My Black History: Destination Wedding is in a Physical Barnes & Noble Bookstore!

Hello World,

So since my debut novel Destination Wedding was released on Dec. 3, 2019, I have worked very hard to get out the word as far and as wide as possible. While having your work on sale at all is a thrill, I get a kick out of seeing physical copies of Destination Wedding in physical bookstores rather than just being on sale online. Here in metro Atlanta, Destination Wedding has been thankfully stocked at two independent bookstores Nubian Bookstore and Medu Bookstore. But as of now, Barnes & Noble Southlake now has my book on its shelves as well. See a few pictures above! And look at the company Destination Wedding is keeping! I love this phrase now: You are the company you keep.

So if you’re in metro Atlanta, please stop by Barnes & Noble Southlake and pick up a copy. Or if you prefer to support independent bookstores, please stop by Nubian Bookstore or Medu Bookstore. Now, Destination Wedding may on the shelves of other bookstores throughout the country, but these are the bookstores that I have personally visited.

If you don’t live in metro Atlanta and would like to support me, please request my book at your local Barnes & Noble (or online if there aren’t any) and or your favorite nearby independent bookstore. When these bookstores receive requests, they are more likely to stock requested books in the store rather than just have them on sale online.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Any thoughts?



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