After Oprah’s Interview with Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, Interracial Marriage is a Hot Topic!

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Were you among the 17. 1 million USA viewers who watched the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Sunday or the 11.3 million viewers in the UK on Monday?!!! I am a member of the former group.  I’ve been fascinated with Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s love story since before they were married. I think I have written about them at least three times on this blog. See those blog posts below:

Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ‘Megxit’ is a Modern-Day ‘Leave and Cleave’ in Action…

7 Reasons Why Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Was the Best Royal Wedding Ever!!!

Why the ‘Good Morning America’ Headline About Meghan Markle and ‘Hope’ for Black Women Wasn’t Offensive To Me…

After their interview with the queen of American television, none other than Oprah Winfrey, the fascination continues…I’m also deeply troubled by what was revealed…namely, the ugly racism that led to Meghan wanting to commit suicide and Prince Harry extricating himself from the monarchy to protect his wife and children – born and unborn. Here in the U.S., we’re now having conversations about passing and colorism. While Meghan likely enjoyed some privileges as a lighter-skinned black woman in the US, her lighter skin seemingly did not afford those same privileges in the U.K.

In the U.K., they are having discussions about what it means to be royal and does race have anything to do with it. And to see the hysterical reaction to the interview such as the continued and weird vitriol that that Piers Morgan spews whenever Meghan Markle is mentioned, it’s no wonder that Megxit was warranted. He should be leaving Good Morning Britain and his former co-host Alex Beresford was right to challenge his obsession with hating her…

See the exchange below…It’s sooo crazy…

Even Christian media in the UK is in a tizzy about it all…Premier Christianity magazine has had to issue an apology for its initial response…See an excerpt below…

Yesterday evening, shortly before the Harry and Meghan interview aired, we published a blog on this page, entitled ‘5 reasons you shouldn’t watch the Meghan and Harry interview’.

We have now removed this article and would like to unreservedly apologise for it, for the offence and hurt it has caused, and the damage it has done to the witness of Christians. We were wrong to publish it.

Although we initially only apologised for one phrase within the piece, we now understand the problems with the blog were far wider than one phrase. It was not a helpful piece of commentary, but instead has resulted in understandable anger and pain, especially for those who have experienced racism.

My own personal view on the Harry and Meghan interview can be read here: “7 lessons Christians can learn from Meghan and Harry’s interview“. While I know this cannot repair the damage already done, my hope is this new article will prove to be a much more helpful contribution to these issues than what was published before.

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In the wake of this time period of racial reckoning that has spread across the pond, I thought I would share this article below…

“What Does the Bible Say about Interracial Marriage?” by Emma Danzey

In a time with a large number of questions in regard to racism, one might ask if it is ok for a man and a woman of different ethnicities to marry? What does the Bible say about interracial marriage? I recently was at a small gathering and a white woman who hosted the event was telling us her hardship when people basically asked her straight-up if she got pregnant before marriage when they noticed that her kids were not of the same skin tone. Her husband is from Africa, and she is from North Carolina.

What Defines Race?

No matter what a person believes on the matter of interracial marriage, I want to begin with the fact that we are all made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). I chose to write this article because I love to research Scriptures on topics to gain understanding. I personally know and care for a variety of interracial married couples who love the Lord.  One of my dearest friends is an African American woman who is married to a Caucasian man. Another of my closest friends is Greek, and she is about to marry a man of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. I tell her that they are going to have beautiful “Puerto-Greek-an” babies one day.

But let us not stop there. I am friends with a Caucasian woman married to an African American man. I also have a friend who is a Japanese woman married to a Caucasian man; they have three beautiful children and serve in ministry together. I know Romanians married to Americans, and a Pilipino woman married to a Southern man. Do they all experience hardships in different ways for their choice to marry one another? Yes. Would they have chosen a different path? No.

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Finally, what do you think about the Queen of the UK, Queen Elizabeth’s response…

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Popular Author and Speaker Beth Moore Announces That She is No Longer a Southern Baptist!

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Quite honestly, I don’t know much about popular author and speaker Beth Moore, but I do know that she is an influential Christian leader. That’s why I was surprised to learn that she is no longer affiliating herself with the Southern Baptists. See the article below…

“Bible teacher Beth Moore, splitting with Lifeway, says, ‘I am no longer a Southern Baptist’” by Bob Smietana

For nearly three decades, Beth Moore has been the very model of a modern Southern Baptist.

She loves Jesus and the Bible and has dedicated her life to teaching others why they need both of them in their lives. Millions of evangelical Christian women have read her Bible studies and flocked to hear her speak at stadium-style events where Moore delves deeply into biblical passages.

