Are you watching “Oprah’s Lifeclass?!”

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Well, if you hadn’t heard, Oprah is back! Instead of her beloved “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” the talk show that had the whole world tuning in, she is now the host of “Oprah Lifeclass.” Her new show is a hybrid of an advice column, a talk show and a webinar. The show debuted last Monday. Her five lessons (show) were: “The Power of the False Ego,” “Letting Go of Anger,” “You Become What You Believe,” “The Truth Will Set You Free” and “Joy Rising (The Car Giveaway.”

In each lesson, Oprah pulls segments from her 25-year talk show to illustrate her advice for the lesson, and she also incorporates new interviews to demonstrate her points. Instead of an audience as the backdrop, she often speaks directly into the camera as if she is speaking to each viewer directly. After each show, viewers can chat with Oprah and her guests online at her website via Facebook, which is really cool. Oprah and her guests read the comments as they are flooding in and react to them in real time!

To the discerning viewer, Oprah was always a teacher although she was known as a gifted talk show host all of these years, but in this new show her true purpose is illuminated.

Will Oprah’s new show help to save her OWN network, which despite Oprah’s success in everything else she endorses, has lost viewers since its debut in January? Hmmm…not sure…What say you? Did you watch? I watched her new show on Monday and Wednesday. Below are a few of the videos from her new show that caught my attention…

Any thoughts?

From Lesson 2: Letting Go of Anger (Best- Selling Author Terry McMillan on Letting Go of Anger After Discovering That Her Then Husband Was Gay)

From Lesson 3: You Become What You Believe (Why Oprah Knew She Would Never Be a Maid Although Her Grandmother Was A Maid)

From Lesson 5: Joy Rising (The Car Giveaway)



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4 thoughts on “Are you watching “Oprah’s Lifeclass?!”

  1. I have to admit that I’ve not tuned into Oprah’s new show or ner new network for that matter. I think for now, I’m “Oprahed-out”. One of these days, I will watch it on your reccomendation, Jackie! I do enjoy the Ellen show but Anderson’s leaving me flat.

  2. Well, Gerri…I like her show, but I don’t think it will be as popular as her talk show…probably because a lot of us are “Oprahed-out” but I did enjoy the shows that I watched…but since some of the shows include segments from her previous shows, I do have a sense of deja vu…