The Top 10 Blog Posts and or Magazine Articles for Black Christian Women in May 2022…

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And Hello June…I’m back with my monthly roundup of blog posts and or magazine articles for black Christian women! Below is my Top 10 monthly roundup of blog posts and or magazine/newspaper articles for black Christian women for May, but you don’t have be a black Christian woman to to check them out. As usual, let me know if you like my list! Enjoy and share!

1. “What does it mean to trust Black women?” by Sharon Blount

Excerpt: A recent scientific study found that Black newborn babies in the United States are three times more likely to die when looked after by White doctors. In her essay, “Dying to be Competent,” African American sociologist, writer and professor, Tressie McMillan Cottom shares how her daughter became one of those statistics. Four months into her pregnancy, Cottom began bleeding. She reported the symptoms to her doctor and went immediately to his office but sat in the waiting room for half an hour before being seen. After the doctor examined her, he sent her home explaining that the bleeding was normal and that Cottom “was probably just too fat.” See more at: 

2. “Tabitha Brown Is Launching a Clothing Line for Target” by Elizabeth Logan

Excerpt: Tabitha Brown, social media star and vegan influencer, has teamed up with Target to create Tabitha Brown for Target, a line of clothes and products her fans are sure to love. Tabitha Brown for Target is a limited-time-only line of, per a press release, “apparel, swim and accessories items, home and office, food and kitchenware, entertaining and more.” The line will be composed of more than 75 items, with most available for under $30. See more at:

3. “Macy’s Wins Over Underserved Market: Black Sororities” by Jordyn Holman

Excerpt: Inside a Macy’s a few months ago, Cenetta Baker-Woods discovered something that made her immediately call her sorority sisters. Holding up her phone’s video camera in the Charlotte, North Carolina, store, the 32-year-old showed fellow members of Zeta Phi Beta, a historically Black organization, racks of $90 dresses in unmistakable color combos that she knew were designed specifically for them. Baker-Woods was right, having stumbled across a new strategy by Macy’s to win over Black sororities in a partnership with clothing maker Kasper Group. Members of these organizations maintain strong ties well after college through conventions and chapter events and have a consistent need for dressier attire in their group’s colors. But finding a frock in a pattern like royal blue and white (Zeta Phi Beta’s colors) can be difficult. See more at: 

4. “Dianna Hobbs’s touching online tribute to Buffalo supermarket massacre victim, Pearl Young” by Rebecca Johnson

Pearl Young was a long-time member of the Good Samaritan Church in Buffalo, N.Y.

Excerpt: Hobbs, who said she “used to attend the same church with Mother Young,” wrote that she was “such a positive, warm, loving spirit. You had to experience her smile to understand how it would light up a room.” Hobbs continued, “I will forever remember that beautiful smile, how much she loved to praise the Lord, and how encouraging she was to me and my husband. She loved hearing me sing at church and admonished me, always, to go forth in the work of the Lord. She helped instruct me in the word of God to prepare me to obtain my Evangelist Missionary license. It is people like her who, along my life’s journey, helped mold and shape me into the woman I am today. See more at:

5. “In ‘Truth’s Table’ book, women podcasters cast vision for future of Black church” by Adelle M. Banks

Excerpt: The three Black women — a public theologian, a senior pastor, an educator and psychologist — first got to know each other through a group chat. After having wide-ranging discussion on religion, race and gender, they met at a conference, where they were encouraged to start a joint podcast. Now, their book, Truth’s Table: Black Women’s Musings on Life, Love, and Liberation, was released April 26. Ekemini Uwan, Michelle Higgins and Christina Edmondson have said their work — in audio and in print — is designed expressly for Black women but they welcome others into their audience, to what they call their “standing-room section.” See more at:

6. “Short story writer Deesha Philyaw: ‘I wanted to challenge the church’s obsession with sex’” by Lucy Knight

Excerpt: When asked to choose their favourite story in The Secret Lives of Church Ladies, Deesha Philyaw’s acclaimed debut collection, most people, the author tells me, say Peach Cobbler. This simultaneously funny and punch-in-the-guts-devastating tale focuses on Olivia, a young girl in the American south who believes the local pastor to be God, because when he visits she overhears her mother screaming “Oh, God!” from the bedroom. See more at: 

7. “AFRO Exclusive: Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie named Interim President and General Secretary of the National Council of Churches of Christ” 

Excerpt: Bishop McKenzie has been appointed to a two-year term as Interim President and General Secretary. In this role, she will provide executive leadership to a diverse covenant community of 37-member communions with 30 million Christians and 100,000 congregations from Protestant, Anglican, historic African American, Orthodox, Evangelical and Living Peace traditions which have a common commitment to advocate and represent God’s love and unity in the public square. Since 1950, the National Council of Churches has worked in a common expression of God’s love and promise of unity. She is the third woman and the first African American woman to serve as General Secretary and the first woman to serve in the combined role of President and General Secretary. See more at:

8. “Karine Jean-Pierre starts job as first Black White House press secretary” by Associated Press

Excerpt: “Representation matters, and not just for girls, but also for boys,” Jean-Pierre told reporters during the first of what probably will be hundreds of daily news briefings she will hold. “And so what I hope is that young people get to dream big and dream bigger than they have before by seeing me stand here and answer all of your questions.” See more at:

9. “19-Year-Old Texas Student Becomes Nation’s Youngest Black Law School Graduate: ‘It Feels Really Good'” by Maria Pasquini