Moore’s outsize influence and role in teaching the Bible have always made some evangelical power brokers uneasy, because of their belief only men should be allowed to preach.

But Moore was above reproach, supporting Southern Baptist teaching that limits the office of pastor to men alone and cheerleading for the missions and evangelistic work that the denomination holds dear.

“She has been a stalwart for the Word of God, never compromising,” former Lifeway Christian Resources President Thom Rainer said in 2015, during a celebration at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville that honored 20 years of partnership between the Southern Baptist publishing house and Moore. “And when all is said and done, the impact of Beth Moore can only be measured in eternity’s grasp.”

Then along came Donald Trump.

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A 31-Year-Old Virgin When She Married, Kim Wilson Promotes Sexual Abstinence as a Way to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus!

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As TODAY is Valentine’s Day, I think this sponsored post is very timely!

Below is my interview with Kim Wilson, founder of The Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence Movement and God’s Active People/G.A.P Ministries.

Through The Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence Movement, Kim focuses on the urgency of promoting abstinence especially to black and Hispanic women and girls, who need it the most, but receive it the least. She also develops and presents specific workshops and seminars, such as “Experiencing God’s Best for Your Life through Abstinence” (for women and girls), “Abstinence is the Cure” (for leaders and parents) and “Making Money God’s Way” (for women and girls). The information from these workshops and seminar has been presented throughout the United States and in over 20 countries on 3 continents, to approximately tens of thousands of women and girls.

Her “The ABSTINENCE Handbook: For Women and Girls Throughout the World” is available in four languages: English, Spanish, French and Kiswahili and is in a FREE audiobook format as well! Click HERE to listen. Kim earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and an MBA in Marketing from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. She lives with her husband in Peachtree City, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta) and has one son.

1.Why did you create The Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence Movement?

First of all, The Loretta Johnson Abstinence Movement started 11 years ago in 2010 and is named after my late mother, who was a nurse. So, I’m really carrying on her legacy too. My mother did a lot to help women – single women who could barely feed their children by the end of the month. She would take part of her checks and give them money to buy food for their kids. I saw that growing up. I remember when my mother was in nursing school, and I was a little girl of about eight or nine years old, I would actually go around with her, through a program she was involved in,  to very low-income areas, the projects, and provide healthcare for young girls who were pregnant and only about 12 and 13 years old. I saw that and it just impacted me a great deal.

And now as an adult, I see the consequences of not being abstinent and premarital sex. And how it was destroying the Black family and Black kids and all of the issues that come along with it. (According to a 2020 report from the United States Congress Joint Economic Committee, The Demise of the Happy Two-Parent Home, “although unwed childbearing has increased a great deal across all racial groups, it is higher among Black and Hispanic women than White women. Over two-thirds of births to Black women (69 percent) are to unwed mothers, and over half (52 percent) of births to Hispanic women are. Among non-Hispanic White women, the figure is just 28 percent, though that was up from only 2 percent in 1960.”)

2.What have you done to promote the movement?

I have done a lot of traveling and seminars for women’s groups and youth and leadership groups. My book is a key part of what I’ve done.  Because the book is written in Kiswahili and French, we have a huge following in Africa. And we started what we call The Loretta Johnson Abstinence Center, so we give the women over there the option of not having to do ungodly things such as prostitution in order to make a living. And to be able to abstain from sex before marriage and to be able to learn different vocational skills. There are several leaders over there who promote abstinence, and we call them Abstinence Ambassadors. My book has sold thousands of copies, but I also promote promote it by giving away thousands of copies. And we’re in six different continents. All except Antarctica.

3.Your mother advocated for sexual abstinence with the young women that she cared for as a nurse. Did she communicate that same message to you?

I married as a virgin at 31 years old.

4. How were you able to remain abstinent?

Honestly, my love for my mother first. And my commitment to her because she sacrificed so much for me to have a good education and to go to top colleges and get my MBA and so forth. I had an intense love for her. And she passed on to me her love for Jesus. That’s what I saw in her. So, it was for my mother at first. I didn’t want to bring home any baggage, any unwanted babies. Or put any stress on her because she had already sacrificed so much for me. And once I actually developed a personal relationship with Christ, that’s when I began to do it for Jesus, which I did up until the time I got married.

Did your father influence you in this decision at all?

