Watch the Trailer for Sherri Shepherd’s New Cooking Show ‘Holy & Hungry’ To Premiere in August!!!

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If there is anything “holy” folk love to do and can do well, its eating!!!

That’s why I’m excited to hear about my favorite Christian celeb Sherri Shepherd’s new cooking show “Holy & Hungry!” Below is the official description….

Along every road, in little towns and big cities, you’ll find amazing places and people whose love for cooking is combined with a profound passion for their faith. Hosted by Emmy Award-winning comedian, actress and author Sherri Shepherd, these good people will share their recipes, open their hearts and welcome Sherri into their fun and food-filled worlds as she enters the kingdom of Holy & Hungry. Watch starting Sunday, August 23 at 10pm ET on the Cooking Channel!

“Eating has always been like a religious experience for me. Growing up my father was a Deacon and my mother always cooked all of our meals, so we had good food on the table and faith in our hearts. I’m excited to share the personal stories and mouthwatering recipes of those who are just as passionate about food and faith as I am,” said Shepherd.

Over the course of the six half-hour long episodes, Sherri breaks bread with a variety of people who share her passion for food and faith, letting her into their worlds and sharing recipes and cooking tips. On the premiere episode, Sherri is eager to stop talking and start eating at Hush Bistro in Farmingdale, New York. The chef is also a preacher, and prepares a flavorful signature dish of Adam’s Ribs, that are triple cooked and are so tender that the meat falls off the bones. Then, it is over to Holy Schnitzel in Staten Island, New York, a family run restaurant that serves up fast-food inspired kosher fare that features over 20 homemade dairy-free sauces. Sherri gets a taste of their Holy Toasty sandwich that is stacked with cornflake crusted schnitzel, hot pastrami, and topped with two of their secret sauces.

Sherri’s next stop is in New York’s East Village at Veniero’s Pasticceria, a 120 year old haven for heavenly treats. There, she gets a lesson on how to make Sfingi, a fried dough pastry stuffed with sweet ricotta cream filling and topped with crushed pistachios. Afterwards, she heads uptown to meet Caitlin Scott in her “kitchen” – Manhattan’s famous Riverside Church. She shows Sherri how to make her famous Jesus and Mary Biscuits with a spicy chorizo gravy topped with apricot jam for her monthly supper club, Grits to Grace.

Fans can visit to unearth foods with religious symbolism and see the most unique religion-themed restaurants in the world. To join the conversation, use #HolyandHungry on Twitter.

Below is the trailer…


Also, Deadline is reporting that Sherri will be back on ABC’s “The View” this fall as a leading contributor in at least 50 episodes!!!

You can’t keep a good woman down!!!

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Sherri Shepherd Jokes About Giving Her Surrogate Baby to Raven Symone & More on ‘The View’

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Me and Sherri :)

Me and Sherri 🙂

First of all, let me go ahead and admit that I am biased when it comes to Sherri Shepherd. She graciously agreed to be interviewed for my book After the Altar Call: The Sisters’ Guide to Developing a Relationship With God, and I will always be eternally grateful…

Alright, so that being said, I’m so glad she seems to returning to her usual rowdy self after the news broke that she was going through a divorce just about a year ago as of this month and left “The View” shortly thereafter. She returned to “The View” on Thursday as a guest moderator and caused a ruckus after Raven Symone, who may become a permanent host on “The View,” said she wanted to have a baby. My girl Sherri said, “Girl, I got one or two you could have of mineI will give them to you. It’s so funny how women with kids are like, take mine.” See the video clip below…

That was a read for her ex-husband Lamar Sally period the end. Some say the joke was in poor taste, but I disagree. Sherri remained silent for a long time about what transpired between the two of them (which was wise and decent) while he seemed to be on a media tour talking to any and every news outlet to malign her good name. And now she is financially responsible for a child that is not even biologically her child! She probably has to laugh to keep from crying!

During this episode of “The View,” which is having its share of turmoil too, she also shared that her best friends and Whoopi Goldberg warned her about Lamar according to a People magazine article…

“I actually feel like, if I had listened to my best friends, I wouldn’t be having … a million attorneys in my life right now,” she explained.

“My best friends told me … all the stuff that I’m going through now, all the best friends who told me, ‘Sherri, don’t do this,’ … especially Whoopi Goldberg. She was one who came to my room every day and was like, ‘Here’s the red flags.’ ”

At the time, Shepherd admits she didn’t react well “when every single one of my best friends told me there were warning signs. I was like, ‘What is going on?’ I thought it was a conspiracy.”


Well, I’m still on Team Sherri, and I know that God will bring good even out of all this…

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Mama’s Prayer, Andraé Crouch & More Christian Entertainment News…

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Happy Friday!!! It’s time to get our weekend on 🙂 !!!

If you’re in the A, check out the inspirational play “Mama’s Prayer,” a play that will make you laugh, cry, but most of all think about your personal relationship with Jesus Christ…“Mama’s Prayer” is about a strong Christian woman who holds her family together through her Christian values despite the trials and tribulations that lie within her family. This play will suck you in and have you cheering for this family and what they stand for. With brand new original music, “Mama’s Prayer,” written and directed by Reginald Batiste, is nothing like those gospel plays you have seen before, and it’s sure to be one for the ages.

The play will be held tomorrow November 8 at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m at the Balzer Theater
84 Luckie Street, NW, Atlanta, GA 30303. Tickets are $35. For more information, go to Below is a video preview of the play of “Mama’s Prayer.”

And if you are fan of gospel legend Andraé Crouch like I am, this will be good news for you. On November 28, Let the Church Say Amen Celebration Tour will kick off in Charlotte, NC and continue throughout the holiday season! According to the tour website, the historical tour will feature top performing artists who have been a part of Andraé’s legendary musical career and personal journey. Some of the artists include: Cece Winans, Israel Houghton, Gerald Albright, Marvin Winans and more! Audiences will be treated to special guests appearances in select cities including Atlanta, Birmingham, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Richmond, Detroit, Indianapolis, Columbus and more! For ticket information, go

sherriAnd finally, since I am one of Sherri Shepherd’s biggest fans, I am happy to tell you that we have more opportunities to see her on the small screen…Sherri will appear in 10 of 12 episodes in season four of “The Soul Man” which begins in 2015, according to The Hollywood Reporter…She will portray Nikki, “the unpredictable cousin to Cedric the Entertainer’s Boyce Ballentine.” She will be on the show along with her BFF Niecy Nash.

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