Excerpt: Haley Taylor Schlitz is making history! Over the weekend, the 19-year-old student graduated from Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law. In the process, not only did she become the school’s youngest law school graduate, but she also became the youngest Black law school graduate in the country, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. See more at:

10. “Here’s the Real Takeaway From Black Lives Matter’s Sketchy Finances” by Ernest Owens

Excerpt: One of the more concerning situations revealed by the financial disclosures is the fact that co-founder Patrisse Cullors was the foundation board’s sole voting director, and held no board meetings, before stepping down last year. Under her leadership, Cullors authorized a six-figure payout to be given to her child’s father for various services, paid $1.8 million to companies owned by her relatives, and ensured that her brother, Paul Cullors, was one of the highest-paid employees of BLM. See more at:

If you know of any black Christian women bloggers and or writers, please e-mail me at as I’m always interested in expanding my community of black Christian women blog, magazines and websites. As I noted before, while this is a roundup of interesting blog posts and or magazine and newspaper articles for black Christian women, you don’t have to be one to appreciate these pieces  🙂.

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Bishop Eddie Long’s Son Edward Long Releases Book ‘Son of a Bishop,’ Appears on YouTube’s Unwine With Tasha K…

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So a lot went down when I was in the motherly way and I missed some things…but I’m trying to catch up!

I noticed through my analytics that a post I did on Bishop Eddie Long’s son Edward Long back in 2019(Bishop Eddie Long’s Son Edward Long Carves Out Radio Career Following Dr. Jamal Bryant Becoming New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s Pastor… has been receiving a lot of attention lately so I Googled his name to determine why…After a few minutes, I realized why people were suddenly coming to After the Altar  Call to learn more about Edward Long…He was interviewed by Tasha K on her YouTube channel Unwine With Tasha K.  in April. (Yes, Cardi B.’s Tasha K…) I have yet to listen to the whole interview, but I plan to do so when I have time…

However, I missed that Edward Long released a book “Son of a Bishop” back in January…Below is the description of the book…

ED Long, Jr. is a true prodigy, whose multi-dimensional talents and alluring personality make him the eye-catching 3rd generation global minister, award winning music artist and intrepreneurial multimedia producer. ED is also son of Grammy award winning, Telly award winning, Trumpet award winning author & trailblazing pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Bishop Eddie Lee Long. ED Long, Jr. shares heartfelt memoirs concerning he and his father, Bishop Eddie Lee Long, to aid parents in connecting with their offsprings and to empower the next generation with tools for developing their voice while embracing the responsibility of inherent legacy.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a preacher’s kid?

Are you looking for help on how to develop your own personality while being under

the umbrella of influential parents?

Are your parents leading or serving in a ministry?

Do you need help navigating the nuisances of balancing your personal growth and

development with the calling or pressures of ministry?

Are you pastoring or leading a ministry while also parenting?

Are you struggling to relate to your son or daughter?

Are you looking for insight on how to help them to live a normal life while ensuring that they develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and their own calling?

Apparently, “Son of a Bishop” was endorsed by Bishop Paul S Morton Sr….See that endorsement below…

“He (ED) is getting into what it’s all about being the son of a bishop. I was a son of a bishop, so I know the privileges, but I also knew the pressure. You need this book, it is going to bless you. Many of you are in leadership, you need this for yourself, you need this for your children so that they will be able to relate as son or daughter of leadership.” – Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.

Looks like he recently held a book signing…

Apparently, yesterday he raised money to support pancreatic cancer as his father suffered from this disease…

And the happiest news of this post is that Edward Long and his wife are expecting a baby as a baby shower was recently held according to his social media…See the picture below…I see his mother Mrs. Vanessa Long is in the picture as well…

I won’t rehash the allegations against Bishop Eddie Long in this post, but we all know what they were. And I’m not downplaying the allegations either…They were what they were…That being said, as a pastor’s daughter, I empathize with Edward Long the most. I’m glad that he is finding a way to reconcile his relationship with his deceased father and he is moving forward with his life…

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Author Tiffany L. Warren is Back With Her Second Book to Film, BET+’s ‘Sound of Christmas’ Starring Ne-Yo!!!

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Author Tiffany L. Warren is now making movies courtesy of BET+! Last year, I interviewed Tiffany about how her faith-based novel “The Favorite Son” was made into a movie which premiered on BET+. Now, her novel “The Replacement Wife” will be made into the movie BET+ “The Sound of Christmas” to premiere this December!

Check out an excerpt of the Deadline article “‘Sound Of Christmas’: Ne-Yo To Topline BET+ Holiday Movie From Tressa Azarel Smallwood’s MegaMind Media” by Alexandra Del Rosario below…

EXCLUSIVEBET+ builds up its original holiday movie slate with Sound Of Christmas, starring R&B artist Ne-Yo in the lead role. The streamer has acquired the TV movie directed and written by Booker T. Mattison, which hails from executive producer Tressa Azarel Smallwood’s MegaMind Media.

Read the rest HERE.

Here’s a bit of the backstory of how “Sound of Christmas” came to be…

I actually interviewed Tiffany about “The Replacement Wife” back in 2014. Read that interview HERE!

I adore Christmas movies and Ne-Yo’s voice!!! Also, Tiffany has been working a long time to get to this place in her career so please support her books AND films!!!

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