Gospel Artist Marvin Sapp Reveals Why He Almost Quit Singing On Next Episode of TV One’s UNSUNG Airing TONIGHT!

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I was first introduced to Gospel artist Marvin Sapp about 20 years ago by a dear friend who has since sadly passed away from leukemia. I figured if my friend thought he was an awesome artist, I needed to check him out…

But it would be years from then when I became a true fan of Sapp’s music for myself. When “Never Would Have Made It” came out in 2007, I couldn’t go anywhere without hearing that song and I understood why. I think we can all testify that there is nothing we could have achieved without God or the help of someone else. I believe that Sapp was testifying about God, but the lyrics can be applied to anyone who has been a significant support in our lives…Check out some of the lyrics below….

I never, never would have made it
No, I never, never could have made it without you
I would have lost my mind a long time ago
If it had not been for you…

I remember on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008 when I was in the sanctuary of Ebenezer Baptist Church, along with the whole and packed church, waiting for the results of that historical election. I heard “Never Would Have Made It” at least three times during the night at the church. Me and the hilarious man sitting next to me didn’t care if we heard that song again for at least a few days. But when it was announced that Barack Obama was elected president, that song fit perfectly. President Obama would have never been elected president of these United States without God! That’s for sure.

All of that to say TV One’s longest-running and award-winning series Unsung, now in its 11th season, will air its latest episode featuring Marvin Sapp TONIGHT at 10 p.m. ET! Check out the promo below!

With one of the most unique voices in gospel music, Marvin Sapp has been spreading the Gospel through song for over three decades. His powerful mix of old-school sensibilities and new school swagger led him to dominate the gospel charts in the 2000s with seven Top 10 hits including the #1 songs, “Never Would’ve Made It,” “The Best in Me” and “My Testimony.”  The Midwestern pastor’s music resonated beyond the pulpit, often being played on mainstream radio and even landing on the Billboard R&B and Hot 100 charts.

But Sapp’s faith would be tested on several occasions – from illness, to personal attacks, to the tragic death of his wife, MaLinda, to colon cancer.

And he almost stopped singing….Check out a clip below about why he almost gospel music behind….

Sapp recently created headlines when he compared the popularity of Jay-Z’s latest album 4:44, in which the rapper reveals his infidelities in marriage, with how the public receives the music of gospel artists…Check out his commentary, which he posted on his Facebook page below…

Do you agree or disagree? Should we look past the imperfect lives of gospel artists and support their music? I think we should in general because not one of us is without sin. But on the other hand, there should be a demonstrable difference between the lives of those of us who have surrendered our lives to God and those of us who haven’t.

Speaking of other gospel artists, also on the Unsung episode, insights from family and friends are provided by Kirk Franklin, Byron Cage, Donald Lawrence, Dorinda Clark Cole, Myron Butler, Aundrae Russell, Marvin Winans Sr., Tyrone DuBose, Karl Reid, and Fred Hammond.

I’ll be watching Unsung with Marvin Sapp tonight! What about you?

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