In Honor of Beyoncé & New Year’s Resolutions…

Hello World,

Well, according to various news outlets Jay-Z & Beyoncé welcomed a daughter, either Ivy Blue or Blue Ivy, to the world last night in NYC.  Ivy Blue or Blue Ivy is definitely one of those celeb baby names akin to Apple, the name of actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter with rocker Chris Martin of Coldplay. (Aside: one of my Facebook friends said maybe they got the name Ivy because Bey was born on Sept. 4, Jay was born on Dec. 4, and they got married on April 4 so IV or Ivy is a good number for the couple. ) And the couples are reportedly good friends! But that’s alright. I’m happy for them, and I cannot wait to see pics of their new bundle of joy!

Since this is January, the month of New Year resolution setting, I’ve decided to post this spoof of Beyoncé’s song “Countdown” entitled “Student Loan Countdown.” It is HIGHlarious, and I feel her pain. In case getting your financial house in order is one of your goals this year, this video may help point you in the right direction. I, for one, plan to pay down my student loan as quickly as possible so I can continue to build my nest egg instead of giving my hard-earned money away…

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