Popular Author and Speaker Beth Moore Announces That She is No Longer a Southern Baptist!

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Quite honestly, I don’t know much about popular author and speaker Beth Moore, but I do know that she is an influential Christian leader. That’s why I was surprised to learn that she is no longer affiliating herself with the Southern Baptists. See the article below…

“Bible teacher Beth Moore, splitting with Lifeway, says, ‘I am no longer a Southern Baptist’” by Bob Smietana

For nearly three decades, Beth Moore has been the very model of a modern Southern Baptist.

She loves Jesus and the Bible and has dedicated her life to teaching others why they need both of them in their lives. Millions of evangelical Christian women have read her Bible studies and flocked to hear her speak at stadium-style events where Moore delves deeply into biblical passages.

Moore’s outsize influence and role in teaching the Bible have always made some evangelical power brokers uneasy, because of their belief only men should be allowed to preach.

But Moore was above reproach, supporting Southern Baptist teaching that limits the office of pastor to men alone and cheerleading for the missions and evangelistic work that the denomination holds dear.

“She has been a stalwart for the Word of God, never compromising,” former Lifeway Christian Resources President Thom Rainer said in 2015, during a celebration at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville that honored 20 years of partnership between the Southern Baptist publishing house and Moore. “And when all is said and done, the impact of Beth Moore can only be measured in eternity’s grasp.”

Then along came Donald Trump.

Read the rest at religionnews.com.

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