bill before they put a black man’s face on one. I have a big problem with that because an ethnic group is determined by it’s men not it’s women. And you put a black woman on there before a black man and it’s insulting to the black race because you’re saying the men ain’t worth a d***, put a woman up there first…”

SMH…What say you?

I have my own Harriet Tubman story.

When I was a nine-year-old student at Pathway Christian School, my class dressed up as our favorite historical characters for “Character Day.” At that time in my life, I was obsessed with reading books about slaves. I think the fact that I was one of about 20 or so black kids in a school of about 200 or so white kids, I was starving for knowledge about black people.To my school’s credit, the library had a series of children’s books about slavery and important people during that time period. One of the books I read was about Harriet Tubman. I was fascinated that this woman persevered after getting knocked in the head with a weight by a slave master and was willing to sacrifice so much to usher fellow slaves to freedom.

So when it came time to choose a character to be on “Character Day,” she was my choice. My parents helped me fashion my costume including a head wrap as Harriet’s head was covered in the pictures I had seen of her and a drab brown dress as I imagined that slaves did not have access to the best and most colorful of dresses. I was so excited when a local newspaper photographer took a picture of me and another student and told us we would be in the newspaper. But when I saw the photograph, I was equally disappointed. The other girl’s character in the photo was correctly identified as Betsy Ross, but I was simply and incorrectly listed as an African woman. I’ve kept that newspaper clipping since then. I’m not even sure why. But I wish I could tell that photographer that Harriet Tubman deserved to be recognized as much as Betsy Ross did.  Not only was Harriet Tubman a hero for black people, she was a hero of the Christian faith, and I’m so proud that her story is finally being told on the big screen. Let’s just pray that she will be on the $20 bill as it was proposed in 2016. HERE’s an update on that proposal…

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2 thoughts on “Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman, Judge Joe Brown Mad About ‘Harriet’ Movie & More…

  1. First off, THANK YOU so much for sharing your Harriet Tubman story. It definitely needed to be told because your situation is a prime example of what will happen in the future if we don’t continue to tell our history. I hate that the photographer didn’t even bother to ask you as a child who were you portraying. It’s pure laziness because he knew your name and age but again didn’t bother to mention that you dressed up as an AMERICAN ICON too. It’s stories like yours that fuels my ammo to fight against the ignorant statement “Get over it.” I wish the screenwriter Gregory Allen Howard mention the name of the executive. That type of person should not be hidden from SHAME. Call me a hypocrite but I can’t stand the “cancel” crowd, but this movie executive who is blatant racist and ignorant needed to be cancelled and called out. When you hide the person’s name, you’re just enabling the racism in “Liberal Hollywood” façade. I am curious of how Gregory Howard presented the original script. To give the executive a teeny tiny bit of benefit of the doubt, there were white abolitionists who participated in the underground rail road. Unfortunately, this idiot didn’t know and bother to care about Black History and forgot that Harriet Tubman was a slave. It’s crazy how he assumed that only a white woman is capable to accomplish what Harriet Tubman did; that’s why we have “BLACK GIRL MAGIC” and it’s real!

    As for Judge Joe Brown, I’m not surprised he made a fool of himself. He’s been arrested lately and can’t practice law in Tennessee because of his disability status. Either way, toxic masculinity is running wild for real. I have to say it “OK BOOMER!” Let’s be real…how many slaves did Nat Turner free? How many slaves did Frederick Douglass free? Their number of “freed” slaves doesn’t come not even close to what a black woman who was 5’1 did in that time period. Joe Brown’s masculinity is super frail and pitiful. He of all people should not undermine Harriet’s accomplishments because he wouldn’t be able to do what she did. Another thing…who would Judge Joe Brown recommend on the $20 before Harriet Tubman? SHAME ON HIM TOO.

    • Hi Sis. Ilyssa,

      You know I never thought about the fact that the photographer got my name and age right…So yes, that definitely demonstrated that he could have gotten my character identity right with more effort.

      And yes, to know the name of the director would be helpful just to put a face to that absurdity. And I agree with you about the cancel culture. You have to be careful, but this director needs some education at least…

      And Joe Brown is on another level chile…This isn’t the first time he has showed out…

      Anywho, Sis. Ilyssa, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends…xoxo