Although I wish my father had been there more for me during my childhood, I love him very much, and I’m happy to say that he did accept Christ and became a Christian when he was in his 50s, way after my mother did.But he did sit me down as a young teenage girl and taught me how men think or how boys think and how their bodies work differently than girls’ bodies. I was just beginning to obviously like boys. I’m originally from Alabama, but I grew up in Nashville and I finished high school in Atlanta at St. Pius. We moved here in my junior year. Men don’t have the same emotions or feelings or attachments as women. They can actually have sex with you and then just cut it off. They don’t have that connection or emotional attachment. They can just walk away and many of them do, especially if that’s all they wanted. And if you have a child from that, you’re stuck. So that was a lesson that he taught me, that I understood. And it helped  me to say no because usually that person was not interested in loving me. They just wanted sex to meet their physical need.

5. You wrote“The ABSTINENCE Handbook: For Women and Girls Throughout the World” Why? And tell me more about what will readers will learn.

It’s based on Christianity. First of all, I tell them that premarital sex is wrong in the sight of God. Teenagers and even grown women don’t know that premarital sex or sex outside of marriage is wrong. They have no idea. And they’re Christians. Many of them I’ve met at Christian conventions. Many pastors at black churches and Hispanic churches won’t address this issue because it drives away people. Many of these women, if not the majority, who have had children outside of wedlock, they are also at church. A black church is typically about 80 percent women so the women run the church and fund the church, even if the pastor is male. So, a lot of the pastors don’t want to lose the majority of their congregation. The typical church is only about 90 people.  About half of those show up on a Sunday and even fewer than that are involved. If you’re a pastor of a small church, about 80 of the people in a church of  100 people are women. And a large number of those women are having sex outside of marriage.

So, when you tell them that premarital sex is a sin, and you go to hell because of this sin like what is said in Galatians 5 and Revelation 21, they don’t want to hear that. So that’s when many of them will leave or they will stop giving the money. And the church won’t be able to survive. And the black church is not dealing with this like they should. But what they should understand is that if this issue is not addressed, these same women and girls in their church could die from HIV or AIDs and will never be able to attend church again. And black men aren’t going to church. We’ve probably reached more of them online since COVID-19 than we have for years.

6. You believe that two-parent black households are expected to continue to decrease. Why?

I’m a marketing person and I don’t just look at what I read. When I’m out and about, I do a lot of observation. Around Father’s Day, I look and see how many black kids are buying Father’s Day cards. I don’t see that many. At Christmas time, I don’t see that many black families with a mother and father and kids going to shop. I only see the mother and the kids. I only see the mother typically with a grandmother or whatever. When I go to restaurants around Peachtree City or Fayetteville or Atlanta or throughout the U.S, you don’t see black families. You may see a woman and man together but when it comes to a mother and father, who are married with kids, you don’t see it. It’s almost like they’ve become celebrities.

I’ve experienced that myself. With my husband and my son, we do volunteer work at my church, which is out in Fairburn. We do it in a pantry, giving out food. Sometimes, we come together, but sometimes we go individually. My son is a senior in college so he’s grown and so forth. And one time, there was this particular man who saw us, and he had no idea we were married. But one day, all three of us were together. So he just exploded with joy. He said, ‘So you guys are married and this is your son?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah,’ and he was like ‘Wow, that’s great!’ That should not be this rare. It’s almost like you become a celebrity. And I often feel the same when I see or meet a Black or Hispanic family with children with 2 married parents.

7. Why do you feel that the coronavirus pandemic has made your work more critical?

When I started hearing those percentages of Blacks and Hispanics dying the fastest. (According to The Brookings Institution, “COVID-19 is currently the third leading cause of death for Black Americans” in the Racial Economic Inequality Amid the COVID-19 Crisis Report.) We’re talking about days. And then it got closer and closer to home for me. Relatives being affected. I look at the overall picture. What I do is very global. So I began to do some research. And I said, I know we’re frontline workers, but it’s something else that’s got this going. I researched through the CDC and I saw that premarital sex breaks every rule that they tell you to do to stay safe or to keep from getting infected. I have been promoting abstinence for all of these years based on avoiding HIV and AIDS because of the high number of Black and Hispanic people who die from that.  (According to a 2019 report from the CDC, Disparities in Incidence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Among Black and White Women — United States, 2010–2016, “although Black women accounted for 13% of the U.S. female population, 60% of new HIV infections among women were in Black women.”) And they can die in about two years or so from that. But with COVID, you can die in two days.

For more information about The Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence Movement & G.A.P. Ministries and Founder, Kim Wilson, visit the website at or contact us by phone/text at 678-491-8583 or email at

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